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  1. Just bought one at H2R. Thanks for the information.
  2. Looking for a used Alum racing seat. Somewhere around a 17. Want to install a passenger seat in the spec miata for DE's this winter.
  3. We flat spotted one Azenis615 on our challenge car. Looking to see if anyone has a used one or pair to sell. Our set is down to about an 1/8 of an inch tread. Thanks ! Stan
  4. Interesting. Thanks for the response. Will have to look at the alternatives.
  5. All, trying to figure out how to get Throttle and Brake Position information from a Solo 2DL in an NA. It looks like maybe the Solo 2DL does not accept the ODB info from the NA. Can anyone offer advice or point me in a direction. Going to start Travis in an NA H2R challenge car. Hope to get the same information we get in his Tag Kart.
  6. Looking again for a caged 1.6 miata for the H2R challenge series. Let me know if there is anything out there. Thanks ! Stan
  7. Looking for a caged 1.6 Miata for the H2R Miata Challenge. I don't see much out there right now. Please let me know if you know of any potential cars out there.
  8. 2010 MX5 needs a new top. Suffering from the top tear on the drivers side by rear window. Any recommendations for quality installers in the Austin area ?
  9. Hi my son Travis has been competitively karting for a couple of years. He drives Tag Junior and LO206. I suggest you contact Tim Lobaugh at Trackside Karting (facebook https://www.facebook.com/Tracksidekartingservices). He has 4 garages at Speed Sportz. He sells Compkarts. They have a new model specifically for LO206 applications. It is a combination 30 and 28 MM tubes. If cost is an issue you can buy a 1 -3 year old Tag Chassis and put a LO206 on it. Save about 2K. If you want to try it out at a Speed Sportz club event Tim can set you up for an arrive and drive. For Adults, the best local fields are in LO206. You can find competition at SS, GCKI, NTK, HCKC, and DKC. In the LO206 you can put a lot of time in the seat for about 1/5 the cost of time in a Tag.
  10. Karting can be a good option. We started Travis in karting at around 9. We took him to HCKC a year earlier and he wasn't ready. Travis in now 12 and just moved up to junior karting. My track driving has moved from cars to karts. The family shares a passion for karting and there still might be the possibility of moving to cars in a couple years. Keep karting in mind. HCKC is only an hour from Austin and with a membership you get unlimited practice time when there isn't a race. 8-12 is a cadet kart and a Mini Swift engine. Easy to tune and relatively reliable. Fast enough to keep the kids interested.
  11. These are large jack stands that I don't want to deal with. Free to a good home. Someone wants them I will leave them outside for pickup. Contact Stan at: [email protected]
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