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  1. 1 is fine. Little hop sideways just after two, but I'm pretty much into track out by the time I hit that dip, so while it is a little disconcerting it's not a lap-killer. Didn't notice any issues between 8 and 9 really - are you coming to track center to turn back right for 9 or are you staying inside from exit of 8 all the way through to track out for turn into 10? The only place that's particularly problematic for me right now is the bump in the front straight just after 11 ends. Almost lost it there last weekend :)
  2. Ah. It's in the video notes, but I don't know much about 'kook z214 c51 compound. Is that a dot r? Slick?
  3. Anyone know what wheels/tires on this run?
  4. Yep. Strong lap, good driving.
  5. The one that spun coming onto the front straight trying to keep up with the GT3 ;) (the green one).
  6. Absolutely they were. I was pacing that damn GT3 all day. Every time I'd drop a few seconds he would pick 'em up right back and stay right there ahead of me. Driver was a great guy too - tons of fun :)
  7. Those 458s got moving by the last session. I had fun trying to pace the challenge car through the technical parts of the track (until y'all hit the straights and disappeared). I especially liked how aggressive the challenge car driver was in the esses the last session. Helped me pick up a second trying to keep up :)
  8. Event was flawless except for some wanker that spun coming onto the front straight right after a blind corner.
  9. Just finished my first (half)day at COTA (heard you were out there with a student behind me but never saw you...) and I'd concur 100%. The track has some very fast turns, but there were very few area that actually had me concerned for my safety, and it really seemed like you'd have to either make a major mistake or be driving WAY to fast for your talent to do anything really bad. That said, there is the distinct possibility that I'm just not quick enough there yet to get into the weeds...
  10. I didn't take a single one :) Like I said - I went, drove, enjoyed learning a new track and actually having time off between sessions etc. :) There was a photographer there - I'll post the link when pics are posted.
  11. It's serving honorably with the Longhorn Racing Academy. And I'm faster in the cayman straight off the showroom floor on street meats than I was in the MX5 on hohos. My new goal is to just to harass GT 3 drivers ;)
  12. I've been sneaking in a few laps at h2r for the last several months, but between work and travel and spending some serious time on my photography it's probably been since last fall that I really worked myself on track. Thanks to Varun at LRA I grabbed a spot at a private COTA event today and wow - what a great time. Between instructing, shooting photos and just goofing around with friends on track, I haven't just *driven* at an hpde in probably 3 years or really learned a new track since H2R opened. Was I rusty as hell? Yep. But it was really great remembering the fun parts of chatting with friends, getting faster, and clearing out a few bad habits... Gonna try my best to start getting back out around the state, maybe run some NASA TT and start tearing my Cayman down into a track car. I've missed y'all!
  13. I might swing down Friday for a bit...
  14. Hey. Next time you're out at h2r let's load up my traqmate and spend a day trading seats. You drive my car, I drive yours, we get tons of data and I'll analyze AND we'll post here for other quality Input. I'm good for any damage to your car and I'll give you whatever advice I can. I will say that you are being far too hard on yourself, btw...
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