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  1. I'm 5'8" 165lbs - 34 waist with broad shoulders. For me, there's still some room around the waist/hip to wiggle around. The kidney/lower rib cage area is snug and so were my shoulders. I'd say maybe? You can PM me and swing by to test sit to confirm.
  2. Two seats in good condition with the exception of one bottom cushions inner corner has a tear/rip. (Marked location and shown in one of the photos) Otherwise the shell and other fabric are fine. One seat has a MFG Date of Feb 2007, and the other is Jun 2012. Only have a side mount bracket for one seat though. Both seats come with all 8 mounting bolts. Asking $1,400 OBO for both seats + the one side mount bracket. Any questions, feel free to ask. Only selling because I prefer how my body fits in a Recaro SPG better. More info: https://racetech-usa.com/shop/RT4009-motorsport-seats
  3. My opinion is we probably won't be in close contact with each other and hopefully use good judgement when around each other. Interestingly enough, public parks and playgrounds will still remain open. (The track is an adult playground right?) https://www.khou.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/stay-home-work-safe-houston-harris-county-issue-stay-at-home-shelter-place-order/285-87390d65-44b3-464f-830a-399ea202eac7 I think there are ways to safely still have fun in this climate, but I respect everyone's decisions either way and will look forward to next time if that's the case!
  4. Appreciate the hospitality! Hopefully it pans out. I'll check this thread for updates.
  5. I've always wanted to attend one of these events, but haven't been able to take off on Sundays. I think it might be possible for me this upcoming Sunday. Would anyone mind hosting me?
  6. I'm interested in the passenger seat. (A friend will PM @@joesurf79) @@SchadenFred - I have Miata seat rails I can give you or your friends can pick them up from me.
  7. Try this guy? (no affiliation) https://houston.craigslist.org/pts/d/sparco-racing-bucket-seats/6757094370.html
  8. VoBoy


    gosh that oil pan is terrible. looking forward to following the build tough!
  9. This happened to someone at Miata's at Hallett a few weeks ago which resulted in contact with the tire wall. (Wheel, brake caliper and rotor went on it's own trajectory) I was looking how I can avoid a catastrophic situation with this failure. Was there any indication a corner or two before that failure was imminent? I'm wondering if I need to hard time the hubs. Pretty sure I'm on the original OEM front hub on the passenger side. My left was replaced due to bearing failure a couple years ago.
  10. Looks good... Is there a premade sheet or did you DIY? I feel like my Miata was naked after a good washing lol was thinking of coming up with a pattern to dress it with.
  11. Late to the party, but here is my opinion. The lug holes being parallel or offset doesn't really matter in my opinion. My assessment is that the high stress/forces when braking is not acting in such a way where this would matter. Googled rotor hat stress and found interesting illustrations to confirm my suspicions.
  12. They stopped selling the trailers at HF due to them not meeting DOT specs for whatever reason. Not sure. I think Northern tool is still selling trailers similar though just a bit more in price.
  13. dang there is so much room to work in that engine bay. I'm surprised you didn't clean it up a bit while the engine was out for all that time. good to see some progress on it.
  14. That lady is like "Are you out of your mind?!"
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