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  1. Thanks @@robertcope. @@z28pwr, I do all the work on my cars as Robert mentioned so the only shop that I've heard of that's somewhat reputable is Turner's Garage (Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Turners-Garage-776548485723504 ) Turner's Garage 15451 Bulverde Rd San Antonio, TX 78247 (210) 900-8615
  2. I just pinned myself in San Antonio, TX and accidentally made a duplicate when I thought I was adding a photo.
  3. Cool, thanks everyone. I think it'll be a while before I can make it back to TWS to visit the VRO shop. I've been meaning to check out the Simpson shop in NB.
  4. Hey all, When I started autocross 5 years ago, I purchased a SNELL M2005 helmet because I thought I would eventually get a motorcycle at the time. I now don't foresee myself purchasing a motorcycle in this state full of idiotic drivers so I was wondering what differences there are between Motorcycle and Road Racing helmets if I want to switch over to just a Road Racing helmet?
  5. Wheels are paid for. Pickup pending. =)
  6. First post updated. I found out they're +36 offset, not +40. =)
  7. Fair enough, I thought I had "obo" next to the price like my other threads but I guess not, first post edited. Thanks all. They do rub (only slightly) at full lock in a parking lot but I have had no issues on the track with them. Double O, do you have any friends in your part of town looking for NT01s that you can sell to?
  8. Still for sale. Is the market saturated with 6UL wheels?
  9. Ugh, fucking thieves. That sucks to hear that 3 of the stolen S2000s were from TJ Family. I can never stress enough how much S2000s need to be stored in garages if you own one. I know how you feel man, I used to have a 2000 Integra GS-R that was stolen from me, stripped within 24 hours, and dumped downtown. Fucking hate thieves.
  10. SOLD! I'm making a separate thread for these apart from my other part-out thread; the ad got washed out with so many pics. 949Racing 6UL wheels. Excellent condition! Photos don't do them justice. 15x9 +36 offset 4x100 bolt pattern Gen 1. Gloss black with machined lip. Rare color combo. Nitto NT01 225/45/15 tires good for a couple more track weekends. $800. I can deliver to Austin/Houston or meet you halfway if you pay for fuel. I'll get some DSLR photos later. Flash: That's just dust/dirt on the tires:
  11. Specs on trailer? (weight, length, etc) How much are you wanting? I just picked up a trailer but I'm curious on specs and price. Clean car, sad to see it being sold. GLWS!
  12. Whoops! I just drove through Katy, TX yesterday hauling a new-to-me trailer. d'oh!
  13. Hey all, I'm making a trip to Charlotte, NC starting tomorrow and will be back Sunday. I'll be passing through Houston on Friday (July 19th) probably around 10-11am. I don't have much time to stop then but I will be passing back through on Sunday (July 21st) at an unknown time but most likely 7-9pm. This means I can bring the 15x9 6UL wheels at no charge to you for shipping. If you're in Houston and interested please let me know ASAP so that I can take the wheels with me tomorrow. I haven't gotten any bites yet on the Charlotte SCCA boards.
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