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  1. It was a nice drive out. Good company and some good BBQ! Let's do it again soon...
  2. Have you done any ducting for airflow to the radiator yet?
  3. Nord-Locks are the bomb. Professional grade stuff. I've got them on my aftermarket rear sway bar mount. One of the mounts came off entirely a few years back. I wondered why the car was understeering like a pig. Never had a problem since. I would have thought that header studs were M8 though? 20 pack for that price is a great deal too!
  4. Agreed. I did the same. Put some mesh up to protect the oil cooler I installed. I got an engine coolant temperature warning that I subsequently ignored. I thought to myself, this engine has been flawless for several years never overheating AND I've just installed an oil cooler. ECT warning must be bogus! Then I blew my motor. If you do have issues, I'd think your cooler and radiator are buried far enough back that you'd not have issues with debris damage. I've removed the mesh and not had any issues and my oil cooler is closer to the front of the bumper than yours...
  5. Sorry to raise this post from the dead but I saw that you put your extinguisher bottle in using rivet nuts. I did the same in my Integra and it failed NASA inspection and I needed to go back a put through bolts and nuts on it. Just a heads up for future reference. Maybe you mention this later in the thread....sorry just found this build and enjoying the story a bit late maybe!!
  6. It's Russell Brand in 10 years time...!!
  7. For bushings I've heard bad stories about longevity of spherical bearings for a daily driver. Hopefully the brand that you are looking at are high quality and can handle the continuous duty. Have you considered a hard rubber replacement instead? I put the N-spec Mugen bushings on the Integra and they have been great. Not sure if Mugen do similar for the S2000? Worth consideration.
  8. I don't think you'll get destroyed...I think you are kind of......fast!
  9. I think these will fit if you want a bit more front camber...
  10. Me too! Sh*t, I may have to go for it now!
  11. Excellent! I’m going to try to make this one!
  12. ht_geordie


    SRF has a chelating agent in it that chemically pulls water out so that its temperature rating stays good for longer.
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