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  1. And finally, it has shipped!
  2. Santa came through: ACE350 + Delicious Tune ordered from CSG :D
  3. I LOVE me some AC in Texas. And yes, car is a DD first. I want maximize street enjoyment while having a car that won't hurt itslef at the track. Really want that torque dip outta here for DD enjoyment. For the track, I'm gonna start with oil cooler, camber bolts, stickier tires, fluids, pads.
  4. I would assume any heat issues would be on the street in stop and go traffic. Guessing there is plenty of airflow at the track to keep things cool during a lapping session. But in 110 degree heat in stop and go traffic... That's when heat really builds. With that in mind, I would want the ceramic coating for that situation. Thoughts? Basically trying to decide between the Tomei and FT86Speedfactory catless headers. Ideally I'd like the ECUtek/Delicious combo... But may save $ and go OFT so I can afford an oil cooler, tires, pads, fluids...
  5. I think I'd opt for a new header over gutting the stock cat. I'd like to not go crazy with the budget, but I don't have to cut all the corners. I'll acquire good parts over time, but maybe not a $1700 header (as awesome as it looks). For the header, does it being ceramic coated matter? I've been looking at the Tomei catless header as I haven't seen the Gruppe S in stock anywhere. The FT86SpeedFactory catless header with ceramic coating is $250 more than the Tomei... On the tune, if you do ECUtek from Delicious (only mod being catless header), is it an off the shelf tune or do they do back and forth revisions to dial it in? I'm unclear on that... Wondering if the car is just going to be N/A with just a header if the ECUtek is worth the $? Thanks again guys, y'all have been awesome help.
  6. Thanks for the link... I can't swing $2k for the header and tune right now... I was originally trying to do a budget build... Thoughts on the FT86Speedfactory UEL catted header? The Dyno with no tune looks a lot better than the stock torque dip (though not as good as the tuned ACE obviously). At $1100, that catted header saves big $ and allows me to get a tune down the road to defer some cost. I have seen some mixed comments about intermittent CEL on the catted header...
  7. Ya, I really want the header/tune for daily work. That's a good point re used market. My original goal was to keep this car simple and on a tight budget. Just a car to do some occasional track days for fun. I may need to rein myself in a bit :). Gruppe-s and a tune is probably the more reasonable way to proceed. Add some PS4 tires, pads, fluid, camber bolts, and oil cooler and call it a day with a simple build that I can have some track fun with.
  8. I agree with that. I almost bought crap suspension for my Miata so many times. Held out and got the Xida (made by AST). They were by far my favorite thing I ever did to that car. Do it once and do it right.
  9. Ok, just read CSG's post re the ACE350 test. Seems like that's THE header to get, but you gotta pay for it... $1885 includes the header and the tune, but I still need the $595 tuner/cable bundle right? So $2480 for everything... On the other side of the fence is a $720 Tomei UEL (with gaskets and O2 plug) with a $500 OFT? So $1260 difference... That's a lot of car parts... But that ACE torque curve looks so good...
  10. Thanks mkarr For the ECUtek, is there a local tuner for DFW or are the off the shelf tunes for just a header good to go? As far as power mods, the only thing I want to do is the header and tune to kill the trq dip for DD (maybe an Axel back for some volume). I don't see myself spending money on the over pipe etc. I'd rather spend it on tires, pads, oil cooler etc...
  11. Oh, and on the headers: do I want catted or catless? If it is catless, you have to get a tune correct? Any issue with emissions in Dallas county with that cat removed? Thanks again.
  12. FT86SpeedFactory sells a Jackson Racing upgraded radiator/oil cooler in one: https://www.ft86speedfactory.com/jackson-racing-dual-radiator-oil-cooler-v2-2013-ft86.html#.W_iGCoFKhKs Any thoughts/comments on this? Jackson made good stuff for the miata IIRC... If I'm pulling the bumper to do an oil cooler, this seems like more bang for your buck right?
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