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  1. I heard that it is undriveable in the rain
  2. I think you got a 1:42 or better with that setup. You need to hustle more through the small transition bits. A few specific things to try next time: * enter diamonds edge a little more right. That is, displace the first curb by a couple of tire widths and take the second curb about two feet later. The idea is to get to full throttle a second or so sooner. You should be hitting 130+ at the end of back straight. * brake a wee bit less at the sweeper and carry more speed. I can sometimes get back to full throttle in that bit. It will bring you to mid track just before bus stop but that’s ok. You do not have to be far left. You trail brake anyways to rotate the car. * I can’t tell since you don’t have throttle trace but make sure to go to 100% throttle in the straight section between bus stop and key hole.
  3. I thought the overall lap looked fine. Start with the low hanging fruit - brake a bit deeper, don't coast before braking. Hustle a bit more in the bus stop. With respect to line, the only place I do it differently than you is through the carousel. I try to stay more inside through the first 1/3 and then let the momentum carry me further to the right through the final 3rd. I am kind of chicken coming on to the front straight. I don't straddle the left curb and probably never will. Looks to unsettling to me, though I am sure its slightly faster.
  4. I won’t have dyno until MSRH. Engine has been rebuilt.
  5. Basically. But I am not trying to win or set records. I’ll be running TT3 for nats.
  6. KW V3 use progressive springs so to that end you have no options to play with rates. Pick a coil over that uses linear springs. A lot of hard core track guys debate whether to even run a rear sway bar. I am not there but I run the softest setting on my hotchkis and in hindsight probably would have been fine with stock. I drive an E46 M3 but you get the logic.
  7. CMC standard trackside tool set includes engine hoist and standalone toilet bowl
  8. I left the state so the TT4 hot shoes wouldn’t embarrass me.
  9. You use avg hp so that will be lower and you get credit if you run skinny tires and credit for no aero. Shoot for TT4.
  10. FWIW - I think Ken O was running with a second or two at Hallett with RE71r’s if his times with sticker A7’s.
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