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  1. Come on out Allan and get some warm up karting in.
  2. I'll use my body for laser tag. Lol
  3. Can I laser tag while you guys kart?
  4. You still owe me a 9sec car. No rush though, thanks.
  5. Are y'all planning to take over the land and people in OK or just driving through it to run Hallett?
  6. DTP525

    My STU S2000

    I wonder who Sam is referring to? He mentioned AP1.
  7. Who was the photog for this event and do they have a website?
  8. DTP525


    I used to have my visor up while driving but ever since a rock hit my windshield when behind a car at TWS straight, I've put my visor down ever since.
  9. Too many zeroes in those figures, lol. I also noticed this is for DE1 rental. If so, I agree with the Enterprise route.
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