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  1. Ryan's a pro driver. I think Viper cup back a few years ago? I don't think a group of amateurs like us are in a position to give him tips.
  2. That's Kyle. Romie has a red one I think.
  3. way to go! You crushed it out there. Go collect some more records this year.
  4. thanks for sharing very helpful!
  5. there's one out of the way. Thanks.
  6. I have driven a number of laps at MSRH in both directions. Unfortunately, I think it's ingrained into me a "fixed" way of driving the track. I wonder if folks would chime in with their approach to some very specific corners. I'll be using this track map as my reference. https://speedsecrets.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/MSR-Houston.pdf I've also attached a link to one of my sessions. Turn 2 Carousel - I've always tried to start enter on outside and work my way to inside by midpoint and then inside and track all the way out 4 wheels outside of the exit. The carousel has two inside curbstones. I touch the first one, but displace the second one by a car width. Question: Is it faster to stay outside on the carousel a bit longer to be able to touch both curbstones and not fully track out so wide? Turn 3 and 4 Entry to Diamonds Edge - I brake relatively hard before 3 and then can get back on throttle on the short run between 3 and 4. Question: Would it be better to brake very lightly all the way past 4 (similar to Oak Tree at VIR if you've run that) vs Off and On throttle and carry more speed through that section? Turn 7 Sweeper - I try to just lift and turn and then apply a bit of throttle to braking point before bus stop. Question: Can this turn be taken flat in an 300 hp car? Turn 14 Gut Check - I brake or lift then turn then full throttle trying to make it past 15 before braking again and then maintenance throttle through sugar and spice. Question: Can 14 be taken flat? Would it be better to trail brake from 15 to middle of sugar and spice (i.e. no maintenance throttle)? I am open to pointers any other part of the laps, but these are the ones I have been wrestling with in my mind as I get ready for NASA season opener. Thanks in advance.
  7. Get 4 days of coaching Break 2:00 at WGI Break 1:33 at Road Atlanta Break TT3 track record at Mid Ohio Podium in NASA Mid Atlantic Region
  8. That'd be great. I'll DM you my contact information.
  9. My bad, I thought we were bench racing. Talley has a TT1/2 car in terms of weight to horsepower and referenced NASA lap times. I am just stating the correct target time for that class of car. I have no idea what his car his actually capable of.
  10. Try 1:36. My car only makes 330 whp and I've done a 1:38. You've done one DE so far? I think you just need more track time and less keyboard time.
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