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  1. I'm sad that I don't recognize a set of tires by the tread anymore.😭 *EDIT* I'm ALSO sad that I didn't look at the previous page before posting. A052. Coolio.
  2. KevinDB

    Penis extension car

    Wow that's lovely, and LOW miles! Congrats.
  3. Hidden falls is a blast, at least on a dirt bike 😄
  4. I believe that is called a slide release bar. I see them for sale together with the slides.
  5. I'm happy to see cars like this given some love. Hope he has fun with it.
  6. I don't think your friend is looking for a bit of a project but this is cheap and doesn't look too bad off: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/697065991124976
  7. Ditto, I wish it was closer. A buddy of mine is a recent ECR member. I think it's a pretty big commitment when it's 5 hours away, on a good day. When traffic picks back up through Dallas it will be more like 6+ hours from South Austin.
  8. KevinDB

    1LE in texas

    Aftermarket wheels definitely for 305 square. Rear is an easy fit, fronts need a little more attention.
  9. KevinDB

    1LE in texas

    The square setup is good for sure. I tracked it with the 285 square, it's a nice balance. Switched to 305 square because she's a big girl and needs big shoes.
  10. KevinDB

    1LE in texas

    Nice car, and nice truck! I only tracked my 2013 1LE a couple of times as an intermediate skill driver (with a lot of rust and cobwebs due to time off) - so I can't give a lot of advice about it. Mine only had 420whp. The Gen 5 1LE is heavy yes, but it is surprisingly capable. Lots of grip, easy to put power down, all around pretty easy to drive hard and forgiving, though with the power yours is putting down you might have to be a little more gentle with the skinny pedal depending on tire. It's a pretty great package as-is, get some seat time and start to understand what it can do, and what you can do with it. I imagine your upgrades would be an aggressive cam/heads package and long tube headers to reach 510. I felt like the stock brake setup was a bit lacking, especially as the pace increases. You can deal with that to some degree by adding some ducting to try and keep the temps down (and of course high temp fluid and decent pads). I upgraded to the ZL1/CTS-V two-piece rotor and 6 piston calipers up front. At my so-so pace I had no fade issues at all with that setup (I drive too hard and brake too late most of the time - so I'm overly hard on brakes even though I'm not a fast driver haha) Anyway, that'd be my first focus for any track related upgrades, after you get some seat time under your belt. There have been some people that have popped their curtain airbags while on track, for no apparent reason. Fuse pull can prevent that, but then you won't have airbags in the case of an accident on track. Accidents are pretty rare at a track day but it does happen.
  11. the 225 model has quattro and a slightly more robust 1.8 with a slightly bigger turbo (borg warner K04 vs K03 in the 180), the 180 is FWD. Quattro is preferable, though it's a Haldex based system, which means it's FWD until it needs more traction. There are modifications that can be done to force it at the ratio you want up to 50/50 (haldex controller) FWIW it's basically a golf chassis so there are a lot of interchangeable parts. Understeer is a persistent problem, will take a lot of testing / tuning to get it where you want it, it's not an easy task. The usual strategies apply. I have been out of Audis for a long time now, so not really in touch with what people are up to today, and what's for sale. Mk 1 TT are not really a hot item so you should be able to pick one up for less than a broken miata that are priced ridiculously IMO (I'm just salty I can't buy a POS first gen miata for reasonable money) Hit up the forums... Local Austin group TexasAudiGroup (looks like they're facebook only now https://www.facebook.com/groups/394300721981/ ) Quattroworld forums Fourtitude forums Audizine forums I like the old school 1.8T, it was before direct injection and is stoutly built (no issues with horrible carbon build up that has to chiseled off or blasted with walnut shells like the newer Audis). Oil coking can happen of course as the little bastard turbos run pretty hot, clean it up and get rid of the shit EGR, add a catch can etc. Not too hard to find a good shop (or DIY) to stroke it out to 2.0, fuel it properly and let her eat a good sized turbo if you're so inclined. Otherwise if she's in good running condition, just a "chip" to crank up the boost wakes them up decently. Heat soak is annoying as with most cars in the summer, especially boosted cars. The usual upgrades apply to combat that. Weird VW/Audi gremlins occur especially at this age of vehicle, and CEL can be a near constant companion. Just refresh everything ... Timing belt needs to changed every 60k or so (book says 90k, don't listen to it). Interference top end so if the belt snaps, things bend and break unpleasantly
  12. Wouldn't have it any other way!
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