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  1. Give me a call about the two torsens...512-nine four zero-five three five nine. Thanks, Jason
  2. If you decide to go the E30 route let me know. My neighbor's high school aged son is trying to sale his. Seems pretty solid and I'm sure it is priced pretty low.
  3. Just a quick tip on #4. We have seen significant decrease in overall engine temperature after installing a cylinder head cooling mod. The reduced coolant temps have lead to decreased oil temperatures. Pretty easy install and significantly cheaper than a complete oil cooler system. Shifting at 6k is leaving 20-40hp on the table. Peak hp is usually at 6500-6700 rpm. Good luck in 2015! Jason
  4. Yes...the rear roll bar mounts have been installed in an unusual way. The "usual" installation is for the rear mounts is to be welded to the floor section, just forward of the shock towers. The floor is extremely thin in that area. We chose to relocate the floor mounts to the wheel tube area where the factory metal is double and triple plated. Then the roll bar mounts were plated and gusseted into the shock towers. This not only increases rollover safety. It decreases chassis flex and increases torsional stiffness. Feel free to contact me and I'll tell you what I know about this car.
  5. NTB is a good place to start for a base alignment. You definitely need to include the driver's weight while aligning the car. For abnormal tire wear you need to consider the number of left and right hand turns, the actual hot tire pressures and finally, the bumpsteer. Bumpsteer will effect toe and depending on the amount of toe misalignment, it can easily show as a camber issues. We offer race prep, chassis alignments and suspension setups at the shop. Give me a call if there is anything we can help you with.
  6. JBM

    Renting a Spec Miata

    Looks like you guys need to talk. This SM is first class!
  7. illicit Motorsports has completed several of these conversions
  8. I recommend Sweet Mfg. quick releases. They seem to me the simplest and most reliable. The miata cage wheel adapter is a good piece. I've never had issues with the fit.
  9. Here are a few more from our test and tune.
  10. We've got tubes! Finally something worth looking at.
  11. I've got a very basic 6-pt roll cage that will fit a S197 Chassis. It was built for a CMC car that never happened. No reasonable offer refused. Jason illicit Motorsports 512-940-5359
  12. Day 3...A couple hundred more spot welds to go. Then we will have all the "extra" metal out of the car.
  13. We fabricated and installed the forward tube, main hoop and rear down tube floor plates today. Here's a pic of the rear floor plate with integrated shock tower.
  14. Thought a few pics of the build might make this topic a little more exciting. We have already installed the suspension and brake systems. Now it is time to build the cage. I promise to get better at uploading pics! Follow us on Facebook for even more info...
  15. JBM

    illicit Motorsports

    Hey guys its been a very busy season for illicit. We have had great success with our 2004 Mustang GT CMC build. We are currently in the middle of two Spec Iron builds. A few of you have sent messages about roll cages. I haven't listed much contact info on this forum. I am not looking to solicit business or distract from the content of the website. However, if it is ok with the moderators I will post my contact info....email is [email protected] phone number is 512-940-5359. Feel free to check out our Facebook page. There are several photos of previous cage builds. We have built several racecars for various classes. Please feel free to contact us anytime with your questions or concerns. We strive to provide superior safety and performance at an affordable price. Thanks, Jason Massey illicit Motorsports Dripping Springs, TX
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