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  1. Woah, on 225 rc1! Super impressive. I'll shoot you a pm.
  2. Great lap, new personal best? Could I get a copy of the data? St3 trim? Tires/size?
  3. they look promising, 245/40/15's for the the wide tire miata guys too. http://www.miataturbo.net/wheels-tires-78/hankook-rs-4-a-92176/
  4. I could make use of it, I'll pm you my number
  5. Wouldn't it be easier to just change the settings on your phone while you are at the track?
  6. Ciro has my fender roller and Paul has the heat gun...I think.
  7. http://www.trackjunkies.org/topic/1778-miata-quick-release-what-do-you-use/
  8. is it bad that i was mroe annoyed the the passenger's helmet was not fastened than that there was no sound?
  9. Here's my setup 1. Hub: NRG short hub 2. Spacers: 45mm (15mm + 30mm) 3. Quick Release Mechanism: NRG gen2 quick release 4. Wheel, diameter & type: Sparco Mugello (330mm, 35mm dish) 5. Where did you purchase: ebay/saferacer I was never a fan of the hex or splined qr. they all tend to develop slop and thats one thing i cant stand. Actually, last time I took my car over to John Phillips of SM fame, he looked at my qr and was amazed that i'd been running it for 4 years w/o developing any slop. He's now using them in his specs. I think i posted this pic somewhere on here before, but this should give you an idea of the spacing
  10. I've been using these (LINK) They are cheap and have been reliable thus far. Battery life is good, and recharge time is fast. I usually charge them on the way to the track because I usually forget the night before. Quality is better than the chatterbox I had that broke after ~3 years. the wireless is nice, nothing to get tangled and in the event of an emergency exit, you're aren't tethered. My only complaint is the headsets are not very robust, but they have held up fine for the year I've used them. AC is using the same set for a bit longer, so he may have better comments on durability. Additionally, I use them in my motorcycle helmet for tunes.
  11. Since it's easy to make a quick trip to Austin in the middle of the week...
  12. Awesome pics! Kart #13: 1:11.130 very fun session battling with Paul and smiling the whole time. Kart was a dog, handled well, no much in terms of power. Kart #2: 1:10.463 Much better kart, great top end. took me the whole session to adjust my brake points from the slow kart. Kart #3 1:09.730 This kart matched my driving style pretty well. Good bottom end, lots of grip, but not too much top end. only put together 1 hot lap because I was dropping back into the pack to have some wheel to wheel fun. When are we going back? ;)
  13. You just show up, pay your money, and drive. I'll be there!
  14. Interesting fix for the tight sway bar bushing. My fix is similar, but different. I sand down the flat part of the bushing ( -->D ) to reduce the clamping force when you bolt the bracket on.
  15. IIRC the main fan comes on at 208* and the ac fan comes on at 215* I ran both fans when i had a 53mm koyo and never had any overheating issues. I think 1 will work as well. be sure to seal the fan to the back side of the radiator. If you want them both to come on a 208*, you just have to jumper 2 pins at the ecu.
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