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  1. I think these will fit if you want a bit more front camber...
  2. Me too! Sh*t, I may have to go for it now!
  3. Excellent! I’m going to try to make this one!
  4. ht_geordie


    SRF has a chelating agent in it that chemically pulls water out so that its temperature rating stays good for longer.
  5. 149 north of Montgomery and 3090 to Navasota. Good roads!
  6. It was a very good day for sure. Hot as all holly heck. Very good to see some peeps that I haven't seen in a while...
  7. Thank you all. See you Sunday!
  8. Thank you! What sort of time are you turning up on Sunday?
  9. Just got the details from Kurt about joining fee and monthly subs. Seems somewhat different to what I was expecting! $275 per month? Is that correct? $5K one off fee? Wow! Changing my mind at those prices...
  10. Saturday only for the Chin event
  11. I was talking to Nix last weekend and she mentioned that y’all were going on Sunday. I’m in if someone can sign me in. That said I’m thinking of just stumping up the cash and joining. The $150 guest fee would come off the membership fee and monthly subs.
  12. One last change for fellow trackjunkies before I post this on the local Craig's List. Make me an offer...
  13. Did you speak to Vorshlag and get to the bottom of the spring rates on the MCS?
  14. Bump! This is a good deal if you need a quick and easy way to move a racecar around town... Still at the fab price of $1,000.
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