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  1. Yep its great. I like it a lot.. It's not as vibrant as motec 125 and 127 dash I use in other cars but much cheaper.
  2. Fan club has been super active while I forgot to check the site πŸ˜„ Nice lap
  3. Date: Feb 22, 2020 Car: Dodge Viper ACR Track: COTA Lap time: 2:16.8 Weight with driver: est 3850 (with passenger) whp est 600 Tires: Michelin scrub Just drove 2 data laps in a friends ACR for him. Car probably has high 14's with a little more seat time and no passenger. Fun cars, brings back memories πŸ™‚
  4. The APR wing uses stock mounts which put a LOT of pressure on the trunk and hinges. The cup wing uses a chassis mount. I will be switching to the CUP style mounts, but not sure which element i will use.
  5. i dont think you do to be honest. Back to back testing on a friends car didnt yield much gain... I'm not convinced.
  6. Car is surprisingly easy to drive. Going to let a few buddys drive it after I get it totally sorted, I really think it's a friendly car, all things considered.
  7. Car has headers with cats.... Cup car Brakes, Moton Triples, Cup hubs/wheels, and 18" yok slicks. APR parachute alsoπŸ˜„... otherwise full interior street car. After this track event I actually put my street wheels back in (20" forgeline) and drove it 300 miles home to dallas.
  8. couple more laps from this weekend No changes to the car except some damper changes and tire change. This was on af fresh set of Yok A80's. Dampers are coming off now for a revalve to try and solve the porpoising. Lap Time: 2:15.002 COTA loop (2:14.96 AIM) Car: 2015 991 GT3 Weight with Driver: 3350 WHP: 400 Tires: Yokohama A80 Weather: 70
  9. ah thanks dude. Definitely wasnt expecting to win, just have fun... If the LYFE gtr even made a 30% lap they would have no problem beating my lil street car.... sometimes reliability wins.. πŸ™‚
  10. so not too far off.. was purely an estimation anyway. I suspect i'm not making the same power as a car with a tune, but all in all 20hp (5%) isnt a huge deal.... My weight is an estimation also, i weighed the car before while setting cross weight and it was 3380, but took out a few small items, estimating 30lbs.
  11. You're stuck on the acceleration of my car, but you seem to underestimate the efficiency of PDK. My car has headers and straight pipes... I dont know what it dynos exactly. It's a fun weekend toy for me to take to the track periodically. It's not my race car, so I dont worry about it much.
  12. You keep telling me my feelings are hurt and I'm laughing at you. You are welcome to introduce your self to me any time you see me at the ranch... I have experienced a lot of keyboard warriors and been one my self in my 20 years of racing. No hard feelings over here.
  13. Listen man, I know you felt super clever typing out those paragraphs, but at the end of the day, you're the slow guy with a couple fast friends projecting your insecurities on a message board that about 5 people probably actively read. I dont have anything to prove to you or anyone else here. You made a wild claim that cannot be backed up, and you're slower than my street car around a race track in your gutted plastic barbie car, and thats about all i have to say about that.
  14. TLDR, You claim i got my feelings hurt and then you type a novel?
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