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  1. Cleaning out the garage. Buddy Club AP2 passenger seat rails. Never opened $50 Drivers lower race seat rails. Used $20 Two engine splash trays. Never used $20 Will be at MSRH for the SCCA labor day race.
  2. AIM MXM track dash for sale. Used for a couple races, then upgraded to an MXL. $950 located in NW Austin.
  3. Travis is trying to do a 1st test day in his spec MX-5. Want to do it on ECR if a member will add us as a guest this Sunday 1/3. Can reciprocate at H2R. Thanks! Stan
  4. Set of 4 Enkei RPF1 5x114 17x8 35 offset. No curb rash. A couple have some rubber staining. Tires are dead and need to be trashed. $650 Picked up in NW Austin.
  5. New in the box set of Cobalt Friction XR3 pads. Also have a set of rear XR3 that will be include. $100 picked up in Austin.
  6. Looking for and Austin muffler shop recommendations to weld a Cat and O2 bung into a midpipe.
  7. Thrustmaster T150 wheel and pedal set for sale. Used a few times. Located in NW Austin.
  8. We have been racing OTK products for the last 3-4 years. I would suggest sticking with OTK for most 2 stroke applications. If your going shifter Sodi is another option. Right now everyone wants a 206 or KA. If you want to go fast and are not concerned with a lot of racing competition at the club level, used Tag engines are very reasonable right now. Just a little higher than a new built 206 ($1200 - $1500). Again if you just want to go fast, a good option is Rotax. They have long rebuild cycles and are relatively in-expensive to operate(more like 10 - 30 hour rebuild cycle). X30's
  9. Just bought one at H2R. Thanks for the information.
  10. Looking for a used Alum racing seat. Somewhere around a 17. Want to install a passenger seat in the spec miata for DE's this winter.
  11. We flat spotted one Azenis615 on our challenge car. Looking to see if anyone has a used one or pair to sell. Our set is down to about an 1/8 of an inch tread. Thanks ! Stan
  12. Interesting. Thanks for the response. Will have to look at the alternatives.
  13. All, trying to figure out how to get Throttle and Brake Position information from a Solo 2DL in an NA. It looks like maybe the Solo 2DL does not accept the ODB info from the NA. Can anyone offer advice or point me in a direction. Going to start Travis in an NA H2R challenge car. Hope to get the same information we get in his Tag Kart.
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