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  1. heck yeah! That was actually the first vid I clicked on out of curiosity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvCMiH3lLeA&t=907s
  2. I had more fun watching this silly crap than pro princess perfect racing... I'm more WT redneck at heart than I realized.
  3. Orange and white is tasty creamsicle goodness. Maybe not best for car colors but I could rock it.
  4. OH man....I miss my '08 MS3. First car I did a lot of track miles in, abused it for 5 years from new and it never missed a beat. It was just so good and easy to drive, and surprisingly quick, kind of a bully in the intermediate levels. It was so easy to drive aggressively at and beyond reasonable limits. Doesn't buck you off just eats is all up. (Only reference time I have with it is 1.29 at H2R CW) Then it became my tow car when my motorcycle habit kicked in, did great at that as well πŸ˜„
  5. OH thought it was a different company...yeah I see that now. Never looked at the GTM Supercar since my heart stopped at the Type 65 πŸ˜„
  6. KevinDB

    VW Mk4 R32

    Wow. I love the R32, always have wanted one. That car looks like a blast - the build is pretty darn nice. Congrats πŸ™‚ I am prior USAF, '94-'98, aircraft armament (weapons systems tech/mech)
  7. Hm yeah I think Factory Five are all built with Mustang donor parts in mind. "Just like our Mk4 Roadster, the Coupe can be built two ways. You can buy a base kit that is β€œdonor Mustang capable,” or you can buy the complete kit that gives you just about every nut and bolt you need to build the car (except engine/ transmission/rear-end, wheels/tires, and paint)."
  8. that is one of my dream machines right there. I don't even care if it's not the best platform. It's just so damn sexy. Way better looking than the ubiquitous (although also pretty damn cool) Cobra kits.
  9. KevinDB


    Wow that happened really fast. Looks amazing already
  10. KevinDB


    Ugh, brings back some memories of VERY long nights in the USAF, looking for a dropped nut or screw in the fuselage of a F-16...red X'd until that damn thing is found. Happened almost every time the ammo drum was R&R'd for maintenance.
  11. Hmm. Something different than the Miata... THE ANTITHESIS to the Miata is...Camaro ZL1 1LE. Rip snorting, heavy, organ bruising beast. You need Zero modifications to go stupid fast. You will reset all of your PB while napping during warm up lap. Lots of tires and fuel is all you need. You could probably tow your Miata with it.
  12. KevinDB

    Goals 2020

    1. Maybe go to the track
  13. These guys apparently are good https://modernairflowdynamics.com/ my shop had issues with a couple of local (Austin area) well known machine shops / engine builders that are well known in the LS world. Found out they were far too lax on tolerances, caused some very expensive LS builds to fail. So he branched out to M.A.D. and found their tolerances and processes to be much better, and holding up much better as a result.
  14. Wow. Lot of goodness in that car.
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