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  1. Thanks for all the interest, but the wheels are now sold. A couple folks are also interested in the suit but nothing is confirmed yet.
  2. Hey all, I need to reallocate some money to bicycle parts. Help me out and buy my stuff. Gen 1 15x8 nickel 6ULs with old (2009 datecode) 205 R888s and aluminum valve stems. One wheel looks newer than the others because it was an old-stock replacement (also Gen 1) I bought from 949 after I damaged a wheel. These were used at the track and so have scuffs, slight scratches, etc - there is curve rash on the inside edge of one of the wheels. With some elbow grease they can probably look pretty nice. Asking $350, local sale only. G-Force 545 double-layer suit, size Large. Sizing i
  3. Price drop, $6000. Someone buy it!
  4. Count me in. Look forward to catching up with everybody
  5. Thanks Robert! Just to clarify, it was my old Miata that had the rear transmission seal fail, but I'm still not sure if flat towing was the culprit.
  6. Yes, unfortunately not street legal. Not registered or insured, no cat, front lights, turn signals, etc. Also, I think technically harnesses are not road legal, something about not having the red buckle release paramedics and first responders look for. The only street driving it sees is around my cul de sac under 15mph. Haha, the exhaust drone alone would make it horrible to drive on the highway. I don't own a trailer, I've just flat towed it to tracks. I've only taken this car to TWS and MSRH, but for longer drives like Hallett I hear it's best to disconnect the driveshaft from the d
  7. Hey all! I'm posting my Spec Miata for sale. It's been more than a year since I've been to the track and the poor car is just sitting in my garage. It needs to be driven! Info below: Asking $6000 Engine / Drivetrain 1.6 Spec Miata Springfield Dyno Exhaust Racing Beat Intake 4.3 Torsen Interior Lucas Racing cage Kirkey seats Sparco 6-pt driver belts (expires 2015) Simpson 5-pt passenger belts (long expired) Schroth right-side net, G-Force driver net (SFI manufactured 2012) G2X Datalogger and Display Pegasus steering wheel / QR hex hub Suspension Spec miata setup - Bilstein shock
  8. Dang, mini reunion this weekend, thanks for the heads-up Hasta! I wish I could make it guys, my poor Miata has only been driven up and down my street since last summer. I'm getting the itch again though...
  9. Howdy all, if anyone is selling a tow hitch for a 2005 S2000 please let me know! (null)
  10. My TJ friends, unfortunately I'm going to have to bow out for this. Between using up vacation days while my family was in town and a crazy work schedule in Sept, I won't be able to make it work. Y'all have a great time!!
  11. I feel like I've been out of the game for so long. In for Saturday
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