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  1. If anyone has one or knows where to find one please let me know.
  2. Finally got the system setup in the car. Pretty sweet. Haven't tested on track yet.
  3. I think there is better hope in bandera downs actually following through.
  4. I think i could find a lot better things to spend $54k on
  5. Brand new $49 kindle. Just downloaded whatever app is on amazon. I'm sure its the latest version. I was able to write and save all my settings onto the brain through my desktop but the top left menu drop down and all menu buttons don't respond very well on the kindle sometimes.
  6. Anyone ever have issues with the app on the tablet going really slow and not responding? Basically locks up and doesn't respond or if you click on an icon it takes 20 seconds to respond.
  7. I dont like people that get rich off of loaning money to poor people by charging 20% interest.
  8. I'm 20 min from cota....love it! Especially now that our chances of racing there more might go up if F1 leaves.
  9. Yah paying to have wheels balanced is a complete rip considering you can buy a big box of wheel weights at napa for $50
  10. I bought a tire machine and balancer from this place in ft worth. They still had the chinese newspaper stuffed in them haha. Worth every penny of $1800 for both and has def paid for itself. Still works great to this day.
  11. Ok so i can still use the OBD2 / CAN optioned device, use it just for power and it will still log data just will not show all the gauges on the display nor live on the phone?
  12. Also there is an option for cellular interface and just standard bluetooth. Whats the diff?
  13. So if i bought the $599 one bluetooth and telemetry it would have to be hardwired and could only be used as a lap timer on the display? Is the non can obd upgrade going to be something that can be added to an existinf mk2? Or is it a complete new system you have to buy? Just trying to fig out if i should buy now or wait for non can obd kit to come out. Any idea when the non can obd will be released? First race is in January.
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