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  1. I don’t think he wants to sell it anyway Doesn’t respond.
  2. Cool. Is the toilet paper included 😂
  3. ajay

    Lots of misc parts

    Can you send me info on. The ASTs...
  4. Blast from the past - boy we had some laughs!!!
  5. ajay


    I haven't been behind my wheel and pedal setup for almost 2 years and decided to get back in. I picked up Project Cars on the PS4. I tend to stick to the console for convenience and ease of use. I always found I was fiddling with the PC rather than driving. I quite like Project Cars. Good balance of arcade and sim.
  6. Thanks Spaceman Spiff
  7. Does anyone have a front sway bar with mounts for an 06-09 soft top NC Miata laying around that they don't mind separating with?
  8. Anyone removed their hoops to put in a cage or rollbar. I want your roll hoops and trim in black. If you have the 06 with the speaker, even better. PM me please.
  9. ajay

    WEC TV Schedule

    F1 rights put them under. Good old Bernie
  10. Do your research and you'll find this is one of the best electronic trailer brake controller available. http://www.etrailer.com/Brake-Controller/Tekonsha/90195.html $75 firm BONUS - if you have a Q7, Tourag or Cayanne, you will know that this needs a special harness. I will include this if you have one of those. If not I will hold onto it and give it to @@Nugget See the solution to the above issue. http://www.clubtouareg.com/forums/f73/diy-tekonsha-prodigy-wiring-harness-install-35416.html
  11. NA Super Miata Sway Bar Kit 94-97 Tubular front 1.125" - .125 wall #54105 Brand new. Includes end links and sway bar brace http://www.949racing.com/SuperMiata-sway-bar-kit-miata.aspx $300
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