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  1. @lobster, what's next for the car? It looks very well adorned with aero bits. That rear diffuser looks legit!
  2. Thanks all for clearing the air on all that. Thanks for the update. Sounds like TMS should/will do better in the future. It's great to hear the NASA folks were responsive in making every effort behind the scenes to find a remedy for the timing loop issue. Congrats @lobster on the win, it must have been fun to stretch the legs on the Corvette. I'm sure others had a different experience and feelings about the weekend though.
  3. I was not there, but did here about the woes of the weekend. Seems the event was poorly managed/executed by TMS and NASA with respect to the TT and DE groups. The blame falling in parts on TMS and NASA. There was no live timing on Saturday for TT, I would have hoped the timing loop was tested during the Friday test and tune on the infield. Maybe it was, and crapped out on Saturday as per Murphy's law. No problem with TMS making a call in the name of safety on Sunday, but certainly hope something was learned from that regarding track (infield) prep. The short of it (as a TT competitor), there was no timing and therefore no competition for the whole event. Like @robertcopesaid, the entry fees are often less that the car prep, travel, lodging, and food expense of making the trip. But I'm interested to see if NASA does anything to make it up to the entrants whose weekend was a total bust. Oh, yeah, and pouring one out for an S2000 homie.... 😞
  4. GoodLord!!! Y'all have to be catching air over some of those bumps! I've never been, but don't think I want to based on these videos.
  5. Arro

    Penis extension car

    I love yankees tavern!!!! awesome burgers! the wife and I frequented there when we were on the 2-wheeler.
  6. It was a scorcher, but I had a great day!!! Probably one of the best track days I've had. After taking about 7 months off from the track, Saturday was a good reminder about why i love this hobby so much. The car drove like a dream and had a great time running with friends. @Shuka, @Spiderxvpbiking, and @sarenar helped me diagnose a dead alternator that ended my day early, so thanks y'all! I managed to get the 2 morning sessions in and was fine just instructing during the heat of the day.
  7. Arro


    Looks like you're on the right track for a fairly stock car. the only thing that might need upgrading (eventually as you improve) are the brake pads. I'm not familiar with these pads, but they should be OK for novice abuse. Since the car is not street driven, full-on track pads shouldn't be out of the question. There are several brake pad threads on this forum so you can search to find more info about what people are using. I've used Carbotech and switched to hawk, I've also heard good things about Raybestos.
  8. Arro


    Welcome from a fellow S2000 owner. there are many of us on this board and are always happy to give pointers regarding car setup and track hacks 😉
  9. I'm glad you found what you needed. i bought a similarly setup trailer. it's nice when someone's already done the customization to make it an awesome track hauler.
  10. Congrats!!!! Looks like a nice driver!
  11. I've seen them attached out back to tow hooks or random under car parts under the trunk area. You could probably make yourself a customer bracket back there. Remember it doesn't have to be on the front of the car. it just has to register the timing line in the track.
  12. She's a beauty! Seems setup really well. Be safe and patient giving yourself time to learn the car and the track you're running. It doesn't take long to go from Hero to Zero on the track.
  13. In addition to what has already been shared, depending on the ground clearance of your Vette, you may also want to budget/consider ramps in addition to the built in trailer ramps. Race ramps are convenient, lightweight, one piece, but $$$$. I made my own wooden ramps (Pic 3 attached shows them on the ground) from 2x8" I had laying around- they are heavy-ish but $. My car with the splitter will not go up the built-in ramps without rubbing and bending the splitter. Also, look for a trailer with good D-rings strapping you car down. Also, consider how the car should properly be strapped down. There are infinite opinions on this matter and it varies by car as well. Another comment on length for you.... Hastarock mentioned 20", and I agree this would be the ideal length for you. As an example, I have my s2000 on an 18" deck with about 1 foot between the front of my splitter and the homemade tire rack. The Corvette is pretty much a 50/50 weight distribution so I don't think you could cheat it further back like a front heavy car to gain more room. As it is, the googlewebs say the corvette is about 12" longer than the S2000 anyways. @lobster trailers his Vette on an open trailer IIRC. He'd be a good resource for some tips.
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