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  1. Oooof. Do that in an AP1 and you won't keep on driving, lol.
  2. FWIW, I had this same experience... tried for a long time to make them work, couldn't ever do it. Fast forward to my Lexus. Recently put GLOC pads on it, expecting to hate them and have the same issues. So far, they've been great. We'll see how it goes in the long run, of course.
  3. It was fantastic! Good people, good weather, good track time. Sorry you missed it!
  4. I'm still planning to be there, yup.
  5. I'll be there Sunday unless something awful happens between now and then!
  6. Tires at half price; there has to be a massive catch there. Are they used? Super old? Stolen?
  7. I mean... the answer has to be no, since I can't (or won't) be inconsistent with my answers.
  8. Please start a new thread...
  9. It isn't really clear how they choose when to run CCW. The calendar is marked with those days, though, at least usually. I do enjoy CCW.
  10. I don't want to be rude or sound like a jerk or whatever, but I wouldn't let someone with only one HPDE under their belt come out under my name.
  11. That's great info, really. And yeah, all I ask is that the calendar is correct... some of us plan our months around it...
  12. Shit, I can make money at this?
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