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  1. I am probably an oddity, but I just didn't want to use my real Google identity & was too lazy to set up a different one. I understand the pros of using that authentication approach though.
  2. I was actually going to suggest that in my experience running too hard while still coming up to temp will do that, so under-inflated makes sense. But as others said, no biggie.
  3. I'll just add one more off-topic comment to the pile. I was really excited to pay BMW for Adaptive Cruise control when I ordered it. Now I wish I never got it. You can't actually use cruise control without it, and it's annoying for a variety of reasons on road trips. 1. It won't let you follow closely enough even on the "nearest" setting. So on road trips on something like I10 where there is any amount of traffic, people keep butting in front of you and the robot thinks, oh I need to slow down and open the gap again....next car goes around/butts in...you get the idea. 2. You're cruising along in the right lane, robot doing its thing, then you notice that you are going 60mph...oops, the car detected that slow truck up there and very gracefully adjusted speed. 3. Coming up on a slow car, just about the time I'm going to signal and go around it, the car throws on the brakes. Gotta learn to signal and change lanes earlier. It's actually ok in stop and go and slower speeds. I'm sure someone other than BMW has done it better, but that's my only experience. The best way to improve it in my opinion would be a way to turn it off..
  4. Man it felt good to get out and drive again. White/Red group size was great for clean laps. Sorry I missed connecting with any TJs I didn't already know... I really wanted to meet some of y'all and saw you out there, but since I was just there one day I was too busy driving every second I could -- and putting ice in the coolshirt. Really happy I didn't do Sunday, because with my slick Nittos the ride home would have been way too exciting. I did see you out there, @@Rev -- doing great and I noticed the bump to white, Good Job and looked deserved! T12 spins are sketchy, ask me how I know.
  5. Yeah that whole section is currently dirt being moved.
  6. http://bicyclesportshop.com/about/road-bike-rentals-pg1451.htm
  7. The leaderboard for the T1 hill makes me shake my head. No way. I guess I need a faster bike?
  8. Strava says 12% avg. A bit more than that at its worst.
  9. Thanks for posting! Weather permitting I'm going to give it a shot. I'd join the Strava group...except that you said your goal was more competition :)
  10. SRF. In my experience it is very resilient. RBF tends to soak up moisture much more quickly.
  11. Can I use SQL injection to do a bunch of bad stuff?
  12. @@dfinch172 -- what did you end up doing? I'm considering the possibility of trailering up to Cresson later this month...but I don't have a trailer yet.
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