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  1. Indeed, Very similar. I want a tuner down the road but I am staying stock power with just drop in filter and cat back to keep the cooling issue at bay. Once I do ALL the cooling mods, I'm sure power will come after. An extra set of wheels/tires isnt a bad idea. Which model are they and size?
  2. It is. 2020 Club. Definitely more like the NA in terms of size and feel. I still miss the NC though. Indeed. I love my Type R but my wife and I were missing a Miata. 6 months without Miata was 6 months too long.
  3. So it’s only been 6 months of my adult life without a Miata...I just couldn’t take it.
  4. I signed up for advanced or whatever the sub 2:40 class was. Hopefully that’s correct for me.
  5. Jealous of the garage! They sold out quick! Would have been nice for the “gram” ? I’ll be in the lookout for you, Joe. I take it that you’re in advanced?
  6. I am in south Austin for now until my house is built in southwest hill country. I was planning on doing a big GL and GTA season when I got the NC ready but we ended up having to move to the Bay Area for my wife’s career. Needless to say, didn’t have the parking/storage space and the NC was sold. Basically put my track hobby on hold until now. I made it to one GL event and was the quickest naturally aspirated Miata by quite a bit. ?
  7. Cool. Thanks, Pete. I’ll look out for you. I’ll be in a white FK8.
  8. Thanks! Happy to have found this community.
  9. I decided to sign up for the maybe smaller group day Sunday Dec 13. Anyone else going out to this event? It'll be my first time driving COTA so super exciting.
  10. Finally got a little shake down run with the Type R. First time on track with this car and first time at Harris Hill. Came from Miatas and Subarus so the FWD thing is a little change. I left so much time on the track just trying to learn the lines. This car definitely has low 1:20's in it as it sits. Best Lap Time: 1:28:139 Weather: Sunny and 80 Car: 2018 Honda Civic Type R Aero: OEM Engine: OEM Brakes: OEM Suspension: K Tuned springs with camber goodies -2.5 F/-2 R Wheels & Tires: VOLK CE28SL CRII 18x9.5 +38 with fresh Advan A052
  11. Hello! New-ish to the area after moving back from Denver and the Bay Area. Luckily I came across this page looking up Texas tracks and events. I can't wait to continue my track journey here in Texas. Right now I am working on a CTR after getting out of the Miata and Subaru game.
  12. Hello everybody! I recently moved back to Texas after being away for 10+ years. Had my first track day at Harris Hill recently in the new project and can’t wait to get out to COTA. I am definitely missing the NC but the CTR is helping me cope with the loss. I can’t wait to really get this thing sorted out for next spring. So far I have a few small mods to wake it up for track use. K-Tuned springs Volk CE28SL CRII Advan A052's HKS Legamax cat back exhaust Camber mods F/R SS Braided Lines and Motul 660 (installed before next track day)
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