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  1. Anyone in here thinking about going to Chin event at Barber on 9/12-13?
  2. Made it out there this weekend. It was a bit toasty after 10AM! 10 AM Session on Sunday. Scrub A7's. https://youtu.be/IjjkgtNePdQ
  3. Does Barber have sound limits? If so, how strict are they in enforcing?
  4. Davo is also looking for a used beeper if someone can hook him up.
  5. like an injection? I'll float the idea by the prez!
  6. I'm signed up for TT3. I'd jump into TT2 if you need more folks for tires.
  7. Been working on installing this AJ Hartman rear diffusor. I lost my old one at MSRH in the keyhole. It can be removed fairly easily. I have some quick connects coming to make it even easier.
  8. Ryan's a pro driver. I think Viper cup back a few years ago? I don't think a group of amateurs like us are in a position to give him tips.
  9. That's Kyle. Romie has a red one I think.
  10. way to go! You crushed it out there. Go collect some more records this year.
  11. thanks for sharing very helpful!
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