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  1. Davo is also looking for a used beeper if someone can hook him up.
  2. like an injection? I'll float the idea by the prez!
  3. I'm signed up for TT3. I'd jump into TT2 if you need more folks for tires.
  4. Been working on installing this AJ Hartman rear diffusor. I lost my old one at MSRH in the keyhole. It can be removed fairly easily. I have some quick connects coming to make it even easier.
  5. Ryan's a pro driver. I think Viper cup back a few years ago? I don't think a group of amateurs like us are in a position to give him tips.
  6. That's Kyle. Romie has a red one I think.
  7. way to go! You crushed it out there. Go collect some more records this year.
  8. thanks for sharing very helpful!
  9. there's one out of the way. Thanks.
  10. I have driven a number of laps at MSRH in both directions. Unfortunately, I think it's ingrained into me a "fixed" way of driving the track. I wonder if folks would chime in with their approach to some very specific corners. I'll be using this track map as my reference. https://speedsecrets.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/MSR-Houston.pdf I've also attached a link to one of my sessions. Turn 2 Carousel - I've always tried to start enter on outside and work my way to inside by midpoint and then inside and track all the way out 4 wheels outside of the exit. The carousel has two inside curbstones. I touch the first one, but displace the second one by a car width. Question: Is it faster to stay outside on the carousel a bit longer to be able to touch both curbstones and not fully track out so wide? Turn 3 and 4 Entry to Diamonds Edge - I brake relatively hard before 3 and then can get back on throttle on the short run between 3 and 4. Question: Would it be better to brake very lightly all the way past 4 (similar to Oak Tree at VIR if you've run that) vs Off and On throttle and carry more speed through that section? Turn 7 Sweeper - I try to just lift and turn and then apply a bit of throttle to braking point before bus stop. Question: Can this turn be taken flat in an 300 hp car? Turn 14 Gut Check - I brake or lift then turn then full throttle trying to make it past 15 before braking again and then maintenance throttle through sugar and spice. Question: Can 14 be taken flat? Would it be better to trail brake from 15 to middle of sugar and spice (i.e. no maintenance throttle)? I am open to pointers any other part of the laps, but these are the ones I have been wrestling with in my mind as I get ready for NASA season opener. Thanks in advance.
  11. Get 4 days of coaching Break 2:00 at WGI Break 1:33 at Road Atlanta Break TT3 track record at Mid Ohio Podium in NASA Mid Atlantic Region
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