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  1. Miss everyone, If you ever visit Oregon FB Levica and we can meet up.
  2. Getting closer to the day and there are still spots available.
  3. We want to and might be able to start that soon. We are working on some things in WRL and think we will be starting a PDS in each of our regions in the coming future. Logistics being the main hold up atm, more info to come.
  4. Me and Levica just opened registration for the PDS come join in the fun. Also only 5$ for Instructors :).
  5. I didn't notice until a few minutes ago that this was not posed on here. Performance Driving School (PDS) is World Racing League's HPDE program, where drivers can learn and hone the skills necessary to drive any road course at speed, in a controlled environment where safety comes first and fun is a close second. This PDS will be structured around 5 run groups - Blue, Yellow, White and Instructor. Sorry, there s no Novice group for this event. Those practicing for the race over the weekend will run in the 5th group (Practice). Format will be the standard Performance Driving School "double s
  6. how did i not see this txt me next time.
  7. so is this "like father like son" or "like son like father"?
  8. if anyone has a spare shiftier bushing for a Miata can you bring it please. Nate had an extra one he is bring to the track for me thanks.
  9. Nate you can get some laps in my Miata if yours does not make it.
  10. RS4's arriving Friday as soon as those suckers are mounted i'm booking it down.
  11. Not to toot my own horn, but I actually do practice this on the street and the thing I notice after driving lots of cars is that the brake release is one of the most annoying things for me because there is a wildly varying brake modulation/control on most cars. Just as an example My 2012 Focus shit box has high brake boost and is means there is no way to be smooth when slowing down whereas driving my Jeep WK is a dream in comparison. Miata with willwoods is a whole other lvl and driving race prep Honda with no brake boost was an eye opener when it came to brake modulation 0 boos meant my leg
  12. In and hoping for Miata Party and not cheater s2000's
  13. I can tell you that the contract's signed the past 2 years are basically open ended and that TWS can do whatever it wants. That being said also based of the past 3 years I would not adhere to anything the rumor mill is throwing out there and to just see what happens when you actually get to the track. Just thought that I would add when I go out there to play I like running the 1.8. It is probably not for most cars but in the Miata it is a nice shake up form the 2.9.
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