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  1. I did look over the car at SEMA, for what that is worth.... There were actual suspension components and brake calipers on it. You could tell some body parts were a little rough, like the molds were not quite right yet and they had to be fettled a bit.
  2. BUT!!!, but, but, but.... You have the Atom! No race class I guess ?
  3. What are y'alls thoughts on the Rush Auto Works SR-1? I stumbled across the booth at SEMA the other day and got to chat with the owner, David Hosie about them. Looks like a ton of fun to me... and they have a race series worked out with NASA. Houston based company, simple light car... what could possibly be a problem? Have any of you ordered one already? Just curious about the "buzz" on it.
  4. I am in a similar situation as the OP. Too tall and thin. Some have reported that the Alpinestars brand runs a little slimmer, but at 6'4" and 200 lbs the sizing chart puts me in a XXL. That waist is going to be WAY too big. The best route for me might just be getting that size and having a tailor fit the middle to me. Have any of you gone this route?
  5. I'll be there... First track event in... uh...well, since I can remember. Hope I can still tell right from left and apex from a-hole. May not even bring my car since I have no tires (shopping for sticky tires two days before an event is pointless). Still, should be good to get back on the track.
  6. Recently read this one... The Aviators: Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh, and the Epic Age of Flight It is a great read! Obviously, more aviation related than cars, but it does talk a lot about one of the greatest race car drivers America ever produced, Eddie Rickenbacker. Check it out.
  7. Always lots of interesting discussion here! This group is the best track information source anywhere with lots of sober analysis and data. Found out basically what I expected on the films... they might be a good option for some people/situations/cars, whatever. I'll keep some around, and will put it on my car, mostly because Lotus windshields can be hard to find. I also usually have my visor up for ventilation... but also for sound. My car is not terribly loud and I like to hear the tire feedback and engine better. I always have on good poly-carbonate sunglasses, but those videos have
  8. Thanks for the reply Matt! Yes, that is pretty much what I was thinking about the product application. I have heard that Mini Cooper windshields tend to get broken a lot more often than some, but again, how much could those cost to replace? Maybe the guys club racing in a Porsche would have a more costly windshield, but I have not seen it on their cars either.
  9. Do serious track guys or club racers use any windshield protection film? Like this stuff: www.braygroup.com or www.clearplex.com We actually install the Clearplex product at my shop, but I have been told that some race cars use the Bray stuff. I know dedicated race cars have lexan windshields, but sometimes use a protective film anyway. In my years of hanging around the track, I do not think I have ever seen it on a car so I am curious if any of you are familiar with it. Thanks
  10. Had the pleasure of getting in on a private rental at TWS one time. One cool thing was just being able to go different directions each "session". I guess you could still do that... although they may not be running it CW anymore.
  11. Sorry I am slow on this.... Our shop is at: 3800 Main Street, suite 104 The Colony, TX 75056 972-639-5815 We have been doing a lot of paint protection film this past week.
  12. Status update! I opened my Tint World in The Colony a week ago. It has been a long road to get here and a lot of work. The real work starts now, but we are having fun. It is really cool to be able to involve your family in the business. I sure do miss the track, and many of you, but hopefully I'll be back in a few months. The response has been pretty good, although we are now ready for a lot more business. I have a very good, experienced team. These guys have been doing automotive 12 volt work and tinting cars for 20+ years. They have great reputations in the industry and we are
  13. Hey Brad, I know the guys at Tint World right there in Grapevine. They do good a quality job and will work with you. Rodney is the owner, talk to him and tell him I sent you.
  14. The problem with that video is that I want a Ford GT even worse after watching it, and still cannot afford one. Maybe if I watch it again.... Yes, wing at that angle HAS to be for an active air brake. I would like to see how that feels. I believe the Veyron wing generates almost as much stopping power as the brakes when it does that trick.
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