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  1. SOLD 2005 Featherlite 4926 Aluminum V-Nose 20' Enclosed Trailer for sale
  2. wind

    Penis extension car

    WoW congrats. Any 911 turbo is no joke. RWD conversion in the future? PS: you need to try the GT verities next!
  3. Wow that’s news to me. What year is your GT3? You’d think this will be reported all over the other places where ppl track with windows up. I was doing track events at the Nordschleife and Spa earlier this month. People are shocked to hear that we have to drive with windows down and stick our arms out to let people pass on track ?
  4. Wind buffeting caused by side windows being lowered. All 991 generation cars have it. It’s annoying as hell. There are deflectors you can buy to attach to the window triangles to alleviate it but still. Best solution is to run windows up and AC on. Like the rest of the world do..,,,
  5. To become a member do I need references from current members? What’s the best deal for initiation fee and monthly dues?
  6. I'll probably get roasted here but moto riders say race car drivers wear panties Many of you should be aware of this event, no sand bags, just trees and brick walls.... Me? I like my Nomex panties ..
  7. wind

    German Beetle car

    Looks like 993 header + GT3 center muffler will be a good combo, but require lots of custom work.
  8. I have a bendpak mid rise lift and the safety latch do not require you to manually flip it into place like that guy's in the article. It will automatically fall into place when you raise past the safety stops. His accident is mostly operators error it seems.
  9. Is the car auto or manual? the shifts sounds really fast. Also what kind of tires you were running? I see you easily pulled 1.25g in the corners. The C7 GS is a great car but if you can't break 2:40 at Cota in E92 with $10k in mods something is missing....
  10. For sale NASCAR Style Helmet Radio Kit. Used for a few races in good condition. Switching to IMSA style next season. $50 shipped or local pick up.
  11. In for this event. Had to cancel Austin Schnell Fest. Cota is great but 60+ cars in each group is not my cup of tea.....
  12. My 2 cars are around 50.5" each. ceiling is 112". I guess they'll fit but will be really tight.
  13. Very nice. It looks like you can lower it one stop and still have room for the Cayman. My ceiling is 9'-6" do you think I can stack two 911's with this lift?
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