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  1. Ram's 1,000lb/ft of torque lol's at F450. https://www.ramtrucks.com/content/dam/fca-brands/na/ramtrucks/en_us/towing/Trailer_Tow_Excel_2019_D2_OFFICIAL_INTERNAL_2-06-18.pdf
  2. You're going to need triple 4k lbs axles too for that porky Camaro. 😘
  3. It would still be easier to change rotors on a Z07 (not to mention having that Z07 RPO code in your glove box) than changing springs and adding "baby dick aero" to a base aero GS. Also, HERITAGE.
  4. Z07 also has the aero bits. So grabbing a Z07 and slapping on iron rotors and pads would be the way I would go.
  5. Skyrocket? No. But I can definitely see the depreciation stop in its tracks for a while. Which sucks, I want my Heritage package C7GS bad.
  6. Hate to say it but it is getting a bit beefy; https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a28448822/2020-corvette-mid-engine-size-comparison/ But I still want one.
  7. Wheels: Speedline 18x10.5 square setup Seems fine. Tires: NT01 315/30/18 Seems fine. Suspension: I've been recommended to look at the Penskee 7500/8300 series coilovers. Though they're $4500-5500. Anything else more budget friendly you recommend? I've heard the factory leaf springs dont cut it for track use. Any options on this? LG G2 coils are a great buy if you aren't dropping the money for Penskee's Seat: Cobra Suzuka seat with AMT billet floor mount. Should give me enough head space at 6'3". I don't know that specific seat, just make sure it is narrow enough, there are a couple of good threads at the corvette forums that show seats that fit well. Steering wheel: Sparco R383. Factory steering wheel is too big. True dat. Coolers: Need to look into all the necessary coolers (coolant, trans, engine, diff, brakes). Any suggessions? Doug Rippie oil cooler kit, brake duct coolers, and transmission/diff cooler kit. Ron Davis radiator. You will never worry about cooling issues again. LG also has a full suite of cooling options that are a little less than the DRM stuff, worth a look for sure. Oil Pan: Not sure if a baffeled oil pan is necessary for 100-200 TW tires. Not sure but it couldn't hurt but you have the "Batwing" pan, and it's pretty solid from the factory. Check out Improved Racing for parts. Additional: I've been reading that its highly recommended to upgrade the valve springs as they're known to crack and drop in the cylinder. This *IIRC* is for the C6 Z06 LS7, you shouldn't have this issue. This "honest chance" its going to be a pretty expensive one, but I'm thinking if I can have it decently setup, I can atleast hold back the urge to sell this for another toy. If there are any other parts you would recommend, please share. You'll want an AP Racing brake kit or something as well. That square set-up with sticky tires are going to blow the OEM brakes pretty quick.
  8. I don't think they typically do, but there were flash flood warnings and tons of lightening. If there is lightening I know they pull cars off the track, so I guess it was decided to just pull the plug.
  9. Well, that got rained out and rescheduled for May 22nd. Hopefully things get all dried out by then.
  10. Buy it Kevin. It's a year newer, low miles, well maintained, etc... I would get it but no warranty?!?! Hard Pass.
  11. After watching the video of how he told his side of the story on blowing through maybe 1 yellow at 50mph or less my skepticism grows large in how involved that instructor was when he crashed his Lotus.
  12. I just signed up for this. I went Intermediate since I'll be on all-seasons and OEM pads. Hopefully I don't completely fry them.
  13. I thought everyone was a winner and got a trophy in Hippyville?
  14. Although the car is bigger, there are limitations in a Corvette, especially a C5 if you are keeping the factory belts. The thread BigMonkey posted is a great resource. This is THE seat mount you want; https://amtmotorsport.com/products/corvette-utralow-seat-mount
  15. I thought Camaro's just threw an endless supply of boat anchors out of the window to slow down?? 🤗
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