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  1. I just realized I misread this about the gen 5 Camaro, it was for the Z/28 prep sheet, and it's talking about for the hood vent itself. In my head I translated that to rain guard at the windshield. Yeah I used to be ace at reading comprehension. "Reduce the coolant/water mixture to a 30/70 mix and increase underhood airflow by removing the water deflector on the engine side of the hood scoop"
  2. OOohhhh! yeah...I'm tempted to pull my ABS out of the picture due to GM's awesome ice mode "feature". But, I'm sure the bias would be out of whack
  3. Aaannddd .... if you're in Austin check out SoulSpeed
  4. Ouch. Curious what you find with brake issue. Good luck with the repairs.
  5. Yeah 1.29 is as good as I've done at H2R with 255 NT01R back in 2009 ish, ovearheating brakes in 2 laps to do it my hamfisted gorilla way. 260whp Mazdaspeed3 with cheap coilovers (BC racing). Haven't had a chance to make a run at it with my Camaro. Should pretty easily beat my PB I expect. I consider my skill level at an honest solid intermediate, my natural plateau. Need a lot of untraining and coaching to break through that, ever. Back then, I remember NC(? not sure, no expert with Miata generations - that was James L. I believe, same time with Exige S on 888's) with I/H/E (170ish whp) and hoosiers and some nice suspension bits in the 1.26, Acura NSX stock power with JRZ and street tires in the 1.26, Acura ITR mostly stock also in the 1.25-1.26 (I think that was Jenson?) I remember he was running scrub tires on the ITR. No idea what spec or chump/wr miata should be able to do at H2R. What do the best driven H2R challenge Miatas run?
  6. Oh dear, I disregarded the meat of your question. My preference is to keep pads with their rotors for the duration but I used to switch pads between street and race Carbotechs on my Mazda for a while. Didn't bother sanding or anything. Just a quick rebedding process is all I would do. However I found my rotors would wear almost as quickly as my track pads, so it was more economical in the long run to keep separate rotors and pads, as I drove a lot of street miles on the Mazda as well as track miles.
  7. The gloc r12/10 on my Camaro work fine on the street. Better than OEM, even when cold. Can be a little squeaky, a little dusty, and if you're driving a lot of street miles - kind of a waste of a good pad. I don't care about those things, and am not driving the Camaro much on the street.
  8. From zero to messerschmitt ... ugh I dunno man. Something doesn't quite feel right about it, but I suppose at the end of the day I care more about the overall performance capability.
  9. Sounds like fun but will be on a camping road trip with my sons.
  10. I like watching this guy build barndominiums. https://www.youtube.com/user/TexasBarndominiums/videos
  11. ...negative camber...stoptechs...harness bar...harness and seat... This is going to be an interesting first drive...
  12. LOL. I used to have to crawl under our 6-pack (80's chevy 4 door diesel pickup) in the Air Force, bang on the starter with a *ahem* big mag lite. Seemed to only happen when we were several miles from anything. Being a maintenance shop you'd think we'd fix that, but we were aircraft mechs - so it wasn't even allowable.
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