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  1. I bought Centric from Rock Auto this spring. Both NAPA and Autozone rotors went up to over $30 each. The Centrics were still under $20.
  2. The WEC is back at COTA in Feb. https://racer.com/2019/12/02/cota-back-on-wec-calendar-sao-paulo-6-hours-canceled/
  3. Yes, I've used them for years. I send them a set of injectors about this time every year. The turn around time has always been very quick. They put new o-rings on the injectors and provide a report of the flow and pattern. I assume the pricing is competitive, I've never shopped others.
  4. The track rents the canopies. I called them when I didn't see rentals on Motorsport Registration. They said they moved to Track Rabbit. They also moved the Friday Test-n-Tunes registration to Track Rabbit.
  5. Registrations for canopies are on Track Rabbit, not Motorsport Registration. https://www.trackrabbit.com/
  6. I'll be up there this weekend for SM in COMMA. I stay in Sand Springs at the Magnuson (the old Best Western). I found you can book it for less at https://www.agoda.com/. The Hampton has started reserving more on your card than your booking amount and the Holiday Inn express doesn't put breakfast out early enough to get to the track on time.
  7. There are poles with RV power boxes past the Race Shops and IIRC past the bathrooms. There is a charge for RV power.
  8. Per the FAST instructions, after each weekend I fill the cooler with hot water and 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach and run it through the entire system, cooler, hose & shirt for 10 minutes. I wash the shirt in the provided bag in regular laundry detergent before the hot water and bleach cleaning. In my 1st shirt I didn't use a laundry bag and the tubes began to pull out of the shirt.
  9. After renting U-Haul trailers for a year, I went with the low cost option, 16ft wood deck, no dove tail, brakes on only 1 axle; new at $2k. New is nice in that all the wheel bearings, tires and brakes are fresh and I got 6 months no interest. I put my tires and tool bins in the bed of the truck. 16ft is more than I need for a Miata and would work for a Corvette with only the car. My plan was to upgrade to an enclosed trailer, but I decided that a new trailer wouldn't improve my lap times as much as better data and more track time. I water sealed the deck and it's still fine after 5 years. The
  10. Dave Wheeler's SM book says: "The signal emitted only travels a few feet. The transponder must be mounted on a vertical surface that has a clear view of the track".
  11. I had a Marrad seat in my miata. It was comfortable on track and as a daily driver. He actually makes more Corvette seats. https://www.marradind.com/default.asp
  12. At Barber, be sure to allow a day to spend in the museum. Lot's of motorcycles and Lotus Formula cars.
  13. You can't. Before '96 the cars were not ODB II, so no interface for the Solo DL2. Even the '99 with ODB II, the refresh rate on the ODB II port is too slow to provide any useful data, 1 hz. It's fast enough to diagnose engine issues, but not for track data. The '06 NC ODB II is the first to provide useful data. The only way to get the data is to upgrade to at least an MXM and get the proper sensors. There are many vendors familiar with the right sensors for a Miata, X-Factor, Advance Autosports. All it takes is significant money. Timely: https://racer.com/2019/04/02/da
  14. And Indy Car F2000 https://www.youtube.com/user/RoadtoIndyTV
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