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  1. I think you misunderstood or I didn't communicate well. The 30mA test was done using the typical "disconnect battery, place meter between terminals, read amps" method. In that case, the ECU has been shut down because the battery was disconnected before running the test. What I found was that the ECU was staying on in some cases. I don't know what it draws, but obviously enough to drain the battery fairly quickly. That's fixed now, at least in the test cases I found. I don't understand why actual "mechanics" of how the e-throttle setup was "back feeding" the ECU, but other than intellectual interest, I don't really care.
  2. One issue I have been having since doing the ECU is the battery dying rather quickly. When I've measured draw with the car off, it is always rather low, 25-35mA or so; and yet, the car sometimes dies overnight. This weekend I decided to at least start trying to figure this out. Obviously, the ECU is among the only things I've done in recent history, so started there; I also remembered seeing it stay powered on while at Mayco dyno testing it. With that in mind, I went out and checked to see if I could get it to "fail". In testing, I found the following: if I turned the key on (but did not start the car) and then back off before the fuel pump finished priming, the ECU would power off; if I turned the key on (but did not start the car) and back off after the fuel pump finished priming, the ECU would stay powered on; if I started the car and turned it off, the ECU wold power off. Very confusing. I had really not done any reading on how to power the Link ECU -- remember that I'm using wiring harness that uses the OEM ECU wiring and it "just worked". So, I started reading that. One of the things that stuck out to me was that the wiring for an e-throttle setup was a little special, and they particularly called out Lexus/Toyota cars for needing a relay setup. I have an e-throttle, but as noted earlier, it's disabled and I'm just using the cable. So... I took a wild guess and simply unplugged the connection to the throttle motor. This seems to have changed the test results from earlier; I cannot find a way to get the ECU to stay on with the key off. I don't really understand what's going on, but I'm assuming there is some kind of "back flow" of power that was happening. I've read threads on the Link ECU forums where other people had similar issues. Again, I don't claim to understand it in this case, even though I've looked through the wiring diagrams and such... just not that smart, I guess, or maybe I just don't care. I charged up the battery overnight and am going to let it sit until next weekend, hopefully it will start then.
  3. LOL! It sounds like NASA is going to refund DE/TT participants entry fees. Of course, entree fees are often the least expensive part of a weekend. I feel bad for everyone involved, really.
  4. Oooooh, tough choice! I would say that the NSX is certainly more exciting to drive, but I do not feel as free to drive it as I do the SC400 because I don't want to hurt it. The Lexus is also a lot more comfortable to drive because it has a proper seat and harness in it. If I had to own one, it would _probably_ be the NSX, mostly because it is more versatile... fun on the track, fun to show up to meets with, _probably_ not going to lose much value, etc.
  5. Honestly it seems weird to me that a relatively new unit would be that far off. I guess I should test mine, but they're 20 years old and I would be shocked if they were very far off.
  6. I think they're just piggybacking on a normal member day; the calendar says members will get a 20m session. Just guessing, but there will probably be a 20m session for novice Porsche drivers and another 20m session for advanced Porsche drivers.
  7. Welcome! Should be interesting to hear your thoughts on the C6 Z06 as it progresses. Some of us are members at MSRH and can take guests, so if you pay attention to the MSRH forum you may be able to join us for some testing and fun! Also we have a vibrant chat room, if you're into that... click the "Chat" link above... :)
  8. Howdy, Most of you have probably heard by now, but Jack Smyth passed away last week. Jack is a long time track and S2000 guy from Houston. I was asked to pass along details on his memorial service. When: Friday August 23rd at 11am Where: Northwoods Presbyterian Church 3320 Cypress Creek Pkwy Houston Tx 77068
  9. Welcome! I would recommend looking at The Drivers Edge events. They have a great instructor group for new drivers and run a lot of events here in Texas. https://thedriversedge.net
  10. Better graph, now that I have the dyno files. It's not bad. But I'm convinced the tune was pretty quick and dirty. I plan to do a few things -- remove the MAF sensor from the intake path, possibly redo the exhaust, get the knock sensors working -- and take it back and do some testing/tuning of my own.
  11. Back from MSRH. I'd say today was a success; the car got me to the track, ran a few sessions, and got me home. Drivability was fantastic both on the road and the track. As usual, there is always more work to do, but it's damn fun as it sits. The next item on the list is Koyo radiator; to be fair, it's been the next item on the list for a while now, but now that I am logging coolant temps, it's gonna happen ASAP. I was running about 235F today!
  12. You really need a backup car, something like an S2000.
  13. Car is home. I have a few things I want to do tomorrow, but it should be ready to run on Sunday. So excited!
  14. Yup, technically the gates open and track goes hot at 9am. Typically I get there 8:45am or so, and yeah, depending on what is going on, there can be a crowd waiting to sign in and pay.
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