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  1. Cool to see more Camaros out there. My '13 will be ready sometime next year I hope. Not an ideal track car but...surprisingly decent at it for such a hefty package.
  2. KevinDB

    Penis extension car

    Gorgeous car - I still love the 996 Turbo. I kind of missed the best time to buy one (both for my finances and when the value bottomed). Hey in your ad, the CarGurus details has it as an automatic, though your description indicates it is a manual, and the interior pic shows that as well, but...in case people are using filtered searches, they might miss your ad.
  3. Update to the drama llama Camaro Shop in question seems to have closed up, and likely facing lawsuits from others. As usual no response to any of my inquiries. Rumor has it he was robbing Peter to pay Paul... My car likely sits outside, with no engine and probably no differential installed (and some valuable parts somewhere in the shop - upgraded radiator with hoses, MCS 2wnr coilovers with Vorschlag camber plates were in the trunk, but who knows now) The engine - which is worth more than the car at this point, is in the care of Modern Airflow Designs - Trey is a standup guy and is going to let me pickup the engine when it's ready (maybe this week), and is going to deal with the other guy for whatever he is owed. Camshaft pending install once it's delivered from TSP. I need some advice. -Help picking up the car, and the engine (I hope to find a shop willing to do the install that can maybe help me with pickup also) -How would you go about the pickup of what amounts to a rolling chassis from a shop that you can't contact? That has a gate that is likely locked? Do you know the specific Texas laws about this? I expect this might be a contentious situation with the car, I owe nothing to the shop, in fact he will owe me some of the pre-paid money for not completing the job (not going to hold my breath on that one) Also - shop recommendations? Don't care where in Texas, as long as they aren't shysters.
  4. Cool gadget, will keep it on my radar for my theoretical eventual return to track time.
  5. I'm sad that I don't recognize a set of tires by the tread anymore.😭 *EDIT* I'm ALSO sad that I didn't look at the previous page before posting. A052. Coolio.
  6. KevinDB

    Penis extension car

    Wow that's lovely, and LOW miles! Congrats.
  7. Hidden falls is a blast, at least on a dirt bike 😄
  8. I believe that is called a slide release bar. I see them for sale together with the slides.
  9. I'm happy to see cars like this given some love. Hope he has fun with it.
  10. I don't think your friend is looking for a bit of a project but this is cheap and doesn't look too bad off: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/697065991124976
  11. Ditto, I wish it was closer. A buddy of mine is a recent ECR member. I think it's a pretty big commitment when it's 5 hours away, on a good day. When traffic picks back up through Dallas it will be more like 6+ hours from South Austin.
  12. KevinDB

    1LE in texas

    Aftermarket wheels definitely for 305 square. Rear is an easy fit, fronts need a little more attention.
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