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  1. I am confirmed, I’ll see you out there
  2. Thanks to ECR for a great track day and lunch
  3. I have been on this track before, couple of time, once with TDE, looking forward to it again
  4. Greenmica

    F1 2018

    Is anybody else thinking like me that Haas intentionally screwed there cars up to give Ferrari the advantage
  5. Thanks, I wasn’t feeling very well Saturday and woke up feeling worst on Sunday, so I stayed home
  6. My all wheel drive Audi shined on Saturday , it was like a duck on water
  7. Talk to these guys DD Performance Research, there in texas
  8. I would if they allowed my car , cold is the best time for AWD
  9. I like to go as far left as possible to be straight as possible when you go over that patch
  10. Sorry to hear you had your weekend cut short , First time for me running with PCA, great group ,made the weekend even better
  11. I have got One weekend under my belt with TDE, it's surprised me , it did good, I just have to get use to it
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