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  1. I have only run the car at MSRC once. The tires were so done I would hesitate to say they were similar. Car was very slippery as you can see. https://www.facebook.com/832853600062489/videos/714091219434898
  2. Driving needs to be cleaned up to get into the 14's but a handful of 1:15's were safely had. Track limits can be exceeded quickly when running 10/10ths with this car.
  3. How much do you not miss the gti with how well these drive?
  4. Track: COTA Date: 2/19 Lap Time: 2:16.31 Car: 2008 Mazda Mx-5 Weight without driver: 2325lbs WHP: 650 Tires: Hoosier A7's Weather: 60's Dry Some more left in the car (and driver..) but isn't there always? Hope to get back soon with the car.
  5. I'll be out there with the mx-5 in unlimited
  6. There's one flating around here but I stopped updating it bc of phtobucket. Most things are here now https://www.facebook.com/TXTrackNC/
  7. I thought I shared this a few months ago. Dipping into the 17's finally.
  8. Depends on the diff type and tire choice but yes quite high on race tires or a plate type diff.
  9. Might be better to not know the diff temp in my experience :)
  10. Yep that was me. I've been to a few of the TT's with the car. I have not classed the car in NASA yet but I would guess it would end up in TT1. These tires are pretty beat. year and a half old with 20+ heat cycles. I think stickers would be worth a second or so.
  11. 2400ish with driver and just under 400hp as run.
  12. Little by little I have chipped away at some quicker lap times with my NC miata at HHR. Got some track time today with the new set up and was pleased to see some 17's right off the trailer. Here's a few laps
  13. I cut everything mine had down to bare bones and no longer use a key. Sorry not much help.
  14. What's your current coil over set up?
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