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  1. Honestly, cost and attendance. All the Advanced people wait until last week or two and these events are breakeven at best. Frankly if the 3.1 is desired, we need to see engagement from the participants. Hell I would like to have it to drive as I am running it. I tried doing the early sign up incentive and it got us to break even. Until we can get the participant following, it is prohibitive to get the 3.1 for a small org like ours. If you have any solid ideas, I would like to discuss the, as I really want the 3.1 to be a fixture for Apex and our drivers. [email protected]
  2. Temps should be good and we have a day to play hooky or be (cough, cough) sick. Come on out and join us as we run one direction in the am and the other direction in the pm. As usual we will have small run groups so everyone has space and lots of track time. Sign up link
  3. See you on Sat am. Coaching/Instructing/ Leading/ Self Preserving
  4. Good luck with Ethan at Trackstar on getting that sweet K motor running top notch.
  5. Yes, but a basically open day on the 3.1 is worth it. Come on out, As BobKid said we have a smaller group so we should have a ton of free time.
  6. Reminder to all to sign up for the 3.1. Why do this? Let me count the ways Saturday-one day event Cheap Tons of track time relative to any other one day event at any track Best configuration available as of the date
  7. Tough weekend all around. But Will and team did a real stand-up job to make sure it was as good as could have been expected under the circumstances. The communication and contingency planning was first rate with what they had to deal with from information on the TMS side. I think TMS is used to IndyCar and NASCAR and having an organized smaller organization is kind of new to them. Next year we return for a more pleasant event.
  8. I was planning on parking in an RV spot (near the homeies)but not hooking up. Chase if you can get which ones are assigned, it will help us not park in someone's spot.
  9. In my enclosed I bolted down some 2x12s and that pulls me above the fender. same concept should hold for an open trailer.
  10. Trying to clean up the garage. Make me an offer.
  11. Robert, If you sell it to a TJ I have an APR GTC200 for sale that would be the perfect finish. I will cut the price to 450 if they buy it with your car.
  12. Ordered up a nice cool day with reasonable cloud cover and no chance of the 4 letter word (to see if it is delivered??). Looking forward to getting out and stretching the legs a bit after a pent up summer.
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