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  1. With Chin and NASA, you get the whole spot. With TDE and PCA, they squeeze two cars into a spot.
  2. Mike Globe takes the win on this thread for his incident at Hallett.
  3. If you aren't headed to the Games, not possible.
  4. How much of a whole system do you want. I have the USB HD box and traq dash and camera. I have the whole setup except for a rear camera. You can pick one of those up on ebay for $80
  5. Very well done. You've got a 24 in you. Was that Camaro a TT driver? From our region??
  6. How did I miss all of this? I'm taking Jander at 220lbs over Casey at 150lbs.
  7. Apparently the NC models spin a lot and goes off a lot, or it is really hard to move from a FWD GTI to a RWD Miata. :)
  8. Ahhh - it was someone else behind you that spun. I thought it was you. No coolant though ;) - just distilled water and water wetter or everybody would've spun everywhere.
  9. Bummer for me as brand new coolant hose failed in exact same manner as hose did a few weeks ago. I lasted a half a session. Car is back with Driver Source to figure out why hose is ripping right off if its metal end. Many thanks to @blk96gt and @Shuka for not running into me. I died in a really bad place. Kevin went for one hell of a ride thru the grass to avoid me, and Nix spun behind me. I owe both of you beers and new underwear. @Shuka may have video.
  10. I used to bring complete rear uprights with new bearings and new hubs with enduro studs already pressed in. Quick swap. Without a press, doing a rear hub at the track is a bitch.
  11. Seems like a good weekend to stay home and clean up the garage.
  12. Last time I was there, DE 1 & 2 were huge. There were more DE drivers than racers.
  13. That driver should not be allowed in TT ever again. It was a total menace at Hallett. I heard it was the same thing with that driver at COTA.
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