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  1. Finding work shouldn't be too hard. I run heavy equipment in surface mining and everywhere needs rock. It's just a matter of tracking the companies down and turning in my resume. Long hours and often long commutes so again not a big worry. I'm mostly just concerned about the cost of living. No point in moving somewhere with a track if all my hard work goes into just barely staying afloat. Thanks for the info though it really narrowed things down.
  2. Are there tracks in Texas near places that don't have an insane cost of living? So far the ones I've found are in places that want 300k for a tiny condo when I'm used to living in places where 120k gets you a three bedroom house with a garage.
  3. The issues I'm having are 1) I live in Rapid City South Dakota so there's no tracks I know of for road racing near me and all the tracks I can find are in areas with a ridiculous cost of living. 2) All attempts I make to form a team to build a car fall apart when the people who say they want to join realize I'm not going to fund the ENTIRE thing as well as do ALL of the work and just let them play with the race car. So are there tracks near me or in an area worth moving to that doesn't have an insanely high cost of living? (Bonus points for warmer climates/short winters) And how fea
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