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  1. Nice article. Love it when an underdog is appreciated like this. Love a good FWD hatch too. I still miss the goodness that was my 2008 Mazdaspeed3.
  2. Hah wow, loving this thread. Pat G will be tuning mine also whenever the assembly is finally completed. My build is NA and should be good for around 600whp.
  3. Sigh! sounds awesome. Anybody want to ride share to cover a chunk of your expenses? I have quite a few hours of track experience with FWD (Mazdaspeed3), RWD (Camaro) and AWD (Audi A4 and WRX). Over the years I've only been off track once in a car - due to brakes going to ice mode pushing hard for a TT time. Plenty of "moments" of course. Never raced, just HPDE's and a touch of TT and Autox. I'd have to run novice due to so much time off. In my own cars I tend to overdrive, but am nicer to other peoples' stuff. Just want to get some seat time.
  4. Hey. I'm interested in the bell 2015 and hans Do you make your way to Austin area ever?
  5. KevinDB

    2013 Camaro 1LE

    Modern Airflow Dynamics is finally done with my engine. My rebuilt differential (it was FUBAR'd, don't take your sports car diff to a jeep shop) by a pro in Dallas is finally done, and with OEM 3.91 gears back in it (say no to Yukon gears) Now I'm 3rd or 4th in line for the reassembly (no I don't have the skill, will or space to DIY), and then the tuning schedule with Pat G - LS tuning guru. Will I have my car back before 2020? Not sure I care anymore. Talk about a year of hindsight... This wasted money could have bought a lightweight track purpose something or other for cheap and buckets of seat time to go with it. It's rather ironic that I'm a supposed TJ, when I have only been on the track for 1 weekend in all of 2019. In other news my "racebike" aka static display of partially disassembled junk, is still INOP. Am I even a TJ? I don't think I qualify. Things I could have done to scratch the itch and didn't do: -Kart rentals -share/borrow/rent track cars -More time on the motocross tracks (only went a few times) -Jump out of airplanes -learn to hangglide -take flying lessons -etc. What did I do instead? Moped, drank too much, acted as a generally cranky a-hole much of the year. What have I become?
  6. Ah. My first car was a 1979 RX-7. I loved everything about that car.
  7. Was walking the dog and took a different route. It's rural / spacious suburb where we are, 1-5 acres is normal. Walked by a place with a nice looking shop with large outside covered parking for RV - AND to my delight two red Miatas, one of which looks to be an SM build. Any of y'all ? Don't worry I won't come around and bug ya, just curious.
  8. KevinDB

    Penis extension car

    Sounds like the GT3 is too buttoned up and balanced 😄
  9. Hah, man sounds like fun. Good luck and enjoy the experience!
  10. Hey and maybe all the commotion and flashing lights will cause more accidents from rubberneckers and idiots - therefore creating additional tow work on the spot.
  11. Sounds like fun. I'm getting old(er) at a not so fit 43, not the best idea to get into dirt riding now... but I'm not the wisest guy around so I might anyway. Cars are my first love though. I can't stop it. Want to get into endurance racing, maybe with WRL and similar orgs. With that in mind, I should stop messing around with a silly no-purpose "track" car and get involved with folks as part of a team. I've done a lot of track days on R6 and R1 over the years. I'm not terribly interested in street riding anymore, after group rides gone bad too many times, and the thrill of street riding just isn't there. Also it takes a lot higher risk to reach the point of a "thrill" on the street as your skill goes up. I occasionally ride a back road at a leisurely pace. Kinda want to get into supermoto track riding / racing next.
  12. track withdrawals...I need my own thread for this. As goes my life for the past 25 years - best summed up as "a series of stupid decisions..." have hamstrung me from going to the track once again...just as I was getting back into it My car, which was PERFECTLY EFFING FINE to leave alone, has been in the shop since March. March! I'm an idiot. Will I ever see that car again? I don't even know anymore. Anybody want to share costs / rent their hoopty to a permanoob? (I have a lot of seat time but spread out over...15 years with long breaks) I've scratched the itch in other ways with a shiny new dirt bike and trying to kill myself at Murphy's. But...yeah, I miss the track, a lot. Maybe I should just go do kart rentals once a month or so.
  13. Definitely Rad. What they all said. Probably a terrible idea. I want it. I think Robert just likes it because it's RED. 😄
  14. Me too, then tried DEDE and it was too weird.
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