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  1. I had this old school Craftsman torque wrench that was not a clicker, rather it had an indicator that flexed on a scale. It got out of zero after about a year, but I adjusted based on the new "zero". Not sure if that was accurate haha but was kind of nice to see what it was doing vs a magical clicker πŸ˜„
  2. In the USAF our torque wrenches had to be calibrated on a schedule - I think it was quarterly.
  3. Ugh. Don't worry about the "not real enthusiasts" car snobs. Congrats on the badass new car.
  4. Great example of hard work and trial and error. So what you got it a little wrong πŸ˜„ I probably wouldn't even have done any math, just tried it, scratched my head and moved on to try something else haha.
  5. KevinDB

    Penis extension car

    LOL to consider the 996 Turbo as...not very capable is amusing to me πŸ™‚ I'd gladly use that as a track car platform if I had the budget for it. Make a GT2 replica out of it. Sure it's not as fast as the latest Porsche madness, but it ain't slow.
  6. You probably don't need another oddball spring to try, but I have a pair of new hyperco 2.5"(ID) x 8" @ 600lb (per specs, not measured)
  7. I'd bet Soulspeed would do that work as well? They are good people with fair rates. Has anyone used Hill Country Eurpean Autoworks? They are very close to me - we've had my wife's 997 there to replace hydraulic pump(s?) for the convertible. Seemed fair and competent. Otherwise Soulspeed is my go to for everything πŸ™‚ Colin (the owner) has a long history with VAG products and is a racer as well.
  8. Thanks fellas. It was almost going to be an impulse thing I just ran across. I'll wait. I haven't seen my car for months. I can stick to driving to HDPE for a while anyway due to the setbacks. That would be an improvement from my current situation of nothing - no car, no track 😞
  9. Makes sense. It has 2' dovetail, not sure about fenders. Looking at Texas Trailer Supply so I'm sure they could make it so
  10. 18'x82" seems reasonably priced for an open trailer with wood deck. I don't need anything fancy. Is that wide enough for a big fat car like mine? My car, I think is 76-77" wide. Will have to measure it when I see it again. Seems like 82" should be plenty wide but I have no concept of tailer realities. 2013 Camaro SS 1LE
  11. Man, thanks for making the site. I'm sorry I haven't ran laps in forever since I can't help but fix a car that isn't broken. I should have added several new laps by now 😞
  12. It could go that way, but it could also be the last "real" Corvette and values could then skyrocket.
  13. LOL. I've never run out of talent, but far too many times my ambition has outweighed my talent πŸ˜„ I dig this new 'vette. They always bring good performance bang for the buck. It's to be expected. I do hope the price doesn't get out of control.
  14. KevinDB

    2009 BMW E90 M3

    is that normal wear for the mileage?
  15. How do you come up with 5x content for technology (any genre) per month? AND keep it interesting enough to keep subscribers?
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