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  1. It's a neat facility. Don't know that many people that really ran there, though, but apparently there are some here!
  2. To be positive for a bit... it is really awesome to be able to pop in for the morning and be home by lunch.
  3. Yup, that is one nice feature they offer, for sure. I suspended my membership this year, in fact, while I was unemployed. Also keep in mind a lot of those weekend days are made up of summer months, when nobody wants to rent the track or be at the track. I know, I'm being pretty negative.
  4. 45 weekend track days a year... but I am 99% sure that includes Fridays. Not trying to discourage anyone, but look seriously at your calendar and theirs and be realistic about whether you will be able to really make use of the available track time. I'm a member, but I'm not really sure it's worth it for me at this point.
  5. Not true, actually: https://kinder.rice.edu/2015/08/25/no-katrina-evacuees-didnt-cause-a-houston-crime-wave
  6. Hah, indeed. The Miata was fun, but I felt like I had learned most of what I was going to learn from it. I want something with a bit of power to play with now, so that I can learn some new tricks! And also just have fun.... 🙂
  7. Engine still in process... all the parts have arrived and it is at the machine shop, per my last updated from XAT.
  8. (yeah, Magnum wore a Tigers hat, but I like LA and it's still blue!)
  9. I wish it was a Dino. But I had to settle for a bit more peasant of a Ferrari, 1985 308 QV:
  10. Wait, what other car have I sold? I guess the Miata. But that was years ago! I wish I could keep them all, I just don't have the garage space. 😕 I think the new ride will more than make up for the S2K:
  11. Hasn't been an update in a while. Mostly because I really haven't done much with the car. But today, I sold it. Don't worry, there is something coming to take its place...
  12. I finally got out to the track again yesterday. The new radiator seems to have kept the car cool and the new control arms resolved my vibration problem and really woke the car up. The NT01s probably didn't hurt anything, either... first time I've ridden on them in years, and boy did I miss them. I am so excited, again! Radiator install:
  13. Oof, that's a scary proposition in this market.
  14. That is amazing! How can we help support OnRamp?
  15. robertcope


    They are pretty amazing. Look great, drive great... so good.
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