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  1. If you see another, please give me a heads up. Thanks for keeping me in mind.
  2. If anyone knows of an aluminum open (18 or 20) being sold at less than 5000, please point them my direction. I should be able to provide some track time compensation at MSRC on an APEX day.
  3. Planning being there around 2 this afternoon. Swing by and say hello.
  4. Looks like registration is only open for 5 days
  5. In. Look forward to playing catch up
  6. There in TT and running the 1 and 2 group.
  7. Great weather for this weekend and registration closes this afternoon. I have 3 Advanced spots left.
  8. Event is open for registration and looking forward to seeing you there. Use this as shakedown for NASA 1.7.
  9. 19 foot V nose trailer, perfect for towing behind a pickup or SUV. I tow with an RV and don't need the V nose, enclosed and want to lighten the tow load. Solid trailer with 2 3500# axles, like new tires. It will be perfect for anyone who wants to move up to an enclosed. Looking for 18-20' aluminum open trailer. Will discuss trade and cash either direction based on condition. Peter [email protected]
  10. Registration is open. It is Texas, bit chilly but should be awesome driving conditions. Come on out and get a 2 day event worth of driving in 1 day and enjoy the rest of the weekend. http://msreg.com/JAN-11-2020
  11. pmptx

    Apex 1.7 CW MSRC

    APEX DRIVING ACADEMY HPDE on 1.7 mi CW on DEC 5 Apex Driving Academy Saturday, December 5, 2020 Motorsport Ranch - Cresson, Cresson, TX Registration opens on October 20, 2020 8:00 AM CDT Registration at http://msreg.com/DEC-05-2020 Registration Fees: Novice $250 Intermediate $235 Advanced $210 Instructor $0
  12. APEX DRIVING ACADEMY HPDE Fri1.7mi 2way on NOV13 Apex Driving Academy Friday, November 13, 2020 Motorsport Ranch - Cresson, Cresson, TX Registration opens on September 29, 2020 8:00 AM CDT Registration at http://msreg.com/NOV-13-2020-2WAY-FRI Registration Fees for this SPECIAL EVENT PAYMENT IS PROCESSED ONLY AFTER WE HAVE REVIEWED YOUR REGISTRATION. Intermediate $230 Advanced $230 Note: This event is for Intermediate (Solo Certified) and Advanced drivers only NO Novice Drivers at this event
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