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  1. I'm sure there is someone at Mazda South that could help you get that VIN cleared from the database.
  2. I would give Boost Logic a call.
  3. https://www.thedrive.com/news/32502/nows-your-chance-to-keep-the-iconic-cheetah-muscle-car-alive
  4. https://www.thedrive.com/news/32486/c8-corvette-vs-c7-corvette-zr1-side-by-side-laps-show-mid-engine-pros-and-cons Interesting... and orange over tan? yuck. orange is great, tan is great, but not together.
  5. Yeah I saw that thread on FB, it takes all kinds I guess. I found the road he was on. Used google maps to measure distance and used the timestamps. My calculations came a bit under the indicated but close enough with the quick and dirty tools I used. But the gear indicator is still incorrect ?
  6. In the video your AIM data doesn't seem correct. The gear he is in isn't correct (it's off by 1 for the most part) and he shows a peak of almost 8k RPM isn't fuel cut-off around 7250 or something? Is the data overlay using GPS for speed or gear/rpm calculation for speed? Just doesn't seem quite like over 100mph.
  7. A Genesis Coupe 3.8 could be a good option to look into. Get the 2nd generation with more power and a bit more refinement. V6 has good power, lots of support, and tires won't kill you like a V8 car. And the V6 is a workhorse.
  8. Follwing. I've been waiting for the Rocketeer Swap guys to get the NC done and move to the RX8. I didn't realize an LFX swap was so "cheap".
  9. I dailyed on Conti ECS which has a similar disclaimer. It was fine, it doesn't get that cold here. Just know that under 40 the grip just isn't there anymore and be a bit more cautious.
  10. jared

    Goals 2020

    I currently have no trackable vehicle. Goal: Get one!
  11. 1: Didn't happen 2: Accomplished 3: Accomplished 4: Accomplished 5: Failure ?
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