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  1. Alan

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    Congrats! I heard Karts are cheaper when acquired by the 6 pack 😃
  2. Date: 06/09/2019 NASA GTS2 Championship Race Track: Hallett CCW Lap time: 1:24.363 (Lap 9) NASA Official Results Car: 2003 MINI Cooper S - GTS2 Total vehicle weight with driver: 2,450 lbs (160lbs over min weight) 168.3 Average Wheel HP Tire size and model: 245/40/15 Hoosier A7 Estimated ambient temperature: 80ish NASA Thunder Race Group Championship Race @ Hallett June 2019
  3. I have 4 2014 SM7s about 50% "tread" that you can have if you dismount and return wheels. They're perfect for street driving. 😃👍 I'm between New Braunfels and Canyon Lake.
  4. MSR Cresson is 103 db - not sure of the exact measurement protocol.
  5. Please be Pueblo! Average Weather in August in Pueblo Colorado, United States
  6. My first race in almost 2 years was Hallett with BMW in October. January will be NASA @ MSR Houston. NASA has adjusted the rules again, so I may be investigating SCCA in 2019.
  7. It ain't wrong wheel drive in the rain.... seems so long ago...
  8. In Just did my part to ensure it doesn't rain - rented garage 12...
  9. Alan

    Setup Sheets

    Feel free to copy, give feedback: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A3eWnRJ2mFNF2t0fzr7ymsBlGgyAe0dhKUwwssy9eV4/edit?usp=sharing
  10. I'd been contemplating moving from 225/45/15 to 245/40/15 R7s on 9" rims, since the cost difference is less than $5/tire. You've convinced me! What width wheel are you running the 245s on?
  11. I'm in - FWD is a blast in the wet! Probably run the weekend on R7s for extra slidy effect; and I'm too lazy to put on the wets.
  12. Instructing / polishing tune / testing new oil cooler location
  13. 1600F isn't crazy hot, the MINI peaks in the high 700C and fuel trim starts at 800C(1472F) And I agree:
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