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  1. I'm looking for a helmet bag that's a step up from the free cloth drawstring bag that came with my helmet. I'd want it to hold my HANS, head sock & gloves in addition to the helmet. Whats worked for you?
  2. Thanks Matt - it currently has $27 Walmart tires on ?
  3. That's plan B. But it involves a dusty & poorly vented garage, so was hoping for something a little bit better.
  4. Our father/son project car is close to being ready to paint. Does anyone have, or know of, a paint booth for rent in the Houston area?
  5. Thanks for the offer - I managed to pick up a stand for $30.
  6. FYI....check your HF jack stands https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a32619739/harbor-freight-auto-jack-stands-collapse-recall/?source=nl&utm_source=nl_cdb&utm_medium=email&date=052320&utm_campaign=nl20172927 https://images.harborfreight.com/hftweb/recalls/Jack-Stand-Recall-56371_61196_61197.pdf
  7. Damn, wish I'd been monitoring TJ before buying a used BP VVT from a junkyard (Eaststreet, so fingers crossed). Too late now....
  8. Thx Tobey - I just bought my engine, so not sure when it's arriving (yet). If I had to guess, my time frame overlaps with yours (3-4 weeks). It's a project car so not urgent - I'll update when I know more.
  9. Anyone in the Houston area open to loaning out an engine/shop crane and/or engine stand? My son & I have a 90 Miata project car and will be putting in a replacement engine soon....
  10. Continue restoring a 1990 NA with my son. It's just 1000 small jobs, one after the other.... Thank goodness for RockAuto + home delivery!
  11. As usual, you TJs don't disappoint! Great feedback - I hadn't considered some of the cars suggested. As for budget, I'm thinking up to 3x cost of a well sorted Miata. That probably puts me in BRZ/E36 territory.....
  12. I've been tracking a Miata for about 6 years and am considering a change. Wife is onboard but no budget agreed yet. Would need to be driven to/from the track, so must pass ODB II inspection (:-() and AC is a must since I'm in Texas. I've been browsing streetable race cars on rackingjunk - Corvette, BMW, Cayman. Obviously running costs will be much higher than the Miata. What HPDE car would you suggest?
  13. That was my conclusion - it'll get a weird heat pattern & then fail. Amazon have agreed to send a replacement even though it's outside the return window.
  14. My son & I were replacing pads and rotors on my Trackspeed BBK. My son noticed this - looks like a casting defect?
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