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  1. My 2c as a graduate from TWS in 2015: If you are a solo HPDE driver, regardless of future desire to race, you should be clawing and scratching to get into this event. It is well run, challenging, and the most fun I've had on track, bring your friends. IMO, @@BobKid my experience made me a much more confident and safe HPDE driver. You can sell it as "Track Survival" school for adults, the first time you go two or three wide through a corner won't be at a Chin advanced run session, it will be slightly off pace, pre briefed, and with your friends who care about their cars. Experience may vary with the level of commitment you voice, I attracted some instructor cars during exercises that challenged me much more than another student could have. Conversely, there were some pristine street cars that got a lot out of the school but kept themselves comfortable. The beauty in the school, discovering your comfort level and pushing it higher incrementally and in a controlled environment. Register!
  2. May is a long way off, but if i'm not running my car I will make it available for race school...
  3. Too cool, My father flew Strike Eagles night one, thanks for the read, reminds me of his stories and experience. Thanks for sharing.
  4. The RB car goes form first to DFL in one corner... it's interesting to watch each car individually per play.
  5. You're better off searching industrial equipment rentals, I don't know any off the top of my head but try googling something along those lines in the area. Best of luck
  6. Wow! I had no idea so few passed, good on BMW for maintaining their standard and not just gifting the credentials... I haven't been fortunate enough to take the BMW ITS, but the BMWCCA Club Racing School was excellent. Happy to see BMW setting a standard for both and rumor is they are expanding their CR schools, I highly recommend. Even if you have no desire to compete, best part is you don't need a race car and you're now out of excuses. Congrats to all the candidates I'm sure everyone walked away with some new knowledge about themselves, and respect for the sport. I was jealous they didn't have a slot open...
  7. Ross Bentley had a SS article on shifting that was very good... to include hand position and sequential downshifting. While you are right about the technology not requiring shifting sequentially, I believe the 'right' answer was to do everything in the car consistently... So, if you sequentially go through the gears all the time, do it all the time... if you skip gears then always skip them. I think it becomes obvious pretty quickly that always skipping gears is more prone to mistakes and variances then shifting sequentially.
  8. That's some honest driving, the track limit gods would be pleased! Well done!
  9. Absolutely, I'll take you around on a ride as well and we can work on some data if I have time.
  10. I'll be there instructing Friday-Sunday... I think I'm bringing the car... I'll be honest I've been too busy to unload it from 2 weeks ago... Going to be a long night!
  11. someone had a tent set-up in the overhang last NASA event... so I think you're fine. Great facilities... shower, etc. as well.
  12. Where would the Enterprise SRF fall within that...? I had a good time playing Fat/HP vs Light/Nimble in the last TT3 race with said car. I assume it is an early Spec Racer Ford? and thus legal in TT3.
  13. I think it's fine... you 'should' see if everyone treats a 90 correction as an incident that the rate of which these occur increase with driver experience, and possibly correlates with car prep/safety. I was just pointing it out because some people may not identify it as such... if you are becoming better drivers and have experience those people probably aren't spinning every day (1 incident), but they may be making quick corrections at the limit every lap (still 1 incident per correction). This will 'probably' correlate with whatever thesis you have. Realize if it was only spins and crashes, I would surmise that Blue Drivers, with minimum safety have the most incidents, I know I did... but we all get a little smarter and safer transitioning from intermediate to advanced... and is, imo, why soloing a student out of novice is so difficult. That learning is on your own, and if your instructor hasn't prepped you for an off and how to react they are doing a disservice... and off soapbox.
  14. Wheel offset from center by 90 in a correction or the car offset by 90? I think the wheel moves 90 for corrections at least once a lap... so that would be like... 8 TT sessions x 3 laps x 1 correction... 24 'incidents' in a weekend. I recorded a few different results based on my last few years developing the car and myself, so if you see an 'outlier' of 24 incidents, there is your explanation... I don't spin 24 times in a weekend... only because I wouldn't have any tires!!!
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