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  1. Well I tried again with a simple text addition and it was fine. Previously I tried to edit by removing the link I originally posted to replace it. I don't know if it's timing, or the way I was editing.
  2. Haha well I meant absolutely nothing serious by my silly post. I can be rather insensitive and find humor at every turn in life. Certainly no need to explain or justify your calling and profession 🙂 Thank you for being of the ethical variety!
  3. Yes, and I clicked it immediately upon seeing my failure to internet, then when clicking save it tells me too much time has passed or some such message. I'll get a screen cap of the message if you're curious. Might be a permissions issue or something.
  4. Change of plans - Camaro will be in a different shop for a few weeks. But, in order not to screw over Taurus scheduling, I'm taking the wife's 2006 997 in, which needs some love. Not as bad off as the Camaro but it's black and needs attention.
  5. eh sorry can't seem to edit my post to fix it, or delete it so you have to live with my stupid fail post above...
  6. https://tenor.com/view/pastor-pastormoney-houston-joel-osteen-gif-9618847 Test edit
  7. With the Gen 5 Camaro SS, GM added a hood vent starting for the 2014 year. They chose a location for the vent that contributed most to reducing lift at speed. The 2009-2013 hoods contribute to more drag and quite a lot of lift at high speed. I read somewhere (hearsay bs) that the max benefit at xxx speed the vent alone contributes to removing 200lbs of lift and adds 65lbs of downforce. Side benefit is nice little heat vent in case you want to grill some burgers after a session. The front end is also quite a bit different so I suppose the "data" (lol) is questionable, in regards to the vent's contribution to any of the aero benefits. Some GM employee guy on some forum said it was true though, so you know it must be. (Probably a middle manager at a factory or some bs) I care about this topic because I have a 2013, and will be adding the GM vent to my hood. But that stupid useless mail slot in the front...god why. It's a fake vent. I HATE fake things. Should I put a Night Rider light there? haha. 2013 2014 I'd like to know about removing the rain guard at the hood/windshield. Camaro guys say it helps vent heat out of the engine bay. But some logical folks (I think here at TJ) commented that removing that might worsen heat in the bay, as it likely contributes to directing airflow.
  8. Had a call with Taurus, seem like a good choice. Dropping off this Friday for a good clean/detail then go from there to see about PDR and touchup etc.
  9. Yeah for sure. Not sure how they will structure member days, weekends are often left to be rented to track day orgs or corporate shindigs no? Ideally, I'm wealthy retired (lol no), member of all the tracks that are reachable by small aircraft (nearby muni airports), I leave a suitable track car or 2 or 3 at said tracks...etc etc 😄 Reality is, being able to free up half a day here and there during the week for a quick trip to the track is more palatable.
  10. This is looking like it will be an awesome place! Membership is tempting, but 4 hours away on a good day (and is it ever a good day on I-35?) it just doesn't make sense. Will definitely make the trek for the occasional weekend. H2R is 45 mins away - easy to run over and do some T&T. And hey if you can get fast on that bumpy technical track everything else is butter 😄
  11. I knew it! Thank you for the confirmation.
  12. gah. Not sure I'm ever going to make a COTA event. I'll just assume it's a horrible place to go since events continuously conspire against me to make it.
  13. lol. I'm the last guy that wants to get into detailed car detailing discussion. I just want to do the minimum of paying somebody else to keep it from turning into total crap before it's time.
  14. So, my '13 Camaro's paint / body is getting a little rough. It looks alright for the [email protected] test but I'd like some PDR and touchups done and a proper clean, polish and protect. Anybody in Austin come recommended? I don't need to go crazy with it, it's a track car and I really don't mind things being rough around the edges.
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