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  1. Not gonna hold my breath... and a $40K membership is pretty high dollar, IMHO.
  2. Third possibility... has your wife been crawling under your car recently with a hacksaw? jk jk
  3. Wild. I heard yesterday that a red Miata in the instructor group had crashed into a corner station. My immediate thought was, "I hope Rick's _other_ balljoint didn't fail." I am pretty amazed at the consistently of the manufactured part. Glad you're you're okay, but sad that the car may not go again!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6v_eSNVxec
  5. I might suggest the StopTech Sport pads. I use them on my S2000 and have no complaints. They're cheap and seem to work well for me on RE-71R. Looks like they make them for your ride, about $120 for the set.
  6. Oh my. Nice family hauler!
  7. Interesting, I was wondering if the 615s were going to stick around. Seems odd as they seem to cover the same ground. But personally, I like the _look_ of the 615 better for the NSX. I know, that sounds weird.
  8. Planning to be out on Saturday. Fred will be there, too.
  9. Got the car back on Monday. It looks awesome. Have to wait a month or so before taking it for final paint correction, coating, PPF, etc.
  10. I used to enjoy instructing, when my time was free and plentiful. As soon as it wasn't, then the day or weekend needed to be all about me, which is just not possible while instructing. I do wish there was a way to give back without that heavy of a commitment. @Captain Buddha I'm an IT Architect. Really, I've done just about everything in my 20+ year career... programmer, networks, servers, storage... but today, I would say that I like to focus on web-based application delivery, as ultimately that is what I've done my entire career, in some form. If I was willing to move to Austin, I'd have a lot easier time finding work, but we're not real interested in that. We like it here in Houston, but would probably be open to moving for the right opportunity to the right location.
  11. I'd say "it's possible". My personal experience is that they seem to stay pretty decent, but you have to really run them hard and get them hot for them to come back in. Would love to hear other opinions!
  12. In my case, I can (and have) filed for unemployment. Every case is going to be different, of course. In my case, I took a severance package, but it was contingent on signing an agreement, which (as I understand it) allows me to collect unemployment. Unemployment isn't that amazing, really, up to $535 or so a week. Slows the burn, though.
  13. My only goal for 2021 is to become employed again. After that, I may start looking for a Ferrari 308 or something similar. Oh, and I want to finally start an engine build for the Lexus. And maybe get the S2K painted. Track related, I'd like to use my trailer more... get back to ECR, maybe try getting to Barber again. But all of this demands an income stream first, lol.
  14. I am not going to be creating a calendar for 2021. If someone wants to continue the effort, I am happy to try and give you the correct permissions for the calendar.
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