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  1. Holiday Inn & Suites Mansfield-Conference Ctr116 Park Avenue WestMansfield, OH 44902 Several restaurants nearby. The track is in the middle of BFO.
  2. I spent a lot time trying to "fix" my suspension so I wouldn't get airborne into gut check. Turns out car is ok and track is jacked. He's got 4 cars and coffee extreme drifting and crowd ploughing events.
  3. This has the chicane, but the rest of the track is the same. Laps 5 and 7 or 8 are decent.
  4. I can't freaking wait! I'll be driving from VIR.
  5. These are a great resource, but they are a supplement not a substitute for experience and actual coaching or instruction. Of course, it may depend on your learning style. I have these for VIR, WGI and Mid Ohio.
  6. I've been calling you for you months. I must have the wrong number.
  7. is that what you call sexy time with Chase?
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