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  1. The rolling blackouts that began on Monday ended yesterday at about 5:30 PM. We had electricity enough of the time to keep the house above 60 (with propane fireplace) and water pressure for toilet flushing (well pump). Don't think we'll have any pipe problems - the well didn't freeze. Got about another 3" of snow so far today.
  2. Eric Foss testing 2014 Ligier LMP2 at MSR Cresson Damp track
  3. Congrats on completing Comp School Romie!
  4. Congrats! I heard Karts are cheaper when acquired by the 6 pack ?
  5. Date: 06/09/2019 NASA GTS2 Championship Race Track: Hallett CCW Lap time: 1:24.363 (Lap 9) NASA Official Results Car: 2003 MINI Cooper S - GTS2 Total vehicle weight with driver: 2,450 lbs (160lbs over min weight) 168.3 Average Wheel HP Tire size and model: 245/40/15 Hoosier A7 Estimated ambient temperature: 80ish NASA Thunder Race Group Championship Race @ Hallett June 2019
  6. I have 4 2014 SM7s about 50% "tread" that you can have if you dismount and return wheels. They're perfect for street driving. ?? I'm between New Braunfels and Canyon Lake.
  7. MSR Cresson is 103 db - not sure of the exact measurement protocol.
  8. Please be Pueblo! Average Weather in August in Pueblo Colorado, United States
  9. My first race in almost 2 years was Hallett with BMW in October. January will be NASA @ MSR Houston. NASA has adjusted the rules again, so I may be investigating SCCA in 2019.
  10. It ain't wrong wheel drive in the rain.... seems so long ago...
  11. In Just did my part to ensure it doesn't rain - rented garage 12...
  12. Alan

    Setup Sheets

    Feel free to copy, give feedback: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A3eWnRJ2mFNF2t0fzr7ymsBlGgyAe0dhKUwwssy9eV4/edit?usp=sharing
  13. I'd been contemplating moving from 225/45/15 to 245/40/15 R7s on 9" rims, since the cost difference is less than $5/tire. You've convinced me! What width wheel are you running the 245s on?
  14. I'm in - FWD is a blast in the wet! Probably run the weekend on R7s for extra slidy effect; and I'm too lazy to put on the wets.
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