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  1. As usual, you TJs don't disappoint! Great feedback - I hadn't considered some of the cars suggested. As for budget, I'm thinking up to 3x cost of a well sorted Miata. That probably puts me in BRZ/E36 territory.....
  2. I've been tracking a Miata for about 6 years and am considering a change. Wife is onboard but no budget agreed yet. Would need to be driven to/from the track, so must pass ODB II inspection (:-() and AC is a must since I'm in Texas. I've been browsing streetable race cars on rackingjunk - Corvette, BMW, Cayman. Obviously running costs will be much higher than the Miata. What HPDE car would you suggest?
  3. That was my conclusion - it'll get a weird heat pattern & then fail. Amazon have agreed to send a replacement even though it's outside the return window.
  4. My son & I were replacing pads and rotors on my Trackspeed BBK. My son noticed this - looks like a casting defect?
  5. I need new tires - current RC1's worked well till I locked up and corded them. Wondering if anyone has a coupon for the Maxxis online store?
  6. I'm in Houston, considering buying from eCarOne in Dallas (https://www.ecarone.com/). I'm doing all the research I can and would have an independent PPI done prior to any purchase. Has anyone dealt with them at all? Thanks
  7. You'll probably get some answers here: https://www.focusst.org/forum/ You'll almost certainly need an aftermarket inter cooler. As Matt pointed out, worth checking if the nannies can be turned off. There is a Fiesta ST running with the Red group in TDE - seems to lap about the same as my Miata (so slow!). Not sure what mods on it though.
  8. Since you mentioned hot hatches....my first track car was a 2007 Mazdaspeed 3. Took me from Green through to Yellow, never overheated even in June @ TWS (on stock cooling + Stage 1 tune), Great sleeper car, massive fun, huge versatility. Instead of the RS, have you considered an ST? Much, much, cheaper (I've just traded in the MS3 for a ST).
  9. I'm considering a project car for my son & I to wrench on as a joint effort. Question is what car? Neither my son nor I are into American classics, so we're leaning towards the import side. So far we've considered: Miata. Easy to work on, cheap, lots available. But I already have one - not a deal breaker, but would be nice to work on something new. RX-7 FD. Way too pricey. Datsun Z. A quick search shows either rust buckets (too much work) or restored (too little work). Nissan 240SX. Low availability. Porsche 944. Pricey parts & high prices. Not sure on budget yet, just started kicking this idea around. Definitely prefer cars that don't need major bodywork, so no rust holes or accident damage. Not looking to make a profit, just enjoy some father & son time. What's your suggestion?
  10. I have an old M2005 open face helmet. Is it just good for the trash or is there anyway to recycle it (or otherwise not end up in landfill)?
  11. Haggis

    Brake pad life

    Looks like the wisdom is these tiny delicate pads don't last long & my wear rate is reasonable. Since I'm happy with stopping power, pedal feel & rotor friendliness I think I'll just get another set of PFC 01. Thanks all.
  12. Haggis

    Brake pad life

    I was using DTC 70 - awesome pedal feel and stopping power, slightly longer life than the PFC but wore my rotors really quickly (the car is driven to/from track, which may have contributed to rotor wear). I'll try the PFC 11/12 pads instead.
  13. Haggis

    Brake pad life

    Wait, what! Not meant for road course!!?? I'm not sure the Superlite kit from Trackspeed would fit under my wheels, plus $999 is a hell of a lot of brake pads
  14. Haggis

    Brake pad life

    7112 shape I think, but yeah only 12mm material.
  15. I'm in need of new tires after cording a set of NT01's. I was going to get some Maxxis RC-1's but another Miata driver (who was faster than me) mentioned Hankook RS-4's as an alternative. Does anyone have any hands on experience with RS-4s, especially compared to NT01/RC-1?
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