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  1. Awesome goal! The only swimming I'm qualified to do is in a glass of Scotch, so triathlons are out of the question for me. @@equiraptor has done the Galveston Triathlon several times and that one looks like a lot of fun. I'm not familiar with the Fulshear event, but if it's for Oktoberfest I'm a fan. I run the Shiner half marathon each fall because they give you free beer at the finish line. You should join the TrackJunkies Strava Club though for training accountability. If it's not on Strava it didn't happen!
  2. Yeah, I don't know how long it takes for the system to recycle it, but I didn't keep it.
  3. An insignificant but personally meaningful update this week. I'll never have to explain what BOFH means again. I've been trying to get this license plate for over twenty years in four different state. I was finally able to grab it:
  4. I was going for a run yesterday near my house (Montrose) and I found a USB stick laying in the middle of the road. I grabbed it and finally got around to looking at the contents just now. It has a single video file on it dated 15-Jan-2017 of some lead-follow laps at MSRH with the camera car following a black Porsche GT3 RS 4.0 wearing dealer temporary plates. Two male voices on the video from the camera car, but I didn't recognize them. Sounded like an instructor/student. Anyone know who this belongs to? I'd like to get it back to them if possible.
  5. I believe that part of the article is wrong. Dan Pedroza rode with them last night and his Strava track shows them all riding counter like you'd expect. And yeah, every single lap up that hill I was convinced would be the end of me.
  6. Some of us were lucky enough to make it out to the Ride Americas Now! bicycling event at COTA back in 2013, but that organization seems to have packed up and gone away. The website's been down for years and I was starting to lose hope. But now there's a new opportunity. It looks like they're opening up COTA to bicycles every Tuesday night for ten weeks, starting yesterday: http://racing.blog.statesman.com/2017/04/04/wanna-ride-your-bike-on-an-f1-track-cota-open-tuesday-nights/ You haven't truly experienced the hill leading in to turn 1 until you've tried to pedal up it. Also a re
  7. Just pick a day, I've got nothing but free time. :)
  8. My next door neighbor is selling his 18' Hallmark enclosed trailer. Posting here on his behalf: http://houston.craigslist.org/tro/5919766603.html
  9. I need to take some sample data from the CAN bus of my car to assist in building a .dbc file for my data logger. My next step involves a laptop and a PCAN-USB device. Before I drop $200 on a doohicky I'll probably only use once, I figured I'd ask and see if anyone in the area already has one that I could borrow. Thanks!
  10. FOR SALE - GrandSport MotorSports Park in Houston Texas Yes you can own your own racetrack! Become a member of the exclusive club that few can enjoy and claim this level of motorsports success. Huge opportunity for the right party. Only 29 miles south of downtown Houston. Club racing, Track Rentals, Racing Schools, Motorsports Country Club, Garage Rentals, Car Shows, Exotic Supercar Lapping, Mud/Obstacle Runs, Color Runs, Harley Rallies, Concerts and so much more. Almost impossible to build or own a track this close to a major city. Also, an established racing school may be available on a
  11. Send your used oil to blackstone labs and they'll help you dial in the appropriate change frequency. The analysis is in-depth and pretty cheap.
  12. They sure looked like they were doing a great job through turn 1!
  13. Possibly. I posted this at the time when my memory of the event was surely a lot better
  14. The Z06 spun and hit the inside wall right by pit in lane after getting loose in T19 (number 7 in original list). Also at that event was a Spec 996 that hit the inside wall after T9 (number 8 in original list). Both cars were in the instructor run group.
  15. Is a Radical too pedestrian for your tastes? http://showroom.windingroad.com/listings/product/2626/
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