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  1. A Genesis Coupe 3.8 could be a good option to look into. Get the 2nd generation with more power and a bit more refinement. V6 has good power, lots of support, and tires won't kill you like a V8 car. And the V6 is a workhorse.
  2. Follwing. I've been waiting for the Rocketeer Swap guys to get the NC done and move to the RX8. I didn't realize an LFX swap was so "cheap".
  3. I dailyed on Conti ECS which has a similar disclaimer. It was fine, it doesn't get that cold here. Just know that under 40 the grip just isn't there anymore and be a bit more cautious.
  4. jared

    Goals 2020

    I currently have no trackable vehicle. Goal: Get one!
  5. 1: Didn't happen 2: Accomplished 3: Accomplished 4: Accomplished 5: Failure 😞
  6. No! Only tires matter! Stop putting logic words into my mouth Lobster.
  7. What kind of tires? Street tires? 200tw tires? Hoosiers? Getting an idea of how much grip you're dealing with can give very different answers
  8. sorry. that's oil temps, lol. i get so confused some times. but it was fun seeing Matt get all flustered.
  9. C5/C6 Corvettes don't start getting worried until you start approaching 300f on track.
  10. Ram's 1,000lb/ft of torque lol's at F450. https://www.ramtrucks.com/content/dam/fca-brands/na/ramtrucks/en_us/towing/Trailer_Tow_Excel_2019_D2_OFFICIAL_INTERNAL_2-06-18.pdf
  11. You're going to need triple 4k lbs axles too for that porky Camaro. 😘
  12. It would still be easier to change rotors on a Z07 (not to mention having that Z07 RPO code in your glove box) than changing springs and adding "baby dick aero" to a base aero GS. Also, HERITAGE.
  13. Z07 also has the aero bits. So grabbing a Z07 and slapping on iron rotors and pads would be the way I would go.
  14. Skyrocket? No. But I can definitely see the depreciation stop in its tracks for a while. Which sucks, I want my Heritage package C7GS bad.
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