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  1. Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Robert?? ; ) To acquire an FR-S / BRZ with the OEM 'Prius tires'... Better yet, I can help link you to a local who can sell you their brand new cheap 'Prius tires' so you can put them on your Miata... No promises on improved lap times, however I can promise on a bigger GRIN. =D Boy, I feel like I'm on an ice rink with these tires which Tada-San developed this car with... Love them! (Now to trade places with you and find more grip, hehe!)
  2. Yet another fantastic event from the entire Drivers Edge family, which may conclude the 2012 year on a good note. : )
  3. Sonny is IN, and registered too! =D Hahahe, the reg opened a few days early... That's great!
  4. That's why I'm trying to limit myself on modifications, and only do what I feel is needed for myself and the car. My focus has come to the brakes and tires for the time being, and I'm approaching close to 1/2 year of ownership on this car. My car's potential in stock form is still greater in many ways compared to my skill level, I feel. Ah, the beauty of progress... Slowly, but surely... =D
  5. Boy... Reading about all this makes me feel that I'm really squeezing the juice out my car, haha... It's the car that I daily drive, take my wife and both my kids around in, and take to the track too. Good luck with the decision, Napoleon...
  6. I'm in. Happy B-day in advance, Mr. Robert. =D
  7. Oooh, that should be helpful... I wouldn't want to forget to sign-up or else I'd feel doomed, haha. ; )
  8. Snow or no snow, I'll be in! =D (Meanwhile, I'm waiting for my calender to show me the alert for the day the registration opens, hehe)
  9. Another very educational stride for me. I'm very appreciative of my instructors for helping instill within me what it takes to qualify for the Yellow run group. It doesn't bother me at all that I'm slower than the majority in this new group... I'm actually very pleased that I managed the pace very well. It took me a long while, but the appreciation is that much more sweeter. Most importantly, I'm very pleased that I was provided the opportunity to take the additional time in Green and Blue (I understand that I required it)... I'm sure it will continue to pay off. Thanks for the multiple ride-alongs, Robert and James. =D I was also wondering about this individual and his yellow MX-5. He wasn't giving any ride-alongs, and that was acceptable... As far as I witnessed, he was stellar. Whatever his background and experience consists of, I'm sure he was more than deserving for the great leap to Red. Hope to see Kenton again in the future.
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