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  1. Spring Mountain was our home track for the LV PCA region since the late Nineties, shortly after LVMS opened up and priced themselves out of the market. Many, many laps around Spring Mountain for the 10 years I was in Vegas.
  2. Jack Smythe, from the Houston PCA Region, is now managing GSS.
  3. Similar to what Kverges posted on 22 Dec 2015, post #11, "how fast did you go?" thread in the COTA forum.
  4. Can you export it to a PDF? After looking at some files, all I really need is a plot of speed (Y-axis) vs. time and distance/lap position (X-axis), with a track map matching the sectors to the corners on the track. I also need the weight of the car as metadata.
  5. I am looking for someone who has a raw data file from a data logger for a hot lap at COTA. Preferences - MS-Excel format or comma delimited file GPS time, position, velocity, and acceleration data Brake system data, including brake switch/on, and brake hydraulic pressure (psi) car weight = approx. 3,000 lb (not a Miata, not a Mercedes S-Class) lap time = approx. 2:30 Dry track PM me please if you've got something close to what I am looking for, TIA!
  6. List Updated. More No Reserve Auctions on EBay now - end this week. UserID = Speedwerks_Ferrari Item Numbers: 252774890712 - Porsche 911 oil fittings 252769864434 - Stand 21 Carbon Fiber Helmet 252769854583 - Parts Polisher 252769844933 - Porsche 996 997 Cayman Boxster jack pads 252769840818 - aluminum jack stands 252769834277 - Porsche 911 912 964 993 engine chassis hoist accessories
  7. List Updated. New Location - Braker & 183 10 No Reserve Auctions on EBay now - end tomorrow.
  8. Instructing both days Also bringing new prototype instructor-student intercoms to displace Chatterbox from our collective misery, to share with instructors and get feedback for manufacturers.
  9. More items sold this week. List Updated. Most tools are gone. Still lots of racecar fab parts available.
  10. +1. So not gonna happen. At 150 mph, your car will consume 20 gallons of pump gas in 40 minutes. For a 10-hour trip, you will need a 300-gallon tank, which adds 1950 pounds to the vehicle weight, and costs $555 to fill up (on regular, in TX). Add about $300 to your fill-up in San Diego for the return trip. unless you are packing 4 people into this car, just stick with Southwest Airlines.
  11. When I toured the Porsche factory in 2000, Porsche had already forecast that the end of the automobile as we know it would come (they didn't know how precisely, at the time), and they were already stating their intention that they would continue to build driver's cars longer than any other car manufacturer in the world. They cited the equestrian community (as mentioned above) as the model for the future. It's an insightful model. When Ford introduced the Model T in 1908, there were 25 horse racing tracks in the US. In 2015, there were 110 public tracks. There's no reason to believe that m
  12. 1706 Dungan Lane, Austin, TX 78745 600 SF, $440/month full gross
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