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  1. Great car. My experience is mostly with the 987.2 (Cayman R) which is essentially the same engine/ gearbox. In the summer months temps can be a problem. I needed the center radiator kit from Suncoast which helped a lot. Oil starvation does not seem to be an issue with the 9A1. It has additional oil pickups and pumping capacity vs the M96 and M97 which can have starvation issues. A deep sump will help with cooling though. I have had no PS problems so far (50k mi total with over 100 track days). Listen and watch for water pump failure as seems to be common with the 9A1. I'm on my second pump. Maxing out neg camber in the front (usually about -1.0 deg) will help some with tire wear. Adjustable lower control arms is a popular mod but may not be worthwhile for a few events a year.
  2. I've been happy with my 17 F150 ecoboost max tow package. Using it to tow open Trailex. One feature I use more than I thought is the trailer backup assist. Have had a couple of warranty issues - the rear camera failed and the dealer took a long time to diagnose and repair. Then the plastic sump pan began to leak, and was replaced.
  3. Have driven RE71s Houston to COTA and back a few times (Cayman R/GT4 with neg 2.5 camber). negligible wear for the drive vs track time. Just take care if the tread is highly worn and you encounter standing water, as with any tire.
  4. PCA runs a car control school at the HPA if he is looking to work on basic skills (skid pad, braking, lane change etc.) Pretty sure any vehicle is allowed. Next one is in late Oct. At the high price end there are schools like the Porsche driving school at Barber (new 911s, 718s). Also the Ford school in Utah (modified Mustang GTs). Few years ago I met some guys at Cresson that had rented Camaros in Dallas. They did fine for a 2 day event.
  5. Did hitting the apex curbing contribute to upsetting the car? Sorry to see. glad both of you were ok.
  6. PCA allows the Boxster at DE events with the top up. (May allow top down with arm restraints but can't recall for sure.) Brey Krause make a bolt on roll bar extension to provide some additional clearance.
  7. 01 Boxster S will be quite a bit slower than an E46 M3 if that matters to you. 330(?) hp in the M3 vs 250 in the 986. Boxster is lighter but not enough to offset. I have an 04 S and it's been less reliable/ more costly to run than I expected. There are some well known weak points in the Boxster. Including water pumps, coolant tanks, Air-oil separator. The most notorious is the Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMSB). Maybe a little overhyped but Porsche settled a class action suit over it. If it fails the motor is likely toast. The bearing can be upgraded which some owners do in conjunction with a clutch replacement (trans out). Of course the first gen Boxster is now 13+ years old so lots of other things may need attention- CV boots, shock mounts, other suspension parts. The M96 motor is a wet sump and there are instances of oil starvation with sticky tires. There are deep sump kits and the Spec Boxsters often use acccusumps. The stock suspension is really soft. I upgraded to the ROW M030, but it's still soft. I should have gone with PSS9 or similar. Of the mid engine Porsches I think the 09-12 987.2 is probably the best value choice. Much improved interior and the 9A1 motor with improved oiling (more pumps and pickups), no IMS in the valve train, and DFI in the S models.
  8. You may be thinking of the Trifecta (joint DE with BMWCCA club race) which indeed had an unusual schedule. The May Schnell fest (PCA + BMWCCA) schedule had 4 sessions per day. On Friday they were 30min each and Sat/Sun they were 23min each. Friday did not have a Green instructed group so longer sessions for other groups. The Sat schedule was impacted by a track shutdown due to lightning.
  9. Track drains well and is fun in the wet.
  10. It's on Clubreg now. Opens 9/15. I felt there were some glitches in May that hopefully they work out. I still plan to go.
  11. Generally Caymans can get -2deg or more in the rear with stock parts. Front limited to about -1 or so. X73 suspension can often get more due to lower ride height. Usually need GT3 LCAs and shims in the front to get -2 or more.
  12. ^ very nice! You know there is a PCA club race at MSR Nov 11-12. Just sayin'.......
  13. Yes, I did and it was great. Weather much better than TWS in Aug. I was more comfortable with 3 wide than before. Still need to work on "close is safe". Need to get off my a** and jump in now. Maybe Spec Cayman with PCA but it's a new class and pretty small, would have to build a car. You'll be glad to know your epic start at TWS was mentioned.....
  14. Ya know you can get the RS sticker badge to reduce weight direct from Porsche......only $65.
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