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  1. Arro


    Welcome from a fellow S2000 owner. there are many of us on this board and are always happy to give pointers regarding car setup and track hacks 😉
  2. I'm glad you found what you needed. i bought a similarly setup trailer. it's nice when someone's already done the customization to make it an awesome track hauler.
  3. Congrats!!!! Looks like a nice driver!
  4. I've seen them attached out back to tow hooks or random under car parts under the trunk area. You could probably make yourself a customer bracket back there. Remember it doesn't have to be on the front of the car. it just has to register the timing line in the track.
  5. She's a beauty! Seems setup really well. Be safe and patient giving yourself time to learn the car and the track you're running. It doesn't take long to go from Hero to Zero on the track.
  6. In addition to what has already been shared, depending on the ground clearance of your Vette, you may also want to budget/consider ramps in addition to the built in trailer ramps. Race ramps are convenient, lightweight, one piece, but $$$$. I made my own wooden ramps (Pic 3 attached shows them on the ground) from 2x8" I had laying around- they are heavy-ish but $. My car with the splitter will not go up the built-in ramps without rubbing and bending the splitter. Also, look for a trailer with good D-rings strapping you car down. Also, consider how the car should properly be strapped down. There are infinite opinions on this matter and it varies by car as well. Another comment on length for you.... Hastarock mentioned 20", and I agree this would be the ideal length for you. As an example, I have my s2000 on an 18" deck with about 1 foot between the front of my splitter and the homemade tire rack. The Corvette is pretty much a 50/50 weight distribution so I don't think you could cheat it further back like a front heavy car to gain more room. As it is, the googlewebs say the corvette is about 12" longer than the S2000 anyways. @lobster trailers his Vette on an open trailer IIRC. He'd be a good resource for some tips.
  7. Lower turnout probably had to do with higher registration fees for running at COTA. Generally, the smaller tracks have a better turnout due to less expensive registration. Don't worry, Hallet is in Oklahoma not Kansas. It's practically down the street! The weak beer is real, as well as the weak gas - max octane at the pump is 91.
  8. Yes. I had a last minute business trip. Drive well!
  9. Ouch, but I'm glad you're ok. One question, what camera setup is that? Seems like it's on a gyroscope or something. Looks like it stays level despite the car's body roll.
  10. Maybe I can borrow one of @robertcope's (Honda) rides since he won't be using them that day!!!! j/k, LOL! The only "fun" car I have is on a trailer and doesn't see public roads. I may have to bring out the SH-AWD for this trip.
  11. as of now, there are 34 solo driver spots open. Just send your driving resume to the event organizer. you probably have a week or 2 before it fills up, if it does at all.
  12. Thanks for the update! Sounds like you have a lot going on! Best wishes on a speedy recovery! Nice to see you back in the garage.
  13. I know we've covered pads for our racecars, but I haven't seen anything regarding the tow pigs. I was wondering what everyone uses for brake pads on their tow vehicles and I'm looking for suggestions. Also, my rotors are warped a little and have been grooved since the truck was almost new. Are the rotors worth machining? A quick check showed new front rotors @ ~$90 and new rear rotors @ ~$110 My tow vehicle: 2016 Ford F150 SuperCrew 4x2 3.5EcoBoost with Max tow package. My fully loaded trailer (with car) is about 5000 lbs. So....pads and rotors....go!
  14. NASA practice!!!!
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