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  1. Motorcycles can be raced for much less cost...hmm. 😛
  2. These are raw aluminium aluminum. Raw alu is pretty rough, fine for track use but will be challenging to clean without a polish or coating of some kind. I was in a hurry and saved a bit in the process. Plan was to get them painted/coated in something cool at some point (probably the cheesy gold look to go with my ex car - black camaro) Camaro Gen5 fitment. Offset in the front (et27) on the Camaro will require spacers or narrow diameter springs (such as the MCS Coilovers I have for sale...). Rears fit with room to spare. Mounted on the wheels are RE71r are 305/30R19, about 5-10 mil
  3. Price dropped to $2800 Brand new, never mounted. Ordered setup from Vorshlag. Picture of invoice has details. With tax and shipping, cost 4800. This is for a gen 5 Camaro. I can't answer questions about fitment on other platforms. Trades considered, not looking for much at this point - fuel injected trail bike is of mild interest (klx230r for example). Maybe a utility trailer or small-medium enclosed trailer would be of interest. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/947519332760723
  4. Ah love this. Anybody want an old Tahoe, MCS coilovers for a Gen5 Camaro, a 2019 RMZ250, etc? 😄
  5. Nice. At this point the only trackable machines I have are two wheeled. 2005 GSXR 1k track only (nannies? Who needs nannies?!) 2019 RMZ250 I'm pretty terrible on both of them but who cares, I'm here to have fun. Met a guy out at Spoaks on the sand track that can barely stand or walk (spinal injury) but was out there tearing it up. Also randomly meet some pretty old dudes (and gals) out having fun, varying levels of fitness, all body parts or not. No excuses...
  6. It does look awesome. It appears to be more of a demo, as it seems he helps lift her to position
  7. Lucky here, no power outage - I assume we either share the grid with something important OR perhaps because the grid we're on is low density (rural area) Internet has been down for days now, which makes it harder to work. Hotspot still working ok, though not the best signal where I'm at. Well system froze up so we're still without water.
  8. Get back into motorcycle track days, if goes well maybe get that novice CMRA plate for the bucket list Get better on the dirtbike, maybe by end of year get into the slow old man c-class races, hare scrambles etc Get my car put back together before 2022!
  9. Wow, love it! Drooling. GLWS. Anybody want a disassembled Camaro? haha j/k
  10. Good news. Picked up the car and all the parts (sans engine) today. The car looks like it did the day I dropped it off 3/15/2019. I'm satisfied with this outcome, and the shop gave me a small refund as well. I don't feel the need to pursue any legal action at this point - which is a relief.
  11. Well... I got a call on Friday the 15th from the person / shop in question. Basically saying I can come pick up my stuff next Friday. So I'll be rolling out there with some help and probably a wrecker service to grab the rolling chassis of my car, and some boxes of parts. The engine itself is mostly complete and is at the engine builder, so I'll pick that up separately. I guess this is the best possible outcome at this point - ironic that I was just in the process of having a lawyer send a DTPA letter and go from there. If all goes well this coming Friday, that won't
  12. Did this....they informed me they can't do anything about it - I have to take it up as a civil matter. I guess this is how conmen are able to operate so long without going to jail...
  13. Sob story update - the conman thief POS remains elusive and does not return phone calls / voicemails, emails or text. Rumor has it he was / has been robbing Peter to pay Paul as they say, and is underwater with lawsuits. I will be engaging in a lawsuit myself as that is my only legal recourse. I'm also sure that he's probably going to be impossible to pin down and get any money out of, probably has already shutdown his LLC or whatever slippery BS someone like that does to get away with his nonsense. Happened to be in the neighborhood (no really, I was at Spoaks MX and Creedmoor is o
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