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  1. I realized later he did request brake position and not pressure, but the main point is that there is a way to log 0-5v sensors on the DL2, just requires that analog-to-CAN converter
  2. Hahahaha, I was thinking similar, expect that was me in my first couple LeMons events at MSRH, before I got instruction. ?
  3. Note completely true. With a Analog-to-CAN converter, you can send your own sensors straight to the DL2.
  4. You can run the Autolabs AnalogX with the DL2. I picked up a string pot for a 0-5v sensor to capture steering angle. You get TP straight from the TPS sensor, and then a compatible brake pressure sensor. https://wiki.autosportlabs.com/AnalogX
  5. Having studied advanced fluid dynamics at the University of Houston, I find it quit humerous that with such a massively complex problem there is such confidence and precise measurments for a universal applicable product. Not that I dont think there is value in the product, just that the marketing department has certainly spun their web. Hood vents are a small piece of the large system when evaluating fluid dynamics at the front of a vehicle. As stated ealier, a user could misapply hood vents and make certain desired traits worse. This is a sketchy market segment, even moreso than powe
  6. So did Barry (#33) seriously think he was going to get away with that. In my opinion that was a extremely extremely high-risk attempt.
  7. Yeah, hind sight I had the time to execute the pass on the lap car, but at the time, I didn't know for sure, so steered wide to cover up the pass lane and give myself the opportunity to pass the lap car if I felt I could do it safely. I obviously didn't cover up the outside well enough, and Vinnie is willing to take on more risk. What is interesting is the lock-up that occurs before any contact. I am thinking Porter came in hot before the incident even occurred. *shrug*
  8. Well, not the weekend I was hoping for. Was excited to hit the track with my XFactor motor. I did not set my expectation too high though, because I do not know Cresson. All expectations came crashing down though when I had my first major accident. Was able to get the car up and running with control arm, ball joint and damper replacement, though the alignment was challenging because of the bent subframe. Had to adjust out all the toe on passenger side, so i could square up the front toe. Thankfully, I have a splined steering wheel, so I was able to simply mount the wheel 60deg off to had
  9. I'M N 4 SM. I also have an extra bed in Granbury/Plantation Thursday and Friday night, if anyone is looking for a cheap place to sleep and shower.
  10. Can you reshare this ECU definition? Thank you, Bryan
  11. Where abouts? Would like to get an understanding of my tongues weight too.
  12. Here is the weird thing. When i bought the trailer i received two different plates at very different times. I just left the originals on, which fell off or were stolen. I attached the other plate to my trailer in a new location that wont risk falling off. A few weeks later i get the registration renewal for my trailer, which is for the plates i have now, not the one lost/stolen.
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