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  1. I don't think they typically do, but there were flash flood warnings and tons of lightening. If there is lightening I know they pull cars off the track, so I guess it was decided to just pull the plug.
  2. Well, that got rained out and rescheduled for May 22nd. Hopefully things get all dried out by then.
  3. Buy it Kevin. It's a year newer, low miles, well maintained, etc... I would get it but no warranty?!?! Hard Pass.
  4. After watching the video of how he told his side of the story on blowing through maybe 1 yellow at 50mph or less my skepticism grows large in how involved that instructor was when he crashed his Lotus.
  5. I just signed up for this. I went Intermediate since I'll be on all-seasons and OEM pads. Hopefully I don't completely fry them.
  6. I thought everyone was a winner and got a trophy in Hippyville?
  7. Although the car is bigger, there are limitations in a Corvette, especially a C5 if you are keeping the factory belts. The thread BigMonkey posted is a great resource. This is THE seat mount you want; https://amtmotorsport.com/products/corvette-utralow-seat-mount
  8. I thought Camaro's just threw an endless supply of boat anchors out of the window to slow down?? 🤗
  9. @lobster You are going to have to add Houston Motorsports Park to tracklaps.net so Tobey can plug in his numbers.
  10. LoL, yeah, that is it. It went to auction from when i traded it in. I found is last week I think on a google search of the VIN. They didn't remove the front plate right, but surprisingly left the yellow film on the fog lights.
  11. Cool, they have it in PDF https://champcar.org/register/supplementalrules/382.pdf I may try to swing by Sunday if possible.
  12. Do you have a link to the schedule for that weekend?
  13. Sorry to be of zero help Kevin, lol.
  14. Take this stuff to the waxer Corvette boards Kevin...
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