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  1. Asking $35,000 I will get some more pics up soon. I just grabbed a few on my phone. Here's a walk around of the car. https://youtu.be/Y3w5PydIRjs Car is located in Gonzales, Louisiana. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. I plan to also list it on the Texas FB For Sale Page. I am selling my 2003 BMW M3 (9/2002 Build Date). I bought this car in 2012 in Chicago with about 23,000 miles. It was originally track prepped by Fall Line. The car now has 55,000 miles, 90% of it track miles. It has always been stored in the garage. The car is not street legal. It is strictly an HPDE/TT car that needs to be towed to the track. My tow rig will also be up for sale if you're interested. The car would need a full cage and a few other things to race wheel to wheel. I have campaigned it since 2013 in NASA Time Trial Series, finishing 1st or 2nd in the Texas region in almost every year, including the TT3 National Championship in 2019 at Mid Ohio. Did I mention that this is a track car? It is in generally good shape but it has the wear and tear that you might expect in a track car. It has never been in an on track incident. I am a pretty conservative driver and spend 99.9% of my time on the track surface. I did get some bumper damage on the way to the track once but that was all repaired under insurance. The car weighs 2850 pounds with full tank of gas and no driver. The car is extremely well set-up and holds NASA TT3 track records at Lime Rock Park (56.8), VIR (1:58), ECR (2:01), Hallett (1:20), and NOLA (1:48). Other significant lap times: WGI (1:59), Barber (1:34), COTA (2:27), TWS (1:47), MSRH CW (1:38), Mid Ohio Pro (1:31), Road Atlanta (1:32). Safety Fall Line Half Cage RaceTech Halo Seat (expired but has back brace) Schroth 6 point harness good to 2024 2021 Annual Inspection and TT Logbook with NASA Fire Suppression System with 4 nozzles - 2 in the engine, 2 in the cockpit Hand held fire extinguisher mounted on cage No passenger seat Cool Shirt cooling system Quick release wheel and hub Wink Mirror Brakes and Tires Brembo Front GT40 BBK Stock rear calipers Slotted rotors - I have spare set of front and rears Pagid RS29 on all 4 corners Braided brake lines All 4 calipers were rebuilt in 2019 Car comes with 4 sets of Apex ARC 8’s 18 x 9.5 et 35. 3 in satin black, 1 in gloss black. Tires will most likely be Hoosier A7’s 245/40/18. 12 mm and 10 mm hub centric spacers Front and rear hubs replaced in 2017. MK60 ABS and comes with a spare. Parking brake has been deleted Engine 2003 eBay Engine w/unknown miles refreshed and installed in March 2019. ACL Rod Bearings Head was refreshed by Lang Racing in March 2019. Vanos was refreshed with Beisan kit including pump disk, upper chain guide, and anti-rattle kit. Stock cams Evolve CSL Style intake with IAT and custom cold air intake, Epic Headers Epic Tune - 328 rwhp Bimmerworld Race Exhaust - Diffuser Exit Bimmerworld Oil Diverter Valve Motorsports Thermostat (car runs 192 water temps in the summer in full sessions) Zionsville Competition radiator Moroso 2 bar expansion tank Bimmerworld Aluminum Oil Cooler Turner Pulleys Starter and Alternator replaced in 2020 Heater core bypass SAP Delete Transmission/Differential Car started life as SMG but was swapped to 5 Speed in 2015. ECU has been coded but cluster has not and shows cog light. 5MT ZF Transmission by Diffsonline. I also have a spare 5MT that I bought from eBay for $450 that ran well when I removed it. 3.91 Diff 3 clutch with custom ramps by Diffsonline CAE Shifter New OE Dual Mass Flywheel installed in March 2019 with engine replacement Sachs Performance Pressure Plate Rogue adjustable slave cylinder pin E36 Clutch Disk Suspension/Aero Hotchkis Front and Rear Sway Bars Turner Front and Rear Subframe reinforcement plates (only welded at the bottom) Solid subframe Mounts Solid Engine and Transmission Mounts Delrin FCABS Turner Monoball RTAB Turner Adjustable Lower Control Arms (-2.2 Rear Camber) Vorshlag Camber/Caster Plates MCS 2WNR, rebuilt at beginning of 2020 by MCS 700F/800R Hyperco Springs installed, I have some 800/900 extras. Bimmerworld V3 Rear Wing AJ Hartman Front Splitter AJ Hartman Canards AJ Hartman 5-Piece Modular Diffuser Hood Vents Electronics AIM MXm w/SmartyCam - hardwired (set it and forget it) AIM Analog Channels include DSC Brake Pressure, Oil Pressure, AFR, and MAP AFR and Oil Pressure gauges also on the center panel Shift Lights EWS is Deleted and bypassed, car starts with toggle switch and push button Key cylinder is unlocked Most of the chassis wiring has been removed. MyLaps Transponder, Hardwired, Subscription model DSC button removed. I run with yaw sensor unplugged to keep DSC off Includes spare ECU with same coding and tuning as the primary Other Interesting Stuff Carbon Fiber roof Carbon fiber headlamp blanks Sound deadening removed Windows and motors removed. Includes set of Lexan travel windows. Lexan quarter windows Basically car is gutted I have a lot extra nuts and bolts and o-rings
  2. here you go: https://www.nasaproracing.com/events/3497
  3. 2020 was a bit of a bust. I lost a bit of pace, but saw some rays of hope in the last part of the season. I stayed healthy and still have a job although my track budget took a hit. The following goals are a bit of stretch but just to throw something out there, here goes: At least 2 days of coaching 3rd place or better for Texas TT3 Regional Championship Podium at Nationals OR sub 2:00 at WGI - I will only be able to do 1 of these events this year 1:17 at MSR-C 1:59 at ECR 1:33 at Barber 2:24 at COTA 1:19 at Hallett Last Years Goals Get 4 days of coaching - Got 2 days in Break 2:00 at WGI - Never made it up there due to COVID Break 1:33 at Road Atlanta - Did get a 1:32 Break TT3 track record at Mid Ohio - Never made it back Podium in NASA Mid Atlantic Region - Only drove 1 weekend
  4. Lap Time: 2.00.8 (RaceHero and AIM) Ambient temperature: 60 Car: 2003 E46 M3 full aero Weight with driver: 3040 lbs Whp: 330 WHP Tires: Hoosier A7, 245/40/18, 12+ heat cycles
  5. Q: How do I qualify for the Championships? A: 2020 Racing requirements: • Five points paying races (or competing at three weekends) • Up to two TT points days count toward two of the five races • Enduro of any length three hours and more counts as two races • Any registered team member planning to compete must complete the qualifications individually
  6. Roll call. I loaded track on AC and have begun my prep.
  7. Anyone in here thinking about going to Chin event at Barber on 9/12-13?
  8. Made it out there this weekend. It was a bit toasty after 10AM! 10 AM Session on Sunday. Scrub A7's. https://youtu.be/IjjkgtNePdQ
  9. Does Barber have sound limits? If so, how strict are they in enforcing?
  10. Davo is also looking for a used beeper if someone can hook him up.
  11. like an injection? I'll float the idea by the prez!
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