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  1. It's still for sale. Hoping for a local buyer so I don't have to ship it.
  2. SOLD! I'm selling a Kirk Racing 4-point bolt-in roll bar (purchased from Bimmerworld ,1.75" x 0.120" DOM steel, sunroof model) that I installed in my e46 M3. I'm de-modding my car back to stock, so this has to go. I had it professionally painted red, specifically Porsche Guards Red (I wanted it to match the same red I came to love in the GT3RS 911's). It also has aluminum split-ring collars bolted on to keep the safety harnesses in check (they can be unbolted, but I left them in place). This bar is the sunroof model, meaning it can be installed in cars with a sunroof. My car was street/track and I had this installed with full interior, it is excellent when combined with race seats / safety harnesses. I originally paid $475 (rollbar) + $150 (shipping) + $250 (paint) + $100 (split-ring collars) = $975 total. I'm also including my rear section of carpet (black) so you dont even have to cut holes in your carpet. The e46 M3's carpet is split into 2 sections front/rear, it's easy as pie to remove the small rear section of carpet while you install the bar. This means you can install the bar, keep your original carpet fully intact, use the carpet I've already cut holes in and take it out in the future (if you ever want to return to stock form) without affecting your interior. The bar itself is in excellent condition. There are a couple small knicks/scratches on it (photos below) but nobody notices once it is in your car (one is by the drivers side, one is on the top so it will be hidden against the headliner). The mounting hardware and bolts are included. I'm asking $450 total for the roll bar and rear section carpet, to be picked up only (no shipping). I live in Austin, TX. These were after installed: These photos were taken recently after I took the bar out (if some of the photo reflections make it look like the paint is fading or bubbling - it's just reflections, the paint is perfect):
  3. I'm selling my e46 M3 carbon fiber sunroof panel since I'm de-modding my car back to stock form, it is in mint condition. This is the popular one sold from the eBay guy that has a custom mold, this is his version 2.. it bolts right in once you unbolt your sunroof carrier (using the same screws, the holes are already pre-drilled). This is sold as a race part, however the weave and finish is excellent. This piece has seen very little weather, my car is only driven on occasional weekends and garaged the rest of the time. The surface condition is excellent. Weight of panel is about 4 pounds. You can reinstall your headliner when finished mounting, if you wanna keep this on for street just seal the edges (there is a thread somewhere on M3Forum.net for this panel with good info). There is some leftover duct tape residue on the edges that I used to hold in some sound deadening material, however the duct tape was on the edges, the parts with holes that bolt onto the car, not any of the exposed areas. I'm asking $150 for the panel (I believe it sells for $315 brand new). I live in Austin, TX. These photos were taken today (click to enlarge): These were during install:
  4. Kamui Kobayashi says don't be such a harness nerd, G-Force provides awesome protection and style. And with the money you save, you can buy some killer new Racetech seats...
  5. Cody E.

    WTB: a seat

    The seat itself has no travel of course, but the slider I use probably moves it up to 6". BTW the seat I'm selling doesn't have side mounts or sliders or anything. You'll have to add those yourself.
  6. Cody E.

    WTB: a seat

    Yeah it's FIA and current. We used a different Momo Start seat in our chumpcar without a seatback brace, no problems.
  7. Cody E.

    WTB: a seat

    I still have the Momo, but I don't have a seat back brace.
  8. Cody E.

    WTB: a seat

    It should work I think it's 17" in the butt area. Are you going to H2R this weekend? I can run it by and you can sit in it.
  9. Cody E.

    WTB: a seat

    I have a barely used (like seriously, it's basically new) Momo Start seat. FIA sticker has June/11 manufacture date.. so it would be valid until June/2016. I'll let it go for $375. :) I can drop it off at H2R if you want it. http://www.momousa.com/racing/seats/start.html?view=featured
  10. Yeah the weather was perfect for a time trial, I had fun out there.
  11. Haha, I still have a coupon like that from the time trial. I should frame it. ;)
  12. I'm always down for embarrassing myself in an H2R Gymkhana. :) In the first one I entered I had a broken hand and had trouble driving smoothly. In the second one I entered I got lazy and left my slicks on so I couldn't spin the car easily and did more off-roading than anything else. Oh well.
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