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  1. I'd love to have MSRH as my local 45 minute away track. H2R is that for me, and I like it because it's close. I'm planning to join for the easy to get track time. I can go there on a member day with a light work schedule, work a bit from the clubhouse then go test some settings or just focus on driving for a while. Anyway sorry I'm too long out of the game to provide a decent review of tracks, especially since it'd be mixed car and bike which is not entirely applicable. 1. Barber (bike) wonderful surface, elevation changes, blind corners, flowing fun 2. TWS (bike + car) flowing fun, several fast puckering turns 3. NOLA (bike) Was ok, some very fun back section. Fast 4. H2R (bike + car) I like the track layout, technical with some pucker sections, it's CLOSE, quite bumpy .... Only rating the MSR's lower than H2R due to distance / value prop - else H2R would be on the bottom - though not by any huge margin. H2R, MSRH, MSRC are all pretty interesting to me, and will be my most visited tracks. 5. MSRH (bike + car) I like the track layout overall, fairly challenging (ok I need years of time there to get any good), some rather bumpy sections ... MSRC I haven't set foot on in a car since 2004. The bike was more recent in 2011. So this doesn't really count as any kind of ranking. But also distance / value prop. 6. MSRC (1.7 car+bike, 3.1 bike) been a long time but I liked how smooth it is there, and decent flow
  2. I'd sign up if I could, car is out of order.
  3. Cool, forgot about that. Ran with SCCA autox many years ago, mostly at Pennington field but ran a few times out at TMS, once on the infield like that but usually just in the bus lot. Even the bus lot config usually had a 90+mph sweeper that was fun - and the only place I've completely spun a car out.
  4. How do you like the Miata compared to the Evo, and your other cars? (I forget, I think you said you have a Silvia back in CA) I'm scared to drive a Miata because I don't need to want something else.
  5. Must have been the music, a little too much boogey for the conditions.
  6. This car just...looks so right. I've loved it since the first time I saw it.
  7. I'd think any proficient PC tech could be of help, unless the flaky behavior is specific to the SIM software. Can you clarify the flaky behavior? Can you identify a specific series of actions or single action that causes the condition? Intermittently failing hardware could lead to flaky behavior. Buggy, and/or out of date OS and application software can lead to flaky behavior. Incompatible hardware+hardware, hardware+software, and software+software can lead to flaky behavior; or the settings of certain applications can cause unwanted interaction. (Like - is your antivirus software kicking off a deep scan while you're in the middle of a heated SIM race?) Finally, is it plugged in? (no really, do you have a flaky power supply, flaky wall outlet, etc) Lots of possibilities.
  8. MOAR!!! I guess that's a lot but I thought I read 2 of them were wet. But reading comprehension is hard when I'm lazy.
  9. I know it's a lot of trouble to get a little more use out of them, especially if you are paying for remounts. Were they full tread when started or shaved? I thought NT01 had a bit more life in them than that.
  10. Is the NT01 bi directional? It seems like you'd want to remount them "backwards" to get more life out of them (before they delaminate anyway)
  11. Rally time now! I'll bring my beater Tahoe asap. 😄
  12. That's a pretty cool tool.
  13. I find it interesting that your kiddo wears a helmet to wash your car...I'm guessing you tend to throw things if they do it wrong? 😛
  14. Rain / wet track is an outstanding learning experience (he says, while seething on the insides when it's a drenched weekend)
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