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  1. I too was disappointed by only 3 sessions per day. On Friday, we were told that we'd be getting more track time than previous 4-session days. The sessions were exactly 25 minutes. How long were they with 4 sessions? I also have to agree that the lack of a consistent stagger among the run groups was weird. I was lucky in that my sessions were close together; but the A+ group got screwed with the gaps. Track was great. I even enjoyed driving the track in the rain on Friday. Only casualty was a front sway-bar mount that broke on the 2nd-to-last lap of my last session on Saturday. I th
  2. I just did a few sessions over the weekend and am having trouble finding the best way to deal with the bumps/dips at 2 and 6. For 2, I've tried hitting the rumble strip and I've also tried taking late turn-in missing the apex by a car width. I just can't seem to find anything that feels right. For 6, I'm late-apexing, straightening out the wheel and lifting just before the bump and hammering the throttle as soon as I feel the car weighted. Any other ideas? Thanks, Edward PS: I'm in a Mustang with Koni's, springs and sways.
  3. Thanks. I'm most likely going to be in my S197 Mustang. Though, I've really been considering taking my Lightning out. I love the idea of taking a truck on an F1 track. The only thing that gives me pause is the heavy braking. Even though, I've tracked my truck around several Texas tracks, I don't think any braking zone will compare to T12. Slowing down a 5000lb truck from ~130 seems kind of rough. I could always try a drag chute or a boat anchor. :)
  4. I've been getting tech'd at the Firestone on William Cannon near Brodie. Ask for Charles. -Edward
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