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  1. I'm still confused about why he is being interviewed.
  2. I prefer "technical" tracks... Hallett MSRC TWS MSRH H2R COTA
  3. They should have made it a little version of TWS! It looks fun, though.
  4. The only "orange peel" (which is really just bad paint) is on the front bumper, which has been resprayed before and isn't in great shape. I plan to drop the car off at some point and let them redo that and a few other bits.
  5. Oh, definitely! And done... let me know if I missed something!
  6. I got an S2K and SC400 that I'd trade...
  7. I tried a Bluetooth setup but didn't like it. I had pairing issues, and the microphone and sending unit was not convenient to attach for the student. When you have multiple students, which I usually did, moving it was just a pain.
  8. How did you end up fixing the harness situation?
  9. You are definitely in the right place! Welcome. Sounds like an amazing car you have on your hands. Personally, I would recommend starting with The Drivers Edge, but others will have different opinions!
  10. The monthly member newsletter this month was a little more interesting than usual:
  11. You're welcome to the S2K, honestly. It ain't much to look at but it drives great.
  12. I don't think I ever spun at T2. My first spin ever was at T4 with Ron Vaughn instructing.
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