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  1. That’s the beauty! It’s not some fancy track but it’s a track!!! Spread the word, it would be very appreciated.
  2. Hey guys! We have three people including myself interested. We are getting closer. If you know anyone who is interested please spread the word!
  3. That’s what I am talking about!!!! Let’s f&@$ing goooooo!!!
  4. Renting a garage is up to you it’s only $275 a month. You realize you don’t have to make your negative comments here. The Ol, don’t have nothing nice to say applies a lot of the time. If you don’t want it, that’s fine. But the world could do without so much negativity.
  5. after speaking with Kurt they do practice reciprocity.
  6. So I spoke with Kurt about reciprocity. He stated that you have to go through him, he talks to either Harris hill or cresson and you pay the day fee. He said they may limit how many times a year you can but it’s up to them. Houston limits theirs to 4 a year per person.
  7. I don’t think there is reciprocity. Not 100% though. I will ask.
  8. Also I am assuming that you know you can freeze your membership once a year for as long as you want.
  9. Awesome write up, thank you for taking the time. I am looking to get some land so that may be right where I look. You should come to the dark side and jump in on this group buy, if not I get it! 😉
  10. Yes that does. I was concerned about the same thing. For me I can rarely get off weekdays. Kurt mentioned 30% of the year is open for Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Plus they have a lot of events that don’t use the actual track like the drivers course. Other events are sometimes a half day also. I see it as this: 102 weekend days In the year 30% of that is roughly 33 days per year I can ride on the weekend not including weekdays/holidays that they are open and there isn’t work. A regular track day for me at the cheapest rate is $170. That would be $5600 a year. If I have a memb
  11. Hey Guys, just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself. Thank you for the reminder @speedracer I just recently moved to Houston from Idaho for work. . . I have years of riding experience on the Dirt but just recently bought a Ktm Duke 890R. I went to one track day and fell in love! Its funny that the title is 12 step program; haha. I am actually sober and I can say the addiction between track days and actual addiction is very very real. I have been so eager to figure out how to do it affordably that I have been on every forum, talk to every riding organization in the state and trying t
  12. So currently it is $5,000 down and $275 monthly. This gets you basically 5 days a week track guaranteed. Weekends are bit of a different story. It is in the service agreement that you will get 45 weekend track days per year. After discussing with Kurt, we can get the cost of membership down to $2000 plus monthly dues. This would help significantly for folks like me that are not rich, but have a serious love for riding/driving. If you are interested please text/call me 562-200-8300. I am looking to move near their if I can. You are lucky to be that close!
  13. I spoke to Kurt, garages are currently full. however: A small 12.5 Wide / 30 ft Deep - $400/M | Medium garages are double that size and go for $800 | Large are $1600 four times the size of the small. He mentioned that members will share to help their cost and or they have a short wait list right now with typically 5-10 garages turning over yearly.
  14. I know they have garages and condos. Not sure how much they are.
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