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  1. If you see another, please give me a heads up. Thanks for keeping me in mind.
  2. If anyone knows of an aluminum open (18 or 20) being sold at less than 5000, please point them my direction. I should be able to provide some track time compensation at MSRC on an APEX day.
  3. Planning being there around 2 this afternoon. Swing by and say hello.
  4. Looks like registration is only open for 5 days
  5. In. Look forward to playing catch up
  6. There in TT and running the 1 and 2 group.
  7. Great weather for this weekend and registration closes this afternoon. I have 3 Advanced spots left.
  8. Event is open for registration and looking forward to seeing you there. Use this as shakedown for NASA 1.7.
  9. 19 foot V nose trailer, perfect for towing behind a pickup or SUV. I tow with an RV and don't need the V nose, enclosed and want to lighten the tow load. Solid trailer with 2 3500# axles, like new tires. It will be perfect for anyone who wants to move up to an enclosed. Looking for 18-20' aluminum open trailer. Will discuss trade and cash either direction based on condition. Peter [email protected]
  10. Registration is open. It is Texas, bit chilly but should be awesome driving conditions. Come on out and get a 2 day event worth of driving in 1 day and enjoy the rest of the weekend. http://msreg.com/JAN-11-2020
  11. Honestly, cost and attendance. All the Advanced people wait until last week or two and these events are breakeven at best. Frankly if the 3.1 is desired, we need to see engagement from the participants. Hell I would like to have it to drive as I am running it. I tried doing the early sign up incentive and it got us to break even. Until we can get the participant following, it is prohibitive to get the 3.1 for a small org like ours. If you have any solid ideas, I would like to discuss the, as I really want the 3.1 to be a fixture for Apex and our drivers. [email protected]
  12. Temps should be good and we have a day to play hooky or be (cough, cough) sick. Come on out and join us as we run one direction in the am and the other direction in the pm. As usual we will have small run groups so everyone has space and lots of track time. Sign up link
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