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  1. Well guys finally got my street to track tires in yesterday and had them mounted today. Hankook RS3'S in 275/35/18 mounted on Apex EC-7's. What do you guys think about Mineral White on gunmetal wheels? Hoping to break into the 1:25's with the rs3's and 24's on the conti slicks at harris hill, my best so far on 265/35/18 Federal 595 RSR's was a 1:26.1. Suspension and drivetrain specs: Suspension: KW Clubsport (Camber) -2.6 Front and -1.8 Rear Spacers: 10mm Front and 5mm Rear Wheels: Apex EC-7 18X10 et25 Tires: Hankook RS3 275/35/18 Brakes: StopTech Trophies ST60 Front ST40 rear.
  2. Just wondering if anybody knows if there will be more tracks in our state soon. I sure hope so, something like the nurburgring would be amazing!
  3. Talked to the vendor, they said they are in contact with federal and they are paying for me to ship out the tires and inspect them. We will see how this plays out.
  4. Was the splice you run down until it was gone as deep as the one on my federals?
  5. Of course, i rotate them after every track day. You do know there is a huge lawsuit going on against Nitto because of the NT-01's splicing and how badly nitto has handled the issue. Also met a guy with a track prepped e92 at the track on sunday and he said he blew a nt-01 at tws because of the splicing issue. NT-01 Splicing Issues. http://www.m3post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=810859 http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/archive/index.php?t-1296690.html http://www.ls1gto.com/forums/showthread.php?t=359562 http://www.6speedonline.com/forums/boxster-cayman/192558-nitto-nt-01-seam-separation-bizzare.html Federal Splicing issues: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/318181-federal-tyres-splitting/ http://www.s2ki.com/s2000/topic/839178-rs-3-vs-z1ss-vs-595-rs-r-vs-re-11-vs-z2-vs-rivals/page__st__175 http://www.mk5golfgti.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=9795.105
  6. So i have two sets of tires and wheels, a set of Conti slicks 275/35/18 mounted on apex arc-8's that i use on private track days and a set of 265/35/18 Federal RSR's mounted on Apex EC-7's for member days (Federals only come in 265/35/18 or jump to 285/30/18). I run the Federals on regular member track days at harris hill where i can just go out for 4-5 laps and come in and let them cool down since im not out there to break records im out there to have fun and i would run the slicks on private track days where you are out on the asphalt for longer and hate being passed. Main reason i opted for the federals was because I needed a set of cheap high performance summer tires that i could drive to the track and back and though $595 shipped does not seem like a bad idea since i heard they had close to rs3 levels of grip. The first day i had tracked them they developed a light 1-2 inch splice across that was not very deep. I spoke to online tires and they said they had spoken to federal and they said it was normal because of their first heat cycle and i needed to rotate them to keep them from getting worse. I of course did this and ran them again and the splice seemed to stay the same so i decided not to worry. Well i went out to the track this weekend and had a blast and broke the track best of an e9x M3 with a 1:26.13 on these tires. Tonight i switched back to my street wheels and tires and inspected my member day track setup as i always do and found that two of them are splicing badly (Passenger front and driver Rear).For regular member days at Harris hill i ran what i could find for cheap since i was not out there trying to break records, i was just out to have fun. Well after 3 track days two of my federals are done, RS3's on the other hand last for around 9-10 track days. I learned my lesson and wont be cheaping out on tires again even for regular member days. RS3'S are $500 bucks more per set than the Federals but last twice as long and take the heat a lot better and i have yet to have one splice on me. I learned to stay away from NT-01'S and Federal RSR's since they both have spliced on me. Its really a shame because aside from the RSR splicing and greasing up on hot days they had pretty good grip compared to RS3'S and would make a fun member day track tire if it was not for this big safety issue. Federal 595-RSR Racing Splicing
  7. Track: Harris Hill Road CW Location: San Marcos, Texas Best Lap Time: 1:27.12 Weather: +90F cloudy Car: 2013 Scion FR-S Aero: Downforce front and side splitters, Voltex Wing Engine: Invidia Catback, Tune, TRD drop in, Motiv High flow cat Brakes: AP Sprint BBK front on CL6 pads, stock rear brakes on cl6 pads, AP 600 fluid and spiegler ss lines. Suspension: KW V3 & Vorshlag camber plates -2.5 Front and -1.7 Rear Wheels & Tires: BFgoodrich R1's 225/35/17 on Weds TC105N No video but time slip from the harris hill time attack event:
  8. Hey guys wanted to make a little database of Lap Times @ Harris Hill. It would be very useful if you would specify the car, mods, direction, and weather when the run happened. Of course video would be great as well to help other members improve but if its not possible thats ok as well. Ill start with a sample format, copy it or make your own its up to you. Track: Harris Hill Road CW Location: San Marcos, Texas Best Lap Time: 1:26.13 Weather: +46F cloudy Car: 2011 E92 M3 DCT (Stock Weight and Aero) Engine: B&B Exhaust, AFE Scoops, AFE Drop in Brakes: Stoptech Trophies ST60 & ST40 on Ferrodo DS2500 pads and AP600 fluid Suspension: KW Clubsport -2.6F -1.8R lowered 1.5 all around Wheels & Tires: Federal 595-RSR 265/35/18 Square mounted on Apex ARC-8'S 18X10 No video sorry forgot to charge my Go pro:
  9. Thanks man, no worries. Had a blast that day anyways, dropped my time a full second after installing KW clubsports and getting aligned.
  10. Hello, i hit the track yesterday with the m3 and saw somebody taking pics with a very nice camera and was wondering if it was anybody on this board. I was in a white on back wheels E92 M3. Cheers guys!!
  11. Sold to Hastarock, he picked it up today. Enjoy your new trailer :)
  12. Damn the fastest i have managed is a 1:25.9 in robispecs supercharged FR-S and it felt fast I cant even imagine what 1:22 feels like.
  13. The trailer is built by The trailer shop in Dallas. Original price was $3,250 with the rock shield. My car is low and i can open the doors when its on top of the trailer and the ramps are extra long. I have the title in hand and she is ready to go. Asking price: SOLD cash only Shipping: Will deliver to austin for gas money on top of agreed price. Bonus: Buyer gets 4 axel straps and tie downs. Specs: 2012 18ft TM trailer with less than 3k miles. Curb weight: 1700 pounds with rock shield and spare tire mounted underneath. Brakes: 7 pin electric brakes on rear axle Tires: Tires have less than 3k miles and a new spare is mounted underneath the trailer. GVWR 7000 LBS COUPLER: 2" BULLDOG FRAME: 5" CHANNEL JACK: FLIP-UP FENDERS: TEARDROP 8 1/2" TALL AXLES: 2-3500# W/BREAK RAMPS: 1 PIECE SOLID DIAMOND PLUG: 7-WAY RV 4 FLUSH MOUNTED 5K TIE-DOWNS TIRES: ST205 X 15 CROSS MEMBERS: 3 X 2 FLOOR: 1/8" DP STEEL 2" x 2" SQUARE TUBING STOP RAIL FRONT: 45*/DT/ST LIGHTS: ALL FLUSH SEALED BEAMS TONGUE: WRAPPED 5" CHANNEL
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