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  1. Whew! I've been eyeballing this and trying to figure out how I could fit it into my fleet. Buy it before I figure it out!
  2. You're anxious?! :) They seem to have a good reputation, and the work I've seen while there looks good. I think they have the _capability_ to do good work, the question is always, will _I_ receive any of that capability.
  3. Car is off at the body shop, CMS. We're gonna do a respray of the front of the car (bumper, hood, fenders), the fix the driver door, the rear bumper, and the roof. I have a feeling this is gonna hurt my wallet, but the car will look nice, I hope.
  4. Yup, all aluminum. Really hoping the shop has some solid experience with that.
  5. LOL, I told Ju I could probably do it with a block of wood and a hammer or something. But since it's an NSX, I'd rather let a body shop do it right. A door is $2500 used, if you can find one, don't really want to experiment on it!
  6. I'm just happy it was not me that did it, I would be flogging myself daily for years. It's also a good example of how damage that doesn't seem like a big deal can actually be very subtle. I just hope that it can be massaged back into place. I'm sure it can be... by the right craftsman.
  7. Well, the window project has spiraled a bit out of control. Before I bought the car, the driver's door was over-extended. Really, the damage didn't seem that bad; the door had a small ding in it, and when opening it, it popped a bit because the stop mechanism was tweaked: With the door apart, it became obvious that the over-extension was harder than I thought it had been. The window issues are, I believe, fairly directly related: the front window rail has damage from the stop mechanism and has busted spot welds: I figured it was a good time to pull the stop mechanism out (which requires the door apart) and put in a new one. That seemed easy enough. Well, it seems that the door is actually tweaked a bit, and the new mechanism doesn't align. You can't really see it, but it's easy to feel with a finger: So, my plan right now is to get the CV joint fixed up this weekend and take it over to the body shop next week and hope for the best... Picture of door apart because why not:
  8. It is not likely I will go this weekend, but if that changes, I will let you know.
  9. Doing more stuff to the car... The driver's window has never worked right and leaks a ton of air at speed, which is damn annoying. I have hesitated to look into it for a few years now, but finally decided that I have to do it. I've found that the front rail that the window rides in had broken tack welds and was thus just sort of flopping around at the bottom and the sliders that attach to the glass in the rear have backed out -- one was disconnected completely and the other was just about to go. Should be easy enough to fix. The driver's side, inner CV joint has been spewing grease all over my engine bay. No rip in the boot or anything, I suspect the band is just not tight enough. But, it's a chance to repack the CVs, I guess.
  10. Continuing to follow this, pretty amazing work.
  11. Interesting set of rides. I the automatic a dual-clutch or old school automatic?
  12. So, doing some research, the rack has two modes... parking lot and highway, basically. It was in parking lot mode, and has been since I got the car. Thankfully, simply disconnecting the connection to the rack defaults it into highway mode. This is much, much better. Not perfect, but better. I should have looked into this a long time ago.
  13. It was a pretty day out there today; many love bugs were murdered. FWIW, the track is being very strict about enforcing social distancing. They are trying to get events up and running and part of that is convincing the county that they're operating responsibly. Plan on maintaining your distance!
  14. From MSRH email this afternoon: "Guests are now allowed, but social distancing is still required. A maximum of (2) guests per member are allowed." Saturday morning looks good... Who wants to come and play?
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