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  1. Not getting a 2nd gen BRZ???
  2. Just upgraded my Trac-Com from V1.5 to V2, night and day difference in volume level. Highly recommended with one caveat: Sent in my V1.5 for an upgrade, got the unit back, plugged in a head set and there was a horrible high pitched noise, some sort of electrical interference, when I cranked up the volume to the max. The explanation was that "Our V2 does not have any kind of artificial volume limiting circuit built in which allows the users to overdrive the amplifiers - a side effect of this is uncontrolled feedback when the amplifiers are pushed beyond their efficiency envelope." That was
  3. MOMO Cooling Shirt (2XL) with CoolShirt connectors Never worn $150 shipped conus
  4. Sparco Victory RS-4 race suit size 60 Used 4 or 5 weekends $250 shipped conus
  5. NRG SRK-160H short hub NRG 2.8 gen quick release Sparco 330mm steering wheel Run it successfully on an NA Miata and Mazdaspeed6 with a working horn. You will have to source one bolt. $200 shipped conus
  6. Wow, are you switching to something else or taking a break?
  7. Yes, I see the owner quite frequently out there!
  8. The 350Z is still going strong at Road Atlanta!
  9. After moving to Atlanta and renting for the past year, we are finally buying a house that comes with a 24'x24' detached garage. I want to put a nice floor in the garage before we move in. Just looking around the interwebs I see: 1. Epoxy 2. Polyurea/polyaspartic (sturdier than epoxy) 3. Interlocking tiles (RaceDeck, SupraTile) 4. Porcelain tiles Any words of wisdom as to what material to use or to avoid? The garage will see lots of wrenching, fluid changes (and fluid spills), heavy floor jacks, possibly engine replacements, etc. Interlocking tiles look nice but my g
  10. Not this year, but hope to see you there next year!
  11. I do not recall quiet time at Barber. There is one at Road Atlanta though.
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