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  1. robertcope

    1993 NSX

    Hum. I wish I was in a position to look at it. It doesn't look like the worst basket case ever.
  2. How many motors have you BRZ guys gone through? It seems like they like to go through them.
  3. I ran 48s in my relatively poorly prepped TTE car many years ago. Not sure how that compares to TT6, though.
  4. Z214 should be closer to an R7, I think. Actually, there are two compounds, I believe... one like an R7 and one like an A7.
  5. Exactly! Then we run 30 minute sessions, bikes at the top of the hour, cars at the bottom... unless there are no bikes, and I suspect at least in the morning tomorrow that may be the case.
  6. FWIW, I will have to take off around noon tomorrow, which means any guests will have to do the same. Likely you can find another member to transfer to, but I can't promise it. Sorry for the late notice, something has come up.
  7. Awesome, thank you; these have been put on the calendar as "SCCA TT".
  8. Awesome, and of course... will be good to see you and the new race car!!!
  9. https://www.txrxlabs.org/ might have something?
  10. Woah, stretch goal, I like it. :(
  11. Random goals for 2020.... 1) Get my garage in order. Continue organizing and cleaning. Get a new toolbox and workbenches in place. 2) Get to Barber and ECR. 3) Continue working on the Lexus. I would like to start an engine build for it, but finding room for that is going to be tricky. 4) A good road trip in the NSX. 5) Get the S2K "daily drivable". Hardtop is on order already, which is probably 90% of this battle. It could use a better suspension.
  12. I plan to head out on Sunday, the 5th, to get 2020 started right!
  13. Sunday at the track, everything went well with the hub, but I ended up with a bit of an oil leak. The car has a Supra front sway bar, which doesn't quite fit correctly -- it and the oil filter interfere with each other. The oil filter has been "self clearancing", so I haven't addressed the issue. I figured eventually it would be an issue, and it seems this was the day. Eventually I'll work on a remote oil filter mount setup. But for now, I've found that Wix 51056 is basically the same filter but shorter, eliminating the interference issue.
  14. Was able to get the car back together today. Still waiting on a few parts, but nothing that I need to make it safe again. One of the things I've done is remove the pivot clamps[1]. We have some shitty roads in Houston, and frankly the car feels pretty bad driving on them -- lots of very jarring bumps. I thought that letting the pivot clamp "work" may help the ride, particularly the jarring hits, and it sure seems to have done that. I'll need more testing to be sure, and I'm curious if I'll notice much difference on track, but frankly I'd rather optimize for the street. [1] https://www.scienceofspeed.com/index.php/nsx/spp/suspension-accessories/cedar-ridge-non-compliance-front-pivot-clamps-nsx-1991-05.html
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