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  1. I run the 309s on the S2000. I am about to put another set on it. IMHO, they do great in that application, most recently at ECR w/ A052s on the car. I think much more speed/weight/tire and I would probably need something else, but I could be wrong.
  2. Howdy! Whereabouts are you in TX? Join the Discord if you have a chance, more activity there now than here, usually. Do you run GL regularly?
  3. I don't think the S2K favors larger or taller drivers, sadly. And yeah, Chin is definitely the best at giving good track time.
  4. Had the car at ECR this weekend. What a machine. I'm in love again. It just delivers the fun. Also, the oil issues seem to be fixed. I burned maybe 1/4qt this weekend. And we were on track a LOT.
  5. What an amazing track and event. Bring your A-game because it's technical! I will definitely be back.
  6. Ooof. Hope the damage to ego and cars wasn't too bad 🙂
  7. I feel like I've left some things out between my last post and now. Umm.... nothing real important, I guess. I replaced the rack bushings with solid bushings. This week I also got some new tires and wheels. PF01s in 18x9.5 with NT01s in 275/35/18. Should be fun. I
  8. Crazy. These definitely seem like the track car to have right now, if you want a quick and dirty and damn effective platform.
  9. Whaaaaaaat. Looks great with the Volks on it.
  10. Hah, well, I hope you survive the Trans Am weekend and can make it out!
  11. Excellent. I usually bring everything I need for the day with me, but a BBQ truck will make that easier. I'll be staying at Best Western in Decatur; I tend to stay at BW when it's an option, no real idea why, but usually a good experience and I have rewards with them. I'm just hoping that we can drop off early on Friday and get registered and inspected.
  12. Nice, can't wait to meet you! I will most likely be in the Lexus.
  13. Just signed up. Very excited to run a new track and a track that I have heard nothing but good things about! Anyone else heading up? Registration here: https://chintrackdays.com/event-details.aspx?q=MRTX9ilRchs%3d
  14. Not the exhaust for me! I want something lighter and better sounding for my semi-daily.
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