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  1. Have 5 Advanced spots left. Come on and get em before they are gone. 2 weeks and counting
  2. Price dropped to 550. Will look at any offers. Come on Miata and S2000 owners
  3. Jack got a toy and wants to play. Good on him for bringing it to the rest of the MSRC group. Sounds like fun if you have the right toys.
  4. Should be a great time
  5. When you sign up let me know you want an instructor and it is done. They will stay with you until they "solo" you. Come on out
  6. Few spots open in Intermediate and some in Advanced. Who's in? Will be there doing Novice classroom
  7. In coaching and driving. Hopefully will have the party wagon to stay the weekend.
  8. Got a different wing. GT250. Friend sold it to me for a great price, so no need for this wing-which is in great shape
  9. Coming up on NASA starting next month. This is a great price for a Miata or S2k to get a ready to go wing.
  10. She wasn't more than 105....
  11. Guessing this was Keith, or is it someone else in his SR8? Went to the native vid and yup, KV.
  12. Price Reduced. Come and get this deal for a solid wing
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