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  1. here you go: https://www.nasaproracing.com/events/3497
  2. 2020 was a bit of a bust. I lost a bit of pace, but saw some rays of hope in the last part of the season. I stayed healthy and still have a job although my track budget took a hit. The following goals are a bit of stretch but just to throw something out there, here goes: At least 2 days of coaching 3rd place or better for Texas TT3 Regional Championship Podium at Nationals OR sub 2:00 at WGI - I will only be able to do 1 of these events this year 1:17 at MSR-C 1:59 at ECR 1:33 at Barber 2:24 at COTA 1:19 at Hallett Last Years Goals Get 4 days of coaching - Got 2 days in Break 2:00 at WGI - Never made it up there due to COVID Break 1:33 at Road Atlanta - Did get a 1:32 Break TT3 track record at Mid Ohio - Never made it back Podium in NASA Mid Atlantic Region - Only drove 1 weekend
  3. Lap Time: 2.00.8 (RaceHero and AIM) Ambient temperature: 60 Car: 2003 E46 M3 full aero Weight with driver: 3040 lbs Whp: 330 WHP Tires: Hoosier A7, 245/40/18, 12+ heat cycles
  4. Q: How do I qualify for the Championships? A: 2020 Racing requirements: • Five points paying races (or competing at three weekends) • Up to two TT points days count toward two of the five races • Enduro of any length three hours and more counts as two races • Any registered team member planning to compete must complete the qualifications individually
  5. Roll call. I loaded track on AC and have begun my prep.
  6. Anyone in here thinking about going to Chin event at Barber on 9/12-13?
  7. Made it out there this weekend. It was a bit toasty after 10AM! 10 AM Session on Sunday. Scrub A7's. https://youtu.be/IjjkgtNePdQ
  8. Does Barber have sound limits? If so, how strict are they in enforcing?
  9. Davo is also looking for a used beeper if someone can hook him up.
  10. like an injection? I'll float the idea by the prez!
  11. I'm signed up for TT3. I'd jump into TT2 if you need more folks for tires.
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