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  1. Robert, If you sell it to a TJ I have an APR GTC200 for sale that would be the perfect finish. I will cut the price to 450 if they buy it with your car.
  2. Ordered up a nice cool day with reasonable cloud cover and no chance of the 4 letter word (to see if it is delivered??). Looking forward to getting out and stretching the legs a bit after a pent up summer.
  3. Good luck with the sale. I have an APR GTC200 with risers for sale to whomever buys this to help the setup for track.
  4. We have the whole track. All Apex solo folks, come on out and playyyyyyy. If you are solo with another organization send me the following so our CDI can get you approved. [email protected] Prior experience Track and configuration Organization Level Driven Date event See you out for some fun at the track
  5. Game On. Reg at 745-800 and track hot at 830. Entry available until 3pm today. Come on out and join us. Should be loads of track time.
  6. That BRZ guy is shady... 🙂 if Sam decides no, i am in line.
  7. pmptx

    TNIA on 6/4

    Are you doing the June 3 Apex Wack 2 way? If not it should be much more open track time and a bit more experienced crowd.
  8. Price is right for a Miata or S2000 person setting up a track car. Make me an offer.
  9. Will be there. RV spot is already locked in. I feel the AC now
  10. Last event before summer break. Come on and sign up before it gets way too hot.
  11. pmptx

    Apex 1.7 CW MSRC

    Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. Link for registration and information Apex June 22 event http://www.motorsportreg.com/events/apex-driving-academy-hpde-on-1-7-mi-cw-jun-22-motorsport-ranch-cresson-049363
  12. Pricing back to normal on Wednesday. Get in today or tomorrow to save.
  13. 1 week left to get early bird pricing. That 25 is a good part of a tank of gas. Come on and sign up
  14. APEX DRIVING ACADEMY HPDE Mon1.7mi 2way on JUN 3 Early Bird Rate $205 valid from 4/9/19-4/30/19 NOTE: EARLY BIRD RATE WILL BE APPLIED AT TIME OF PAYMENT PROCESSING. Apex Driving Academy Monday, June 3, 2019 Motorsport Ranch - Cresson, Cresson, TX Registration ends in 2 months on June 1, 2019 2:59 PM CDT Registration Fees for this SPECIAL EVENT Early Bird Rate $205 valid from 4/9/19-4/30/19 NOTE: EARLY BIRD RATE WILL BE APPLIED AT TIME OF PAYMENT PROCESSING. PAYMENT IS PROCESSED ONLY AFTER WE HAVE REVIEWED YOUR REGISTRATION. Intermediate $230 Advanced $230 Note: This event is for Intermediate (Solo Certified) and Advanced drivers only NO Novice Drivers at this event
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