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  1. I have not driven at the track in 2 years. I have a track built s2k which is seriously the most fun car ive ever owned. Very fast and fun track car. My wife has a 2013 BRZ, e85 and bolt ons. Much faster than a stock brz but still not as fast as an s2k. Fun track car though. 2 years ago I bought a c5Z with an LS3. Nothing special, just about 40hp more than stock or so. Amazing to daily drive if you dont mind the rattles and an electrical issue here and there every 1-2 months or so. Very balanced, similar to a BRZ on a canyon road (never tracked it), great daily. Steering is not as direct though and direction change not even close to a BRZ/S2000. You will have to add bigger brakes/track pads and lots of cooling mods if you want to do more than 3 laps without overheating something. Drove it for 2 years as a daily and it was fantastic. Cant beat letting go of the clutch in 2nd, in traffic, and it just goes. Interior is cheap and like I said earlier it rattles ALOT. Just bought a c6Z with about 600hp last week. It looks awesome and is crazy fast. Had it not been for my job requiring me to take last minute trips anywhere in the world would I take it too the track? Maybe but I would be scared shitless and probably wouldnt be having as much fun as driving the s2k or BRZ at 10/10ths. Yes I bet you the C6Z would be faster at 8/10s but definitely not as much fun. The c5z, yes. Not overpowered, balanced etc but have to spend money to make it track worthy. A stock BRZ can be made track worthy with just decent pads and an oil cooler. S2k doesnt need anything except pads if you are quick. That said, there is a perfectly trackable, very fun BRZ for sale with FlexFuel, new brakes, new clutch, tune, headers and oil cooler for sale by my wife. Oil cooler too. The plan is to sell it so we can get the funds to convert the S2k to a daily drivable car for her. Feel free to come by for a test drive. The car runs great, she just wants something different and more challenging. If you are interested, shoot me a text at seven one three, 202, four four 74. Comes with all stock parts just in case you dont like the loud exhaust. Also extra sets of wheels so you can mount your track tires.
  2. Not too tight. I've had the top of the cap break off during a cold day with the threads remaining in the valve cover.
  3. I bought it from a friend who had used it for an unknown number of seasons. . I never installed them. Comes with a set of brand new and used rotors. The pads are XP12s with probably around 70% meat left. Asking $1500 obo. Located in Houston. Price drop $1100
  4. Brand new in box. Part numbers: CT732 XP10 and CT731 XP10. Asking $380 obo. They fit all C5 models I believe including non Z06/grand sport C6 up to 2008 I believe. Seven,one,three-202-fourfoursevenfour Location: Houston near Bear Creek park Thanasis Price drop $360
  5. I have always owned Japanese cars. Integra Type-R, S2000 (which I had for 6 years and cannot live without), 2 300ZXs, 08 STI, BRZ which I still own, 425whp EVO. I was 12 when gran turismo came out and spent many many hours playing it and dreaming about owning a bunch of 90s and early 00' Japanese cars. I watched Best Motoring for a past time and have conditioned myself to hate non-Japanese cars. American cars were only good for going straight and German cars were always too expensive for what you get, expensive to maintain and not "raw" enough. I sold my daily driver 2 weeks ago, the EVO, and was torn between getting another s2000 which was a sure bet or trying something new. I finally convinced myself that I can try something new and sell it after a year if I didn't like it and I'm glad I did. Car below has a Halltech Intake, Bassani exhaust and unknown shortshifter. It will serve as my daily driver and part time track car when I'm not feeling like driving a track car to the track LOL. The car is an 02 Z06 in factory new condition and 42k miles. Every car I bought other than the Interga and S2000 I have not "loved" and was never super excited about after owning for a feIt handles almost like an S2000 except it doesnt turn-in as well due to the weight but this thing has torque. I doubt I will love this car as much as I love my S2000 but it is almost as good. It loves to go sideways and it is actually a VERY comfortable car to go to work and back. I drove a cammed Z06 2 weeks ago and hated it but with the stock cam its a charm to drive. Mods will probably come slow as I want to make sure that this is not just pure excitement. I'm scheduled for new valve springs on Thursday at tracktime performance as a preventative measure and hoping to catch Steve on the phone one day when work is slow so I can steal some of his wisdom about these cars. Curt will also be doing an alignment and going over the car to make sure it doesn't need anything else. Looking forward to adding some track pads and taking it to the track.
  6. Don't tell me you took it to the track with that filthy old 60,000mile fluid he had in there...
  7. I've only seen the AP1 cluster on my car go up 1 bar twice and both were 100F degree days running the car hard. Back off to shifting at 8000rpm instead of 9000 for a quarter of a lap and the extra bar goes down. And I'll admit, i have not flushed the coolant in my car ever since I had it (2010). I've never logged oil temps, still on stock doughnut oil-cooler, but I use oil that I know is heat stable. I do run a baffle in my oil pan. Still on original block running r-comps with over 120,000 miles. A good chunk of them are hard driven track miles. People may not agree but I think good racing oil is good cheap insurance. As far as water temps go, im sure a good aftermarket radiator helps but based on experience the stock radiator will work fine with a stock engine.
  8. I think my roll hoops are sitting at Curt's shop along with the member that they bolt onto. You can have them if they are still there. I think I threw away my trim pieces though.
  9. Good choice, I think you will be spot on with those spring rates.
  10. Let me know if you would be interested in a 4wd car. I have a very clean evo xi for sale. 420whp, lots of reliability mods done to it so that it can handle track duty. Freshly rebuilt engine and brand new suspension. The only unknown would be the turbo which has unknown miles on it but when I installed it 3k miles ago it had no shaft play. if you are interested PM me and we can talk. Thanasis
  11. Does three sports cars cancel out the fact that Im fat?
  12. $100 takes it. Houston, TX
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