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  1. Works half the time on my '17 BRZ, very frustrating.
  2. You have the part # for the Nord-Lock washers?
  3. Hopefully this helps.
  4. I use hose separators on my ss oil cooler lines, work like a charm. With 3 lines, you can use them on lines 1-2 and 2-3, to make sure the lines do not touch. Something like this: https://www.amazon.com/6AN-Hose-Separator-Clamp-Mounting/dp/B07L49Y9LM Edit: That's a bad picture on Amazon, you do not hoses to rattle loose inside the clamps.
  5. Cross-posted on the evom forum: Enkei RPF1 Wheels SBC 18x10.5" +15mm, 5x114.3 6 BNIB / 4 used Bought 10 wheels from Oakos Automotive in 8/2016. Used one set for about 8 hpde sessions, then the engine died in my racecar. Racecar is still down, wheels are taking up space. The one used set has 275/35/18 G-Force R1S mounted. Two tires are still ok, other two slightly corded on the outside. Asking $1,400 shipped conus for the set. The other 6 wheels are still brand new, I never opened the boxes. Asking $2,100 shipped conus for all six. Can split into 2 wheels and 4 wheels as well.
  6. "Break on consumables" == low-ish hp and weight and smaller wheels. Miata, BRZ/86, S2000, RX8, Boxster S, E36 M3.
  7. Can "mark this forum as read" button not produce a popup asking to confirm?
  8. Dammit Joe! I change oil every 3 events and it runs me about $100 (Motul 300V 5w30).
  9. Start with Chin, when you get bumped to solo and still feel like you need more instruction add some TDE events to your schedule.
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