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  1. Bump! This is a good deal if you need a quick and easy way to move a racecar around town... Still at the fab price of $1,000.
  2. I've got in car video like this from when I first started DE's too! That was shameful driving and car control!
  3. Instructor dude looked like he was driving on 4 space saver wheels!! Couldn't see anything wrong with the GT3 guys driving. Looked like he was having a blast!
  4. Warning! Danger to Manifold! 7,000rpm on the tire
  5. Yes, awesome ‘Stang in fantastic color. I do like me a blue car!!
  6. Did they receive the fuel pump controller?
  7. Christina and I will be there in the new toy!
  8. Thanks. They are still up for sale at the moment.
  9. Bumping this back up the list. Great addition for your Carrera to get additional camber up front.
  10. Bump. Still available. Great for moving race car short distances. It stands up vertical so takes up much less space when storing.
  11. Bump! Where are all the P-Car guys?
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