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  1. How would you compare this to a stock exhaust with regard to loudness? With the cat, of course.
  2. Nice, don't think I've ever heard anyone dislike PFC pads.
  3. Epic. Can't watch to get back there.
  4. The car is a complete fucking mess visually. It'll need a complete repaint. In a way, it is good for me. It drives awesome, though.
  5. Job complete. Car runs great. It's nice to have it back to full power. I need to clean up the spark plug cover now!
  6. Probably too soon to have any real world reviews. I asked @ross_bentley for a loaner but was told I would have to ask Garmin for one. I guess we'll have to wait for a high roller or two to buy it and see how it goes, LOL. It's not a horrible deal just for data acquisition and camera, really; if it can also coach you, even better.
  7. Prepping an AP2v1 valve cover to go on the car. The AP2v1 valve cover has a different PCV setup which supposedly helps limit the amount of oil that is dumped into the intake under hard braking, right handers. This is a definite issue on early S2Ks; I bog heavily out of the Bus Stop @ MSRH, for example, and people tell me regularly that they thought my engine let go! I also put holes in the baffling to enable oil to drain better, another common fix for this issue. I really don't want to have to put a catch can in place.
  8. LOL. I did check everything twice and the gauge is at least consistent. So I feel good that the cylinders are all "even". Maybe I'll do a leakdown for the fun of it, too.
  9. Pulled the plugs. Three of the four spark plug tubes were filled with oil. Guess that will do it. Did a compression test, everything seems solid in the 230-235 range; spec is supposed to be 228psi with up to 28psi variation allowed, so I'll call that good and wonder about the quality of my gauge. Not bad for 192K miles.
  10. Took the car out to the track yesterday. It was great! Everything I have done recently -- hard top, suspension updates, ABS fixes -- seems to have had the effect that I was looking for. Car felt really good and planted for the first time ever, IMHO. Sadly, the engine also threw a bunch of misfire codes. I wasn't surprised, it was running poorly on the way down. This week, I plan to pull the plugs and do a compression test. I am hoping that the plugs are just massively fouled from oil dumping into the system via the PCV system; this is a common issue on AP1s, and some of you have seen the smoke billowing out of my car as I go through Bus Stop, lol. I have an AP2 valve cover that I plan to swap into place, which should help the issue.
  11. On the plus side, it moved .4 miles a few days ago. Maybe that is a good sign.
  12. Still no word from the shop. I went over... last week, I think... and it hadn't moved. Not super happy, really. I know it was a "cold" drop-off, but at the same time, don't take it in if it's going to sit for 30 days. Maybe my expectations are not calibrated right.
  13. Supposed to be real fast and fun, maybe better than RE-71R. I guess we'll see, though I don't really have much data for my S2K.
  14. Yay, glad to see progress on this one!
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