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  1. KTM 790 Adventure. Decided that I couldn't wait any longer to get back into motorcycles. This one will allow me to do some light off-roading.
  2. I really like this car! If only I hadn't bought a motorcycle. GLWS!
  3. How about your NSX instead? 😁
  4. Removed from TJ. Will be on BAT soon.
  5. Robert, that car has only 1200 miles and is bone stock, mine's on the other end of the scale. I see someone has already bid high on the opening day!
  6. I'm not sure what mine will bring. I've had it since new and took very good care of it but I used it to the fullest extent too. DD, track car, bicycle hauler, even towed my little kart trailer with it! It's getting close to 63k miles and still runs like new but it's been modded with adjustable coilovers, StopTech BBK, FMIC, bigger oil cooler, pan baffle, Cobb tune, and a bunch of other things to help it handle, brake and run better. I'm also including a complete track wheel/tire set plus two extra wheels, track pads and Schroth harnesses. The fact that I modded it will likely turn off most buyers, but I don't think that it will fair much better if I return it to stock since a lot of buyers are looking for an unmolested car. The target buyer is going to be the one that wants a very comfortable, sweet driving hot rod that they can take to the track by swapping wheels, pads and making some easy suspension adjustments. Good advice on the PPI, I'll do that. Blackstone analysis is in the works too though my N54 motor was not usually affected since it has no power above 6500 rpm. Maybe I'll try listing it here for a short time but I want to sell it by mid-May to make room for a new toy.
  7. Hey Rev, thanks for the remarks on the BAT process. I was watching the auction periodically and also noticed that they had listed some competing cars, kind of a bummer but I think you got a good price anyway. I was wondering how they handled the bids at the close of bidding. I know on Ebay I've used a program that would submit last second bids automatically for me, up to a preset limit. Prior to using that I would always lose. I know you said that you had to remove your other sales postings but did they allow you to post a link or notice of your BaT auction? I hope to list mine pretty soon, but I'm a bit leery as to what it'll bring, as even though I pampered it, I've heartily enjoyed it on the street and track. The mods I'm not willing to remove and sell separately will probably reduce the number of buyers as well.
  8. Congrats on the sale and the comments on the selling process.
  9. I read (before you deleted your sales listing) that you finally listed this on BAT. GLWS and I'd be interested in hearing what you thought of the process. I'll be listing my 1M soon and unless I get some bites on some of the BMW forums, it too will go the BAT route.
  10. Define shiteload. Just had some torn panels replaced in my wife’s 4Runner seat for $400 and it was a real easy 1/2 day job. It was the middle of three bids. Try searching some car forums for shops to get a bigger pool.
  11. Swift springs, F: 6" 60mm 392# w/ helpers / R: 9" 60mm 672#. These are a perfect compromise for a street oriented car. To the OP: Can't you run a linear spring from Hypercoil or Swift with a different camber plate?
  12. Since you have the coilovers already your choices on springs is almost unlimited, this should be a relatively cheap upgrade. Talk to someone at BimmerWorld or KW about spring rates for your usage. Going back to your original question about antiroll bars the hot setup for E9x M3's and the 1M was actually to keep the stock rear and go with the larger front bar from the E93 M3 or the aftermarket. Kind of counter intuitive but it had to do with way the McPherson struts react to roll stiffness. I went with the MCS 1-ways since my car is a daily driver, and they have been excellent. Same or better ride quality as the stock M units at low settings and they have the capability of being upgraded to 2-way.
  13. I had a 2007 E90 335i for about a year before trading it for my 1M. I did the whole suspension upgrade thing that you are considering (camber plates, M3 front and rear control arms, M3 subframe bushings and M3 F&R antiroll bars. I even put in a Quaife diff. Afterward the car remained very balanced but there was not a dramatic improvement in handling. What I found out immediately when I bought the 1M is that I should have worked on upgrading the springs and shocks first. The stock spring and damping rates are woefully inadequate for really spirted driving, not to mention track use. Make the changes that will make the most difference first, then work on fine tuning it if needed. My suggestion would be to go for a stiffer shocks and springs (rates depending on how comfortable you want it on the street), camber plates and the front tension rods. Forget the other stuff for now including the diff, as it will only add minor amounts of performance. Side note: when I sold my E90 I put it back to stock which meant re-installing the rear bar, what a pain! Also, someone ended up with Quaife equipped E90.
  14. Thanks for the seat drop numbers. I don't think the sunroof is a viable option, more of a last ditch effort. We really want to work on lowering the position first and I think 1" will be enough. So if we can find a manual sport seat it'll need recovering, either due to condition or color. Any suggestions for an upholsterer in Austin?
  15. My son recently purchased a 2002 330ci in great shape with only 54,000 miles. The only problem is the lack of headroom is causing his hair to touch the headliner unless he reclines back more than he prefers. The car has a sunroof which probably takes up a 1/2” and electric sport seats which I think sit higher than the manual seats. This is a daily driver, non-track car so removing the sunroof is a non-starter. Here are the options as we see it: Talk to an upholsterer and see if some cushioning can be removed from the seat bottom but how much can be reasonably taken out? Find used OEM manual sport seats on eBay (I see only one now) and have it recovered, $$. How much extra room will manual seats give? Aftermarket sport seat on sliders, $$$. Who in the Austin area does nice upholstery work? Is there another solution?
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