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  1. Going thru plastic is ok. Clear view is better.
  2. You’ll find after going to other tracks that COTA isn’t a great track- far from it. My fav tracks: Road Atlanta, VIR, Barber. WGI and Road America were meh. A track that was a hoot that I didn’t expect was Roebling Road. A track I wish I had gotten to was Sebring. Don’t overlook Hallett. Heartland park isn’t really with the drive. By far the hardest track to learn was Mid Ohio (and I can get up to speed on tracks pretty easy). You think Cresson is slick in the wet- try Mid O.
  3. Either build the fucking subdivision or keep it a track. Developer is a fucking idiot. Nobody is going to buy a house with the track stuff in the back yard, ESPECIALLY if they open the short course again. I wonder what house is going to get built on the sinkhole?
  4. Bruce

    F1 2019

    NASCAR has used irrelevant engine technology for 40 years.
  5. Doesn’t appear to retrofit to other helmets that already have air feed?
  6. Looks like after all the rumors of a mid engined Corvette, it is finally going to happen now.
  7. Bruce

    Holley Hydramat

    Had one. Works great. Had it in a cell so the foam kept it in place. Could get an additional 2 gallons (about 10%) out of the cell over a trap door system.
  8. If you want somebody to look, don’t link to something I have to sign up to see the info.
  9. Safety starts at the top. When safety gets lax it’s hard to reign back in. Enforcement is key...I will leave it at that.
  10. Sounds like somebody needs to gobthru an instructor training school
  11. BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing school at Barber MSP in Birmingham Sept 15-16. Link to reg: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/bmw-club-racing-school-at-barber-motorsports-park-cca-heart-of-dixie-305929 Ask any questions here as I am the lead facilitator for this school. Bruce
  12. I think 20 racers is very doable with the signups already and the people I think i can count on. For those of you looking for a comp school, there is one at Barber Sept 15-16. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/bmw-club-racing-school-at-barber-motorsports-park-cca-heart-of-dixie-305929
  13. There is a race and a DE. The time trial group will no happen. http://www.noexcusesdrivingschool.com/
  14. Somebody named El Torgua shouldn’t put much stress anything so nothing really should ever wear out right?
  15. Racer tip for COTA starts. Don’t get sucked in to being on the inside at 1. If you do go left at 1, then you better be prepared to stop....LITERALLY stop at the apex. Rim shot the outside can gain lots of spots AND get more spots at 2 by being in the inside. HOWEVER, you gotta watch getting pinched to the grass by somebody not seeing a hard charging car in the outside where they aren’t looking. Lots of options to start at 1. There is no perfect idea for this turn being a sharp, nearly 180 degree corner. Keep your options open...but be prepared to stop if you go inside at 1.
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