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  1. Apparently the NC models spin a lot and goes off a lot, or it is really hard to move from a FWD GTI to a RWD Miata. :)
  2. Ahhh - it was someone else behind you that spun. I thought it was you. No coolant though ;) - just distilled water and water wetter or everybody would've spun everywhere.
  3. Bummer for me as brand new coolant hose failed in exact same manner as hose did a few weeks ago. I lasted a half a session. Car is back with Driver Source to figure out why hose is ripping right off if its metal end. Many thanks to @blk96gt and @Shuka for not running into me. I died in a really bad place. Kevin went for one hell of a ride thru the grass to avoid me, and Nix spun behind me. I owe both of you beers and new underwear. @Shuka may have video.
  4. I used to bring complete rear uprights with new bearings and new hubs with enduro studs already pressed in. Quick swap. Without a press, doing a rear hub at the track is a bitch.
  5. Seems like a good weekend to stay home and clean up the garage.
  6. Last time I was there, DE 1 & 2 were huge. There were more DE drivers than racers.
  7. That driver should not be allowed in TT ever again. It was a total menace at Hallett. I heard it was the same thing with that driver at COTA.
  8. While that is a huge money grab and disconcerting, be glad you aren’t getting 5-6mpg like me. Don’t you only need that for the feature race? Or also Qual? Even with both, less than 10 gallons.
  9. I have zero compression on cylinders 5 and 6. Motor is coming out. Borescope view looks like bent valves but not sure yet.
  10. Awesome job. You'll break 2:00 at WGI for sure.
  11. Not sure. Codes say mis fires on cylinders 5 and 6. It felt low on power in the 5000 rpm range in the last session when it died. Then it just quit and shut down before T11. PIWIS hooked up showed no mechanical over revs. Since many of my parts have to come from Germany, I'm out. If it was just one cylinder, I might say coil pack. Steve Ott at Driver Source will let me know after he digs into it.
  12. A bunch of TT cars did not survive Chin. There could be 5 cars not at Nationals. Mine did not survive and is at shop. I’m out. Fennell, Mowry, Jason Jones and Baltutis all had problems as well. Bummer for all of us.
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