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  1. A lot of guys I've raced with have trouble with helmets pressing into their foreheads, especially when wearing a balaclava. Getting a bala that doesn't have the seam down the middle or across your forehead will help. Simpson makes one with the seams on the sides - that's what I wear with a very snug helmet and it's pretty comfortable.
  2. Did this at the (very wet) WRL race at TWS - worked pretty well. It's kinds of messy obviously and leaves the glass a bit blurry, but better than nothing. The other car we were running had a low-wattage hair dryer for a defogger, that worked really well.
  3. Just a week before WRL at Hallet, but I know a few teams are looking to do both.
  4. I had the good fortune to be driving the Basil Weenie #99 E30 - 1st place in GP2 Saturday and GP2 1st and 1st overall on Sunday - very good weekend for us. Goof, clean driving by everyone.
  5. There is a Chumpcar event at Harris Hill Oct 10-11.
  6. iRacing doesn't need a super-powerful PC. Its graphics are a bit dated and unsophisticated compared to current games and so don't need a lot of power. A recent i5 or i7 motherboard, 8mb RAM and a decent video card (like an Nvidia GTX 940 or something similar in the $60 range) would be plenty.
  7. These are the stock 17" wheels from a 2007 NC MX-5. 5x114.3 bolt pattern, 7.5" wide with about a 55mm offset. They are in pretty good shape with only minimal nicks & scrapes, no major curb rash. Tires included but they've been sitting in a shed for a while. Imgur album with full-res images: http://imgur.com/a/VNvP0
  8. See post in For Sale section: http://www.trackjunkies.org/topic/4294-fs-complete-playseat-racing-sim-rig-austin-tx/
  9. I sold the rig, but I still have the G27 Wheel & Pedals. Complete Playseat Racing Sim: Playseat Pro Black/Silver Pro Kit TV Stand VESA Expansion Bracket Playseat Floor Mat Gearshift Mount XBOX 360 Steering Wheel Mount Logitech G27 Racing Wheel with Pedals and Gearshift Logitech X540 Dolby 5.1 SurroundSound 6 Speaker System Samsung 32" 1080p LED TV Wireless Keyboard/Trackball $1500+ retail value (PC/XBOX not included) Perfecting for iRacing, this setup includes everything you need to go racing - just hook up to your PC. It also works with the XBOX 360
  10. Most people I talked to appreciated the fact that they extended the race so everyone got the track time they paid for. It was a good call.
  11. How does a split membership work? Only one of the shared members can use the track at a time or something?
  12. It's way too late for TWS unfortunately. It almost seems like the people who opposed this at Brenham went to Chapel Hill to stir up people there. Sadly, I think they're going to have a tough time finding anywhere to put it without opposition. It seems like people hear "race track" and have an automatic knee-jerk reaction to complain even if it really doesn't affect them at all. I hope they can work something out.
  13. Gotta get this car moved - cutting price again to $13,900!
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